Theresa Fu: “Him Law Hit Me And Cheated In Love!”

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Theresa Fu claimed that ex-boyfriend, Him Law, physically beat her while cheating in their former relationship with numerous women. Theresa claimed that she had bruises all over her body.

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  1. For Mandarin speakers who may be unable to follow the contents of Theresa Fu’s interview:

    Video summary: When Theresa Fu first dated Him Law, she was unaware that he already had a girlfriend. In December 2010, Theresa and Him broke up after she realized he two-timed in love. Despite this, they reconciled. However, Theresa claimed that Him cheated behind her back with two other women and even physically hit Theresa. They have broken up since.

    Theresa will be heading to Beijing for her career and leaving Hong Kong.

    1. Her management said that they will freeze all her work in Beijing, so if she want to go all out to destroy Him it only backfires on her now since it’s her career that got destroyed.

      1. i don’t understand why would her career get destroyed at a time like this. why would her work be affected when she’s the victim.

  2. From watching Theresa Fu and Him Law’s interviews, I gather that they had an intense argument over his cheating. He admitted to “holding her too tightly” (aka “rough behavior”) thus sparking the physical beating rumors.

    Obviously Theresa is furious at Him for “cheating” with multiple women in their former relationship. From their first break-up in December 2010, in which Theresa called Him a liar and cheater, it was apparent that Theresa will go far in spilling the beans and dragging Him down when she felt taken advantage of and hurt in the relationship.

    Coming forward in this manner now, Theresa obviously intends to expose Him’s “true colors.” I wonder if she will now follow up with police report and wants to ruin his career for good, due to his emotional and physical hurt upon her.

    1. If she really has concrete evidence, this story will EXPLODE!

      1. Larry 3,
        Theresa claims to have bruises on her body. Their physical dispute sounds recent and the bruises may be fresh enough to be examined by doctor as evidence.

        My perception is that Theresa is quite outspoken and by taking this step, she must know that Him’s career will take a nose dive. The question is how far she wants to take this revenge attack? Will she file police report, get doctor’s examination, and go to court? Is there any soft spot left in Theresa’s heart for Him?

        The ball is in Theresa’s court now. Him’s press conference rebuttal was very weak.

      2. I would like if it is up to Amigo Choi’s abuse level with third party involved. Needs more details which it will come 😀

        This story maybe ruin one person’s career forever!

      3. @Larry3 – not really. Him is an actor and producers can easily give him a likeable role to make audience love him again. Amigo is a host who use his real life personality on TV, he can’t be given a ‘likeable’ role. Theresa also hasn’t report to the police

      4. @lol, no… I mean Can Theresa prove she has injuries and there was multiple third parties involved. This scandal could top Amigo Choi’s scandal level.

    2. It sounds like they had a rough argument. If Theresa has concrete evidence, she should go to the police and shouldn’t just make sounds at the media.

      1. LOL,
        “It sounds like they had a rough argument. If Theresa has concrete evidence, she should go to the police and shouldn’t just make sounds at the media.”

        As an artist, Him’s image is everything. Theresa’s intent to go to the media first is to ruin his reputation. Once filing police report, it is much more serious. If she takes this step, it shows she is absolutely intent on ruining him. If she had filed police report and then gone to the media, it really shows she has no more love for him.

      2. If she really has the bruises and not report she could be one of those weak women who allows themselves to be hurt again and again because of love. Why else whould she go back to Him if she knows he’s always two timing?

  3. Filmko announced that they put Theresa in the freezer immediately now for misbehaving.

    1. @lol:

      Wow, that’s fast, they announced already? Poor her if it’s true. Well, if I’m their boss, I would also choose to defend Him against Theresa as in terms of commercial and monetary value, Him is still worth more than Theresa as he can act in movies and in dramas too. Plus I don’t think Theresa’s music career has been going too well for her right? :X

      In any case, I have finished translating the article and have sent to @Jayne already, apologize for the late work cause I went out earlier today heh heh! 😀

      1. This made be believe Theresa more. She has been frozen for the same ‘offence’ before. She should have know the risk for speaking out again. But, she still do it.

      2. Because she is angry? She is frustrated? She really feels there was injustice but when the facts isn’t that?

      3. Kidd, why are you so sure it is? From her description, she is making a huge fuss over ONE incident, one incident which I feels has a lot of ways to explain.

        In your other reply; “I’m not saying Theresa is absolutely the one in the right. But, I see a double standard here.”

        There is no double standard. It is a VERY VERY VERY serious allegation.Basically what she meant is he was physically violent to her, she was beaten blue and black, he is a violent man.Being a cheat is not legally wrong, but being violent means he can be investigated, prosecuted, jailed and his entire reputation destroyed. So before someone makes such an allegation it must have evidence. Whilst there is nothing wrong to wait a few days, months or years to lodge a police report, and this would certainly be the case for repeated abuse, in her case, she didn’t immediately do so. Since she felt so much injustice that he beaten her up, she was physically hurt, she should have reported unless she was repeatedly abused. By her accounts, no indication of repeated abuse, so it was 1 time physical altercation and being 1 time if she feels so strongly about it why didn’t she reported to the police? Did she seek medical attention? Why wait 1 month? Probably because something happened these few days which pushed her to reveal to the world. What pushed her? Did he beat her again?No indication. Did he threatened her?No indication. Did she find out he is seeing another woman and so she became pissed off? You tell me.

        In the end her motive is a suspect. The man didn’t deny he had physically struggled with her, no one denies she must have been hurt emotionally as well, but is it enough to destroy the man’s entire career and reputation based on 1 incident where a couple was fighting over the infidelity of another and so it was I shall call it a “fight of passion”? No one hates more than a violent man and a man who cheats AND hits his girlfriend. She seems to be going that way.

        Which is why I will not believe her until several questions is answered. Because all evidence points to 1 incident with 1 woman due to jealousy. If he hits her for real, he probably hit another before. Again no indication of that. Right now all I see is a scorned woman. She needs to explain more, lodge a report and let the police investigate.All these crying to the media “blah blah blah he cheated on me blah blah blah he is a cheat in love blah blah oh he hit me by the way blah blah” doesn’t convince me Him Law shall deserve public persecution for being a violent boyfriend. And her sort of complain will only make real abused women’s cases a bit more difficult to be justified in future.

        Nothing to do with lengmo, sexy, etc. Abused women need not be ugly dowdy housewives.

      4. @ Funn

        “Nothing to do with lengmo, sexy, etc. Abused women need not be ugly dowdy housewives.”

        Ok, maybe you didn’t judge this way. But, I feel that a lot of people do. This is my observation based on people’s comments on both Him and Theresa here. Not on for this incident, but, the one before. Can see that Him is much loved while Theresa is not.

  4. I see a curious phenomena. When Theresa said Him is a cheater earlier, everyone bashed Theresa, said she’s just trying to get attention, she’s lying etc. Basically, almost everyone defended Him.

    Now, Him gave a press conference he where didn’t deny the 2 timing, looks guilty, looks like he has something to hide and show very bad acting. But, people still give him the benefit of the doubt. Why?

    Is it because Theresa is a lengmo who has published sexy photobook, wear tons of make up and suspected to have gone under surgery while Him looks cute and has a hot body?

    I’m not saying Theresa is absolutely the one in the right. But, I see a double standard here.

    1. Kidd,
      In December 2010, I did think that Him had a high chance that he two-timed on Theresa, due to his refusal to address those rumors at the time.

      However, physical beating is a much more serious allegation and unless Theresa shows more than a leg bruise and more facts emerge, it is really difficult to say what happened. Him said that he held onto her too tight and may have hurt her. In Theresa’s blog, she said she was physically and emotionally hurt. In her interview, she did not directly say that “Him Law beat me” but rather built up to that impression while describing his cheating and their argument. She said she had bruises all over and they were not from the result of falling by herself.

      The bruises may be there, but as Him said, they could have been from holding her too tight. In Amigo’s case, his ex Elizabete Kwong had bruise marks on her throat, seeming to indicate Amigo grabbed onto her throat and possibly choked her, which appears to be even more physically brutal.

  5. Maybe she is just so mad that she is making up stuff to get him in trouble, she is over reacting in this insistent, whom knows only the both knows the truth of what really happen.

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