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Elanne Kong Increases Breast Size from A to B Cup

By on May 17, 2011

Elanne Kong Increases Breast Size from A to B Cup thumbnail

Elanne Kong (江若琳), Vincy Chan (泳兒), Michelle Wai (詩雅), Ken Hung (洪卓立)and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)attended a promotional event yesterday. Elanne dressed sexily for the event and shared the good results of her recent breast enhancement program.

Returning from filming a movie in Singapore, Elanne revealed that she successfully increased her bust size from an “A” to “B” cup in one month. Elanne said, “I will massage my breasts every night. I hope they continue to increase in size. I am satisfied if they are a ‘B’ or ‘C’ cup size.” (Will Elanne film a pictorial?) “I will not consider it. This is not my career track. I just want my figure to be more beautiful!”

Ken Hung revealed that he will be investing a six figure sum to open an ice cream shop with friends. As part of the investment sum, Ken had to withdraw from his “marriage savings fund” and will have to start saving from scratch again.

Wayne Lai revealed that he will be performing a concert in North America shortly. Since his wife will be accompanying him, Wayne will turn the trip into a vacation opportunity. Since the couple will be on a “second honeymoon,” did Wayne plan on having another child? Wayne laughed, “I will try my best. I’ll be sure to share the good news!”

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: Elanne Kong also appeared to have a “B” cup to me. She looked nice in some tight-fitting outfits before.

Many breast enhancement supplements contain herbs such as fenugreek, which is supposed to stimulate breast growth. Never tried it, but if it provides any boost, you likely have to take the herbal supplements continuously, otherwise the results get lost, similar to birth control pills providing a boost. If it worked so significantly, women would not get breast implants!



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  • Readers' Comments (30)

    1. impmuse says:

      Elanne’s been looking beautiful lately. It’s sad though, that her beauty is a product of facial and breast enhancement.

      Our society places far too much on the external, and almsot complettely ignores the internal being.

      • LIAng says:

        I agree, Elanne looks hot in the foto, but why fo for B cup, might as go for G cup, B seem like if nobody, nobody but you realising she had a But B, lol

    2. sky says:

      “I will massage my breasts every night. I hope they continue to increase in size.”

      i’ll do it for free :D

      btw, she’s very cute but all are fake.

    3. Cynthia says:

      When I see her, I just see fakeness. Her childish personality in series are annoying.

      • yuaida says:

        Absolute agree with you. I once saw some photos of her in her younger days before all that stuff she did to her face. It was absolutely two different people. I still don’t know why these HK actresses bother to do anything with their breasts. They’re still not going to flaunt their figures or wear sexy clothes so why bother to increase the cup size. Let’s face it, HK chicks are born with small titties and all the massaging is not going to do much good. It will only make them softer………..hahahaha

        • Jenkl says:

          I didn’t know she had plastic surgery before! and my jaw almost drop to my desk when i saw her before and after photos !(what a transformation!) and I must say she looks really unattractive then…totally nothing like what she looks now!

        • Darren says:


      • exoidus says:

        yeah agree with you too. Sure she looks nice in the picture, but as time goes by she needs a maintenance operation to keep her plastic going. What a FAKE girl!

      • P says:

        the one thing annoying about her is her VOICE! makes u want to slap her to shut her up

        • le says:

          Yes, her VOICE is the most annoying thing about her. Too bad she can’t use money to correct that flaw. Once a duck always a duck. What a burn!

    4. hello says:

      they could be wearing push ups, instead of taking those pills or massaging it?

      btw, i think michelle wai is quite pretty and natural looking..

    5. cinsin says:

      I’m surprised all the stuff she did to her face she didn’t attack her breasts as well.

      What’s the difference? Shows that she is one person who is not happy with her body.

    6. Funn says:

      You know why not just increase it by surgery instead of massaging? Still looks rather small to me.

    7. Veejay says:

      She’s quite pretty lately…but too bad, it was the surgery that made her pretty, not a natural beauty..

      Selena is one of the rare who possessed sweet feature, not a fan of her but I just find her to be pretty that is all without any plastic surgery done on her face.

      • le says:

        I give Selena credit for not going into the plastic path, but what I find her annoying is how she talks, and make her lips and mouth stretch out. I don’t know if I am describing it correctly in words, to any make sense to you guys? Hope someone agrees with me or understand what I mean.

    8. exoidus says:

      Can’t see just tell the truth that she did a boobjob in Korea (assumed) instead? Common if massaging their breast can increase the size no women would do the operation in the first place. This just shows her intellingence may only be above a 9 year old.

      • Funn says:

        If she did a boob job, then it is the smallest boob job? I think she did it the so called natural way, as in massaging though I am not sure how massaging helps. But it can help since breast is ermmm.. composed of fat and ermm.. muscles? Anyone? Any experts here?

        And just because she wants to feel more confident with her breasts and she goes all out to achieve that doesn’t make her mentally stupid. It just shows she knows what she wants and will achieve it her way.

        • exoidus says:

          i assume she doesn’t want the idea to know the truth then it’s the way to do it. “oh i increase my size by massaging, later: i managed to increase it even further (smiling)”

          She just seems stupid to me. it’s like a guy telling the media “i get a larger penis by massaging it” LOL

        • P says:

          I thought she took breast enhancement pills and massage them to get them bigger.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Sorry about my ignorance on this subject but can that help??

        • P says:

          I don’t know. shirley yeung and tavia yeung have tried breast enhancement pills

    9. iampheng says:

      Hmmm I will have to see comparison before and after pics Jayne…and don’t forget to add the “typical A cup” vs “typical B cup” photos for comparison haha

      Even if it’s fake, she’s still cute, at least in the picture. I don’t personally think their is any “natural way” to increase breast size, let alone massaging them to do the trick. You have what nature gave you, and unless your hormones have fluctuated [birth control, pregnancy, extreme weight gain or loss] you are stuck with what nature gave you. :T

      However, it’s not like my girl friends are telling me what they do if they want to increase their bust size or anything.

    10. le says:

      What a full of lie, if one can increase her breasts size by massaging them, then breast implant will be out of business. Does she think people are gullible and believe everything that comes out of her mouth? Not only is she’s vain with looks, but also very STUPID! Get out of the shallow end!

    11. Chriselle says:

      The article didn’t mention that what this breast enhancement program was. Is it the same as breast implants as in plastic surgery?

      I’m very doubtful that massaging will make it grow in size. Otherwise, why would people spend money on implants?

      If I remember correctly, back when Jacqueline Chong got her breast implants, Elanne felt her breasts. She also mentioned that she will not get implants.

    12. Jayne says:

      I meant to type in my comments that Elanne always looked like she had a B cup, so I don’t see any significant change in her cup size. In old pictures, she’s always had gentle curves as well.

      Breast massage seems to be a big thing in Asia; I see many Chinese sites devoted to the practice. The massage is supposed to increase blood flow and remove toxins, which in turn promote healthier breast shape and firmness. You’re supposed to use a massage cream or oil to reduce friction of the skin. If there is any breast size gain, it is probably minor. However, I can see the benefits with increased blood flow. Massage is also recommended for problem cellulite areas.

      In Elanne’s case, sounds like she is taking herbal supplements and combining with massage to promote breast tissue growth. Most natural breast enhancement pills contain herbs (such as fenugreek) which contain phytoestrogens which have an estrogen-like effect on a woman’s body, thus increasing breast size. This is similar to birth control pills increasing breast size while you’re taking the pills. The body needs a continuous supply of increased estrogen levels in order to sustain the breast size, otherwise they go back to old size.

      Do the herbal supplements and massage work? My guess is to a certain degree. Also people’s bodies respond in different ways and results may vary. However, I do question any health risks associated with concentrated intake of herbals, as supplement industry is not regulated and over intake may throw the body off balance.

      Women have always been objectified, whether it’s our faces or bodies we always want to make perfect. On days like those, I’ll take comfort in the nude imperfect bodies I see in the gym locker.

    13. rei says:

      She still looks like she has smell breast to me. Why get breast implants when you barely wear anything that reveals your chest. I rarely see any HK actress or singers wear anything that an American actress or singers would wear, it would be too much for the Asians society to handle. It bothers me that she’s all FAKE from top to bottom. What else will you do when your old and ugly…continue plastic surgery in a long run will only make you look like a PLASTIC CAT woman.

    14. kaye kaye says:

      “natural” is more beautiful.

    15. Fox says:

      Sometimes she looks like Gillian Chung, sometimes not, example is the above pix.

    16. bloom says:

      I sometimes find it sad that so many people consider going for the breast enhancement. Is it that important to have bigger breast? Are they doing it just because they believe or feel that men in general likes fuller breast?

    17. loungegirl says:

      If the article is about breast enhancement, show a better picture of the newly C-cub!! Can’t even tell it’s a C.

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