Wayne Lai Takes On Mellow Role in “Double Fantasies”

TV King Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) has earned a reputation for his versatile acting talent. From tragic heroes to despicable villains, Wayne delivers convincing performances each time with ease. After years of witnessing his intensity, fans will meet his more mellow side in the upcoming series Double Fantasies <無雙譜>.

A remake of 1981’s supernatural classic, Double Fantasies tells three distinct but intertwining stories that reflect local social problems. Wayne plays an unsophisticated but kind-hearted man Chu Yi Dan, who often wanders away from home to escape the boredom of his marriage. He comes upon an egg one day, and believing naively that he has the ability to hatch it, carries it under his clothes at all times. While out in town, he stumbles into a brothel and meets a beautiful prostitute (played by Sonija Kwok 郭羨妮). Finding her more interesting than his wife (also played by Sonija), Wayne wishes they would switch identities, generating a series of chaos.

Wayne looked the part of a clueless scholar on set March 18. Looking silly with a bulging belly, he kept the fake egg tucked safely inside his clothes while explaining to reporters, “My character is very pure-hearted, and wants to hatch the egg”.

Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) was also on set along with on-screen partner Raymond Wong (黃浩然) to film their own story arc. Portraying a pair of brother and sister at the same time, Kristal was dressed for the female role on Tuesday though was wrapped in a large blue-colored cloak. With the help of computer technology, the blue cloak will turn invisible on-screen, leaving just her head floating in mid-air.

Although his character had just a small part during Kristal and Raymond’s scene, Wayne did not skimp on prep work and was seen chatting with Raymond before the shoot. As he strolls past Kristal’s floating head, the TV King reacted with a genuinely terrified face right on cue, believing that he had seen a ghost.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Kristal also plays 2 roles. I think some of the main cast play 2 roles.

      1. I didn’t watch all of the old ‘Double Fantasies’, but, I’ve finish story 1. I love the characters that are going to be played by Kristal. It is indeed necessary for the same actress to play these 2 roles. The plot needed it. Lee Lam Lam did a great job in the old series.

  1. Does anyone agree that Wayne looks as if he had a facelift ?? He has lost some weight but that face ……

    1. Perhaps but he is older now. Don’t forget, make up really helps. But I swear in person he is very wrinkly.

    2. now that you said it, yeah, his eyes looks different.

    3. His face looks unnatural, like the skin has been pulled tighter so that he can barely open his eyes. Either a PS job or botox or just a bad pic.

      1. I think he was meant to look like that for his character lol

      2. wow…………….sometimes they might but
        it wouldn’t really bad of they look U SHOULD

      3. HEY u have the same name as me HOLIDAY
        i hate when people have the same as me so

    4. Nothing wrong with his look. Maybe it was your imagination.

    5. I think he looks the same overall,but yea he does look a bit strange in that photo. ,ay be it us just a bad picture?

      1. Meant to say maybe it is just a bad picture. Gosh,I really need the edit button.

  2. Wayne still looks the same no PS or botox make up really does hides all the blemishes wrinkles n etc……..

  3. I actually like older series of Wayne Lai where he act silly and stuff. They are more memorable for me.

    1. Yes, I like them too! Still remember his characters in 秀才遇着兵 (I started noticing after this one and I kept mixing up him and Chin Kalok last time),秀才爱上兵 and Trimming Successes

  4. I’m not sure if Wayne will have that strong chemistry with Sonija. I think I’ll want to see him with Kristal instead.

    1. everyone has great chemistry with sonija all her co stars in the past have had great chemistry with sonija

    2. him and sonija actually filmed together before a long time ago in pages of treasure.

  5. Wayne is a tv king that gets cast in dramas with leading actors playing supporting roles.. Lucky Wayne wish Roger got the same tvb treatment as Wayne

    1. Roger is used these days to help boost other artists popularities

  6. Well..i do admit he has grows slightly older compares to picture of him I see in 2009 and before. Plus ….he has become busier than before, this does add to the wrinkles and loose skin. Pity him. Hope he will be able to choose what he wants and do less but high quality project in years to come. The Feng Shui Master Mak Ling Ling did mentioned that the next 10 years from 2009 was a hecwould be a tic moment despite the opportunities but the next 10 years from 2019 would be less hectic and more comfortable. Hope this is true.

    No matter what, he is still my fav andd most adored TV actor. Love him so much!!

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