Raymond Lam and Eva Huang’s Theme Song for “The Sorcerer and The White Snake”

[vsw id=”NOrsMCgPo8M” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Raymond Lam and Eva Huang sing the theme song for film, “The Sorcerer and The White Snake.” Lovely love ballad amidst action-packed CGI scenes!

Jayne: There is so much CGI in this film that it looks like a RPG game! A little overdone! Jet Li should be utilized to do martial combat scenes against a worthy opponent, not thin air!

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  1. Like this song so much, it was more suitable for EVA and RAYMOND LAM to duet since they play the couple in the movie, anyway the movie looks good.

    1. don’t know about the song, but Eva Haung got hotter, Stephen could be missing out a big time, what a CJ-6C!

    1. Movie. By the way I saw a bus with the poster as ads and all I can see is Jet Li’s huge face.

      1. I saw an ad on a local newspaper few days ago, all i see was Jet Li in the ad, no sigh of Eva or LF or Ah Sa. It’s obvious that Jet Li was the main star there to pull rating and $$$$

  2. This is actually a pretty good movie, I was watching it on that youtube link actually a couple days ago, and it starts out kinda funny and cute, then it gets all serious, maybe it’s just me, but seeing Ray in “Oh, I’m so in Love with you” mood and look makes me tired…and BORED! Ah sa and Wen…the other guy, Jet Li’s apprentice is the funny comedic romantic part, WAYY BETTER TO WATCh then EVA and RAY…

    1. I loved the sad,emotional, and romantic scene near the end when Eva is forced to go back or pulled back into the temple. It touched me so much (but I didn’t cry out). The looks on Eva and Ray’s face was so emotional. I thought that was the best part of the movie.
      I watched the movie 2 times, once in Canto and another in Mando. I prefered the mando version even though all the canto actors (except for Ray) had a mando person do their voice. I thought Ray’s voice in the mando version was more romantic and soft which suited better for his “Oh, I’m so in Love with you” character or mood.

    1. China.

      No, it’s based on a fairy tale of China, not a manga.

  3. I like the comedy bit in this movie, thou it was only like 30s or less, the movie is ok overall, it took a softer route than the original one, everyone is good, instead of the monk being really evil or the snake being way out of line, it’s kinda make both party look a lot better lol. Can’t complain but not much impact ? The song is nice but in the movie only, it can’t be compared to song like the myth, n yea the scene she get sucked back into the temple is the best, other cg scene is way overdone n make u feel like a cheap lamo production. Overall, not too bad to watch but not that memorable, n Yus, I love jet li, n this version totally make the monk not hate-able like other series/movie, so another plus lol ;p?

  4. i’m dying to know the title of their tem song…
    …. one of the lines there is …

    i vow to live for you til the end of time… pls send me the title of this song pls

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