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Jason Chan Gains Acting Skills from Wayne Lai

By on January 12, 2013

Jason Chan Gains Acting Skills from Wayne Lai thumbnail

Missing You <幸福摩天輪> is the first drama featuring Jason Chan (陳智燊) as the male lead. Lacking filming experience compared to veteran actors, Jason admitted that he was nervous when he initially began filming. Luckily, his chemistry with Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) later kicked in, which made everything run along smoothly. Currently, Jason is busy catching useful acting skills from collaborating with TV King, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), in the drama, The Love Firm <傳愛事務所>.

Jason revealed that in the past, he would busy himself by simply memorizing the script of a drama. In doing so, he neglected the importance of other factors associated with acting, such as his emotions and movements. Fortunately, there were many kind and experienced actors such as Wayne Lai, who would provide him with tips and reminders.

“I learned a lot by working with Wayne. Usually, I thought that I could just enter the film set and start filming as soon as I had my lines memorized. But when I saw how much preparation Wayne made, I started following his approach. He had several annotations marked on his script, and it is much more organized that way.” Jason said.

Would Jason want Wayne to be his mentor for acting? He replied, “I had thought of that, but I think acting while I learn at the same time is the best.”

Not Interested in Girls Within Entertainment Industry

In the past, Jason occasionally had rumors with Sarah Song (宋熙年). He once again denied these rumors, but revealed that he does not mind them. “I’ll see it as a way of publicity! Of course, it should not hurt my image.” Jason told the media that he is single at the moment, and he will not date a girl within the entertainment industry. “Sometimes, we won’t know things until we try. I believe communication is the most important thing. I know that it is hard to give your other half a sense of security when you’re in the industry, since girls are easily jealous. However, I feel that if I am truly dating someone, I have the confidence to provide my girlfriend with a sense of security!”

Since Jason grew up in Great Britain, reporters asked whether he prefers girls from foreign countries or traditional Chinese girls. “It doesn’t matter, as long as she has a quiet, dutiful, and caring personality.” Jason laughed and went on, “My past girlfriends were all like that, but nobody in the world is perfect.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (38)

    1. Michael says:

      No one in the world can save his acting…

      • akari says:

        Completely agree………I mentioned before that this guy will always be a second-tier actor and that his acting is awful. TVB must be desperate to have to seek out guys like Jason to take lead roles……my guess that this was his first and probably last lead role cause he really can’t act……

        • Bet Li says:

          he can’t act for toffee.. he just pursus up his lips a lot and says his lines monotone..evn his minor crying scene was pitiful.. he shd go back b ‘keh leh feh’.. i got so bored watching him in ‘missing u’.. If he goes away 4 good I wd def not ‘be missing u(him)’!!

    2. Funn Lim says:

      I really hope so. His best scene in Missing You, his only good scene was when he looked at the bad mother with disbelief. But one was worse than him and that was his backpack which has my nomination for Jaynezies (in honour of Razzies) for the WORSE PROP, WORST ACCESSORY, MOST USELESS ITEM and generally WORSE SUPPORTING ACTING EVER!

      • Lol says:

        Lol I agree, my 5 year old does a better job holding his backpack…he does it with no hands :-)

      • Lol says:

        “As long as she’s quiet and dutiful”
        Wth? Does he want a girlfriend or a freakin’ maid?
        His acting is horrible!!! Please stick with your hosting job.

      • Yen says:

        I thought I’m the only one that get really annoyed with how he with his backpack >.<|||

        • Funn Lim says:

          He gives me an impression he never ever held a backpack before.

          2nd runner up is his pockets in his trousers. I wish I can tear those away and see where he puts his hands then. Someone shold have told him body language is as important as facial thing when acting. His body language is terrible. He twitches, he dramatically moves his heads first and then speak (like supermodels trying to act often do), he puts his hands in his pockets as he delivers his lines and subconciously or unsubsconciously shrug. All these shows a guy who is pretentious and does not care. I know this is not how he is but for me I was waiting for his character to go evil because his body language tells me so. Or rather fluffy and all that. He needs body language overhaul.

    3. tika says:

      He won’t ever become a good actor until he gets “down and dirty” because right now, he’s focusing too much on how he looks and presents himself onscreen. Then, he can focus solely on his acting.

    4. Woot says:

      He killed Missing You with his acting.

      • Lol says:

        Yes, he murdered it…badly!!!

      • Larry 3 says:

        He BOMB the series.

      • Mark Lim says:

        lol, i wouldn’t say KILLED. The cases and plot practically saved the drama, imo. Very good guest stars and story line. Could there have been a better lead actor? Yes. But could there be a better female lead? Not really. Linda did really good. Overall, a good drama with very good cases.

      • KChan says:

        sometimes.. i was sure he was forgetting or forgotten the cameras were still rolling.. he just seemed ‘gormless’ most of the time.. ie just watching on as the others acted out their parts (much more convincingly than HIM!).. dull bland and boring are the 3 words i’d use to describe him.. sorry but it’s the truth!! he really brought missing u down.. a strong lead actor his is not! gv me Kenneth Cheng or anyone else anyday!! JChan is a 4th tier actor.. no.. make it ‘z’ tier

    5. queeralert says:

      he’s beeping under the queer radar. from pics to poses, this man screams this label.

    6. Mlove says:

      You want a quiet girl. What is that? A girl that don’t talk back?? Lol. He did good in this series. Compared to all other new ppl, he’s good. At least he’s not bad looking.

    7. coles says:

      not sure what he meant by chemistry with linda chung..
      there’s absolutely no chemistry at all…both can’t act to save their lives!!

      if not for the supporting cast..this drama is a total goner.

    8. Larry 3 says:

      TVB should really think twice on Jason Chen, he needs more experience. Wayne Lai is not enough!

    9. smurf120 says:

      I felt bad for his ‘dad’ who seemed really try to connect during the woodworking project excitement. Jason had less charm than the antique furniture.

    10. Mark Lim says:

      Btw, anyone who knows that little girl who’s case was finding her real mother, who played Cherry in the show? That case was my favorite and most memorable. She did really good (the little girl). That case brought tears to my eyes…Mandy Lam did excellent on that one. The little girl reminds me so much of my own sister…..Hope to see her more!

    11. smileyy says:

      i think he didnt act that well but, i liked him and his character :) dont hate

    12. miriamfanz says:

      I see him do the victory sign in a lot of pics. Seriously not cute…

    13. cloud9 says:

      TVB Scoop reported he is now quite popular among the See-Lai,now known as See-Lai Killer..lol

    14. Primrose says:

      Exactly WHAT acting skills has Jason gained from

      • exoidus says:

        He has graduated from Wayne lai’s “see-lai killer” academy with the highest score. He has now the licence to “kill” :D

    15. Monica says:

      Throughout the Missing You I found Lin Xia Wei’s acting to be really good. Tvb should definitly promote her more!

    16. Sammy Wan says:

      i do not want see Jason Chan in another lead role again ever (pls TVB spare us).. there is no weight to his presence or charisma or anything else.. he is a lightweight actor not heavy weight (maybe TVB just like the look of him) just mediocre to me btw.. if i see him in another lead role ever again.. I will GROAN!!! he will just ruin the whole series again..

    17. Gia says:

      Thought I was the only one who rather watch paint dry than watch him. Not even good looking enough to compensate for his bad acting !

      • Cammie says:

        Missing You was had a very enjoyable storyline. Lin Xiawei and Linda Chung were pretty good but I just couldn’t stand Jason Chan. His acting was terrible and one thing that bugged me was eyebrows. Did he wax his eyebrows? LOL I don’t get why guys do that.

    18. TN1 says:

      Oh no 1 chai kau is enough! Plz get ur acting tips from Moses he’s a better actor n any1 seen Wayne in a passionate kissing scene for TVB series, btw? I haven’t though o_0

      MU is a good show n Linda was as usual very much into any character n Jason still has a long wayyyyyy to go, mann!

    19. Djojs says:

      LOL…. so many haters.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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