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Kate Tsui and Bosco Wong Hooked Up?

By on November 3, 2012

Kate Tsui and Bosco Wong Hooked Up? thumbnail

Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) fans that are concerned about her recent break up with eye doctor, Marvin Tse (謝偉業), have nothing to lose sleep about. Aside from the recent rumors of Kate reigniting her romance with former flame, Leon Lai (黎明), she was spotted behaving intimately with the recently single Bosco Wong (黃宗澤).

Kate was rumored to have dated many men from different walks of life including a singer, an actor, a production crew staff, an eye doctor, and a businessman. Recently, she was seen warming up to Bosco at a charity car-racing event in Shanghai featuring Jet Li (李連杰).

More Than Friends?

The night before the race, Kate and Bosco showed up as hand holding couple attending the Elle Style awards. Once inside the paparazzi-free VIP area, the two were sitting close together and spent most of their time chatting. They even had moments where they would get close and whisper to each other. After several drinks, the two moved to another area to avoid avid fans who wanted their photos taken with the two stars. Several hours later, Kate left to attend a fan event, but was seen back at the hotel (where the two were staying) in just an hour. The pair were not seen again that night.

During the day at the races, Kate and Bosco arrived in the same van and were seen together for most of the time. Both were in competitive spirits, with Bosco ended up in second place for his event, and the aggressive Kate beat out her competitors in the women’s division. As soon as the results were announced, Kate sought out Bosco amongst the crowd. The two embraced in a long hug and were seen leaving for the airport together afterwards.

Apparently, Kate and Bosco were caught behaving intimately together. During the filming of Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> last year, some passionate kissing scenes with plenty of bodily contact were added to the script at the special request of the two. There were also rumors that Kate and Bosco practiced their passionate scenes off the set, and on one occasion after filming, the duo went missing during night. The alleged fling triggered a cold war between Bosco and then-girlfriend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). After rumors of similar incidents during the filming of Buddy Cops <神獸刑警> this April, Myolie reportedly had enough and decided to leave Bosco.

Kate Denies Rumors with Bosco

Earlier this week, a reporter caught up with Kate and inquired about her intimate behavior with Bosco in Shanghai. Kate naturally denied the romantic rumors. She was also shocked and refused to be labeled as the cause of Bosco and Myolie’s split.

When prompted that she was photographed holding Bosco’s hand and hugging him, Kate said, “Nope, definitely not! Please don’t erroneously write anything…what do you want to write this time?” Kate asked the reporter nervously. “Wow, you’re spreading such rumors! With the rumors fanning in such a manner, maybe I will even be linked with Raymond Lam (林峯) later! Maybe it is because Bosco treats me like a brother, so he often clasps my hand to play together!”

Myolie’s Response

Asked to comment on Kate and Bosco’s rumors, Myolie said, “I will not comment on such things. I will no longer speak about things that are over!” After a reporter showed Myolie photos of Bosco and Kate together, she simply turned and walked away without commenting.

Source: Next Magazine #1182 via kuangaitvb.com

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  • Readers' Comments (42)

    1. TVBFanatic says:

      lol… Kate and Bosco? I can’t see it.

      As to Myolie – she’s Bosco’s EX. Why should she care about who he dates? She no longer has any right to be concerned or outraged. The media needs to leave her be.

    2. apple says:

      Nothing wrong both are single, whom they choose are their choice.

    3. Pvt. Joker says:

      One night stand, let’s move on already

    4. Sunny says:

      No way. I love Boscolie. They still love each other. Myolie and Bosco has 8 years, no one can replace in their heart although they say good bye.

      • cass says:

        I love them too but if they can call for a break-up even after 8 yrs, their love for each other is not as strong as we thought.

    5. sandcherry says:

      They could be very good friends as they had been acting lovers in many drama series. Both of them have similar personalities ….. free and casual. Not surprised if they would click together.

    6. Jen says:

      They were probably just flirting… even if they hooked up, whose business is it anyway.. they are both single….

    7. Skyler says:

      Didn’t Bosco have a crush on Kate back then? Anyway, they look good onscreen. Hope to see them collaborate in more series together

    8. Munkimui says:

      Love bosco n myolie together. They have such cute personalities!

    9. Anonymous says:

      I dont believe they’re together too, if it happened, it would happened long time ago not until today.

    10. elin says:

      thy r both single .. why not..

    11. Gar says:

      Kate has always been very friendly with her male costars as she possesses a tomboy personality. I really think they are just friends and there is nothing else going on between them.

    12. so? says:

      whats wrong if they date? they’re both single. kate doesnt need to mind myolie.

    13. smile says:

      Talking about going full circle and coming back to one other’s boyfriends. It’s like an American soap opera.

      Funny….but they are both single…free for them to do as they please.

    14. Poppy says:

      Yes, I agree with the above comments. They are both single and with no commitments so what’s the problem???

    15. quynh says:

      i think they look quite compatible. it would be nice if the rumor’s true. boscolie is a thing of the past and based on their comments, i don’t think they will reconcile.

    16. P. Tan says:

      Boscoe and Myolie have every right to date whom they please. The media should just leave them alone to get on with their lives. To me Myolie seems to be very happy to be on her own and I don’t suppose she cared very much about Boscoe’s antics with other women.

    17. jasmine7 says:

      Bosco is a genuinely nice guy but unfortunately being overfriendly can lead to disastrous results. He may appear to be recovering from the split but deep down, still waiting for Myolie to change her mind.

      Kate, on the other hand, acts like one of the boys but she’s a woman afterall….don’t know what she’s thinking/hiding in her head. If it’s true about those ‘special request added body contact scenes’ (have reporters snoop enough facts to confirm?), I think we found the reason for Boscolie’s split. As I’ve mentioned before something really serious must have happened for Myolie to call the split…….being overfriendly with costars is one thing but if you’ve been to bed ……kaput*

      We just have to wait and see.

      • Nori says:

        Oh, please! We’re too busy living our lives. Who has time to wait and see what’ll happen to others? What meant to be happened, it happens. If they’re both single and there are feelings then why not giving each other a chance?

    18. Ric says:

      They have been frequent costars. Not surprising at all that the two of them would chat with each other especially since they are in a foreign city. I think we would all rather stick with people we know when we are in a foreign place.

    19. CocoPanda says:

      I actually think that they don’t look bad together. I hope the reporters will stop bothering Myolie and Bosco, cause them being in a relationship is the past now. Each of them are living their own life now.

    20. Icetea_td says:

      They actually attended the car racing last year too, the same happened and the news came out. Look like Kate is getting more famous but still the news is a bit uncreative, not many people care.

    21. Linnh says:

      Come on reporters been good friends with girls is a sin or something? Plus Kate is really good friends with Myolie I don’t think she would actually go after Myolie’s ex then.

    22. mimi says:

      i think they would make a cute couple together

    23. Hannahh says:

      wow if this rumor is true , it will make me dislike Kate more lol

    24. Heather says:

      HK media is so immature and malicious! Why so pic of Myolie’s ex to her??? Grow up!

    25. Abby says:

      Can’t a guy and a gal share a platonic relationship within HK ent circle? They were just linking arms at a red carpet event and hugging in celebration spirit after winning a competition. It’s not like they were caught kissing or having sexy time’.

    26. fez says:

      why do i get a feeling that myolie is pissed about these kate and bosco rumors? she doesn’t even attempt to defend kate. maybe it is true who knows. only they will know

    27. NP says:

      Isn’t Kate a good friend of Myolie? A good friend’s ex is always off-limits. I don’t think Kate would do that. There are plenty of fishes in the sea.

    28. CL says:

      It is just rumor. Kate is smart enough not to date anyone especially Bosco…She want her career so much!

      • fez says:

        not really smart… she wants love more than she wants career. she said it before.

        • skinnymocha says:

          Wanting love before her (entertainment) career doesn’t necessarily make her dumb either – if she knows what she wants in life, then good for her. She can always go down a different career path if she so wishes to.

    29. happybi says:

      Bosco and Myolie are over! People need to move on. They can date whoever they want now!

    30. Wei Gee says:

      Myolie i suppport u don’t care Kate as u r now single u r always the best and keep it up ur pretty I love u Myolie.. Don’t care that Kate u live in ur own world in single.. Don’t care Bosco And Kate…

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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