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Kate Tsui Attends Matchmaking Dates to Find True Love

By on November 4, 2012

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Ever since Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> aired, Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) popularity is growing immensely and her career is at an all time high. Fame has not made Kate’s quest for true love any easier, in which she yearns to get married like most women.

Rumors about Kate’s relationships with Leon Lai (黎明), and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) were featured in recent tabloids. In real life, 33-year-old Kate has not been lucky in her love life. She revealed that there has been quite a few men pursuing her but she still has not met the right man yet.

Kate does not wish to be labeled as a “leftover bachelorette” and she is willing to go through matchmaking events to find her true love.

Matchmaking Dates

Kate used to believe in fate and she felt that the right person will come along in her lifetime. She had refused her friend’s offer to introduce men for her to meet. However, she now realizes she is not getting any younger and really wants to have a romantic relationship.

Many of her friends are married and have children. Kate is also ready to find that special person to settle down with. Kate said, “Many friends are worried about me because it ‘s hard for me, being in the entertainment industry, to meet men. They know I don’t like to date men in the entertainment circle, so they worked very hard to hook me up with men.”

Kate admitted she went out a few times with her friend to meet men and even attended 5 matchmaking events to find that special person.  After going out to dinner with a few men from the matchmaking event, she eventually lost touch with them.

“The most memorable experience was when I went to Taiwan to a matchmaking dinner. My brother-in-law was trying to hook me up with his co-worker who is an American. He traveled very far to meet me, while I traveled to Taiwan to meet him. Although he has good qualities, we both didn’t feel any chemistry. Long distance relationships usually don’t work out anyways, so it ended before it could start.”

Willing to Give Up Career for Love

Kate had once revealed she is willing to give up her acting career for love. Unfortunately, she has not found that special man worth this kind of sacrifice yet. Kate feels that it is difficult for her to meet the right man due to many romantic rumors revolving around her. The reason that Kate does not wish to date anyone from the entertainment industry is that she does not want to see her husband in any intimate scenes; she wants him all for herself.

Her criteria for the perfect man does not include good looks. The most important qualification is that the person needs to be older than her and mature enough to tolerate the odd quirks in her personality. Kate admitted that she is very emotional and she was not unable to control her emotions in past relationships.  When she was feeling down, she would hide herself or suddenly walk away. Kate thinks it takes a very special person to accept and tolerate her.

Not Looking for a Rich Man

After attending quite a few matchmaking events, Kate had no luck in meeting Mr. Right. Many people will think she is looking for a wealthy man to marry. Kate has no intention of marrying into a rich family, because she would not know how to handle the in-laws. She feels it is too complicated for her, and she would rather look for someone who has a similar background. Most importantly, Kate is looking for someone who truly loves her and is willing to take care of her.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly # 2295 via kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (18)

    1. Tammy says:

      I agree with Kate. I can’t bare to look at my bf/hubby in a s3x scene with other females :P
      Nonetheless, I think her husband would feel the same. Some Men are jealous and I don’t think they like the idea of watching their gf/wife in an intimate act with another dude. Although you can call it “ACTING”. I don’t think I can look at my bf/husband french kissing another gal on screen ( Example : Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)

      • Icetea_td says:

        Yes, I think that’s the reason why she wants to leave showbiz once she gets married.

      • Cloud says:

        I agree. Acting in intimate scenes still requires touching, and some requires both the actor and actress to be butt naked with each other (i.e. Lust Caution: Tony Leung and Tang Wei).

    2. Kidd says:

      “When she was feeling down, she would hide herself or suddenly walk away. “

      Haha, that’s a very stereotypical way for men to handle problems i.e. lock himself in a cave. At least, that what author of ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ said. :P

      Once again shows Kate’s tomboy personality. Lol.

      • Icetea_td says:

        Kidd, you seem not to know much about women, they could do exactly the same thing when encountering the don’t-know-how-to-handle situation.

        • Jen says:

          Yes! That’s what I would do myself. In fact a lot of women do that when they feel down. They just don’t want to face the world.

    3. Abby says:

      Kate has always stressed that she wants a suitor from outside of HK ent circle.

    4. Cloud says:

      I think she suits best with an athlete. She loves to snowboard, so she might need to find someone who shares this interest or some kind of sports.

    5. dd says:

      >She feels it is too complicated for her, and she would rather look for someone who has a similar background.

      So…an actor?
      I don’t think she’s taken into account that the pressure’s gonna be on the guy when he has to meet HER parents.
      In fact, all I hear right now is “me, me, me, me, me”.

      No wonder she’s still single.

      • Kidd says:

        I’m very curious about your comment. Do you know her parents? Are her parents very difficult people?

        • dd says:

          You’re grossly missing the point. She’s uncomfortable with meeting her boyfriend’s parents if he’s famous/rich, but hasn’t thought about her boyfriend meeting her parents despite that she’s famous and rich.

          Likewise, she says she won’t be able to handle watching her boyfriend in intimate scenes if he’s in the industry, but if she finds one outside of the industry, then he’ll have to put up with intimate scenes and 1-second rape scenes.

        • Teece says:

          Her parents aren’t wealthy though besides she mentioned once she finds a suitable partner she will leave the industry

        • Kidd says:

          Teece is right. The rich family she meant is those rich family of high status and social which will have a lot of rules and expectation for the future daughter in-law. I doubt Kate’s family will be like that.

          And as Teece mention, she said she will leave the industry if she finds the right man. This means she did think of the man’s feeling.

    6. Gar says:

      Good luck Kate! You’ll find your Mr. Right soon.

    7. Munkimui says:

      Shes such a Genuine person. Her sexy catty eyes looks vEry seductive with the pouty lips. Good luck to her! Im glad that shes rich n famous n she doesnt care to look for a wealthy man like some certain people. Didnt mandy cho married a rich man too n hes not good looking? Many grls go into this industry to hav an opportunity to marry into the rich. The poor is already complicated imagine the rich!

      • Veejay says:

        Too early to judge that.. we need to see how she’s respond when she’s really dating someone whether out or in the same industry.

    8. Nori says:

      Kate, don’t worry! You’ll definite meet your Mr. Right who loves you truly with all his heart. I wish you all the best.

    9. Jen says:

      She looks like Sharon Chan in this photo.

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