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2013 Hong Kong Music Awards to Be Voted by Audiences

By on September 1, 2012

2013 Hong Kong Music Awards to Be Voted by Audiences thumbnail

After the recent Miss Hong Kong voting fiasco, TVB has plans to roll out another live voting system for the 2013 Hong Kong Music Awards. Every year, the four media outlets, TVB, Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK), Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and Metro Radio (Metro) will organize their individual music award ceremonies in Hong Kong. Like Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards, TVB plans to consolidate the various music awards into one large scale event.

There were two rounds of meetings between the respective representatives from the four media outlets. In order to organize the most prominent music awards ceremony in Hong Kong, TVB reportedly has requested the three radio stations to drop off their award ceremonies. TVB has also agreed to cancel its Jade Solid Gold Music Awards. This music award ceremony will have a new judging system in which the artists will be voted by the audiences. Similar to the Miss Hong Kong pageant, each Hong Kong citizen can only vote once for their favorite singer.

CRHK and Metro Radio Not Keen in Dropping Their Music Awards

As RTHK has limited budget and resources, RTHK reportedly welcomes TVB’s proposal to consolidate the music awards.

However the other two radio stations, CRHK and Metro Radio are less reluctant to drop their music awards. Metro Radio reportedly was against the idea as its music award usually attracts many advertisers. If its annual award is cancelled, Metro will lose a great sum of income. CRHK reportedly has concerns over the professional judgment of the award since the winners will be determined by the public votes.

Both CRHK and Metro Radio reportedly will not cancel their awards but will jointly organize the “democratic” 2013 Hong Kong Music Award.

Issues to Be Resolved

After the servers crashed during the live voting of the 2012 Miss Hong Kong pageant, the four organizers will have to resolve the technical glitch to prevent similar incident from happening again at the coming music award. It is understood that the music award will have a longer voting time, unlike the brief ten minutes voting time for the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Given that different recording labels have special working relationships with their preferred TV or radio stations, it is even harder to draw up an artists’ nomination list. Each organizer will also compete to coordinate the artists’ nominations. Besides, the artists will also have lesser chances of clinching an award since it will be a “consolidated” annual award.

Being a TV station, TVB will reap the most commercial benefits from this award, as compared to the other three organizers which are only radio stations.

Will it Be a Star-studded Event? 

As compared to the Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan, TVB Jade Solid Gold Music Awards has been a lackluster event in recent years. The winners were always the same batch of artists every year.

In 2009, TVB was not able to agree on the music royalties’ issues with the four recording labels. Thus, Warner Music, Universal Music, EMI and Sony Music had not been sending their artists to participate in the music awards in recent years. Without the presence of prominent artists such as Eason Chan (陈奕迅), Hacken Lee (李克勤) and Kelly Chen (陈慧琳), the Jade Solid Gold Music Awards lose its brilliance and failed to attract audiences.

Organizing a large scale ceremony with the three radio stations, TVB hopes to attract all the recording labels to send their artists to participate, making it a star-studded event. In addition, it will also boost up anticipation for the award since it involves public voting.

Artists Welcome the Consolidated Award

To ensure a fair competition in the music industry, Jacky Cheung (張學友) had, ten years ago, voiced out to consolidate the various music awards into one presentation ceremony. Many artists had also welcomed the idea of a consolidated award.

Leo Ku (古巨基): “I will support it! Actually, a few years ago, I already agreed with Jacky Cheung’s suggestion to consolidate into one award ceremony.”

G.E.M.: “I wish for a professional and prominent award ceremony, similar to the Grammy Awards.”

Eason Chan: “As a part of the music industry, I will join the award ceremony if my song is nominated. I have no objection about it. I only hope to sing my songs well. Be it one award ceremony or many award ceremonies, they are all important to me.”

Joey Yung (容祖兒): “It will be a good thing if it happens. If there are lesser awards, we will treasure our awards even more. The lesser it is, the more precious it will be. However, every station has different systems. I understand it will be hard to achieve.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (40)

    1. Ric says:

      It’s about time the 4 awards are consolidated. From the article, it seems like this is the closest they are ever going to get in the discussion. I doubt it will actually work since the radio stations will be losing out on advertising dollars. Unless TVB agrees to split the profits from the show amongst the 4 stations, this idea will never come to fruition.

      I agree that there should be only one music award in HK to add some prestige and excitement to HK’s dying music industry. However, I don’t think the voting system is the best way to go. Afterall, the most prestigious awards are decided by an association with knowledgeable voting members and not the general public. The Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys are far superior than say the People’s Choice and AMAs.

    2. vivien says:

      Will there be a laughable server crash again?

    3. Hazel says:

      I really do wish it would succeed! Making it one of the most important and memorable music award for the artists in hong kong!

    4. AC says:

      I think it’s a good idea to consolidate the awards, but I don’t like the idea of it all being fan voted. There are always going to be crazy fans trying to stuff the votes and only popular artists getting awards, and not ones who necessarily deserve it.
      Maybe get a mix of representatives from the 4 outlets, musicians, producers, etc to all vote and have one fan award?

      • looooooooooooooo says:

        good news to pop idol like LF and leo ku

        • looooooooooooooo says:

          fanatic fans will flood the server with countable votes. possible another server break down and become a second laughing stocks

        • vivien says:

          Computer savvy fanatic fans will always find ways to override the One vote one person system :P

        • Fox says:

          They two already the continuous winners of the recent years even without the fan votes, lolz. So in fact if they win again, no change. Ah it can be considered as a change if they switch the award – LF with HK and Leo with Asia-Pacific.

      • E says:

        I think its should be International fan votes also, not just HK citizens. They should do like the Korea one where Judge votes count 50-60%, fan votes count for like 30-40%, and the internet votes count for like 20-30%…

    5. vivien says:

      TVB also plan to use ONE VOTE ONE PERSON for Best Actress and Best Actor

      • AC says:

        does this mean that raymond lam is going to win all the awards this year? lol

        They already use the audience vote to count towards their whole vote but I hope they don’t go only by audience vote. I also can’t imagine that they would really do this because I can’t imagine the executives willing to relinquish control.

      • salamander says:

        Yesshhh. This means Lam Fung will win since he has the most fans! :)

    6. Rigged says:

      I’ll believe it when I see it. I think TVB is just saying that to redeem themselves.

    7. TVBFanatic says:


    8. exoidus says:

      This means Fala will at least win some awards then e.g best album LOL

      TVB should start having monthly award shows instead, it will increase revenue and promote newbies, haha.

      Best actress August 2012: Christine Kuo :P

      • salamander says:

        If Fala’s fans voted, but Joey Yeung has lots more fans.

      • Fox says:

        Fala will win Best newcomer perhaps. Like the Most improved award of Txb, the Best newcomer is awarding to older and older ppl (the only exception in the recent years were G.E.M and maybe Mag Lam this year). Oh Fala will have to fight against Mag Lam and Jiny and Gin this year, maybe she’ll win Silver at best as Mag is also TVB’s.

    9. Addy says:

      I think TV awards should be consolidated too… but I don’t think TVB would be too keen on that idea.

    10. Daisy says:

      Are they sure about this?

    11. larry 3 says:

      Just dont use WinBlows.

    12. EkinFan says:

      I hope Jacky Cheung wins something, he’s a legend

    13. skinnymocha says:

      Can’t there be a people’s choice and a critic’s choice? Popularity votes aren’t a good thing since idols will more or less dominate. I want to see some new, exciting and DESERVING talents. Using a picture of Joey above says it all really…

      • Funn Lim says:

        Not in the same award which invalidates one another. Just do what MTV and grammy does; one MTV (popular votes), one grammy (amongst peers). But the joke is not internet votes but rather those gold, silver, bronze. As if it is olympics.

        • skinnymocha says:

          The worst thing about them? The “gold” winner is already less than impressive… A complete waste of time, money, and TV/media coverage.

          I despair at the thought that Joey is considered the queen of cantopop. Not that I hate her, but come on! She’s nothing to rave about, just – what’s the word? – mediocre at best.

    14. munkimui says:

      i like jacky cheung as well. but eww to joey yung. she’s Ug…. :/

    15. sure-lee says:

      There better not be another server crash or something o.o

    16. Linnh says:

      I bet that it will crash again, and if it don’t then I can believe that TVB will pretend that it “crashed” if the one that has most vote aint their fav Lol

    17. Kidd says:

      Audience vote. So, it will be like American Idol?

      • Funn Lim says:

        Ai includes phone votes, in fact they’re phone votes. And that is a reality show. Why not just create a separate category or award and call it fan choice or whatever.

    18. Looooooooooo says:

      Remember during early of 90s 4 heavenly dominates jsg based actual public votes, 4 of them won total of 80 percent of awards given. Not fun though,too dominant is not good for the rest of the singers

    19. Fox says:

      A consolidated award? Lolz, they have just given up on Four Channels award 2 years and now talking about another one.

      If Metro joins the consolidated award, how many awards they will have to reduce? Every year, they give out over 100 awards to most of the artists on their own award. Now in a general one, they can’t :P. The big cups can’t be able to land on the hand of the artists, will be a big lost to Metro.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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