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Kevin Cheng, Nicky Wu, and Cecilia Liu Return for “Bu Bu Jing Xin 2″

By on October 11, 2012

Kevin Cheng, Nicky Wu, and Cecilia Liu Return for “Bu Bu Jing Xin 2″ thumbnail

Whether the original cast will return for mainland Chinese drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 <步步惊心>, has been an issue tormenting fans for months. Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) will be returning for the modern sequel, which is rumored to film in November.

Kevin Cheng’s Salary Multiples

Tabloids leaked that Kevin Cheng’s filming fee will be $400,000 RMB per episode in Bu Bu Jing Xin 2, which will be on par with Nicky Wu’s salary. With the success of the first installment, Kevin’s popularity has soared, allowing him to pocket an increasingly large paycheck.  Asked to confirm his filming fee, Kevin replied, “Let’s not talk about it! In the future, I hope to be able to film based on my interest, rather than to film to make a living.”

While involved in mainland’s big-budgeted dramas, Ip Man <葉問> and Bu Bu Jing Xin 2, Kevin is also busily preparing for the opening of his own production company next year. Kevin explained, “Being a producer allows me to film productions that I like, control the script and other details. I’ll try to do my best to have zero complaints!”

With Kevin’s costar, Cecilia Han (韩雪), successfully completing her part in the filming of Ip Man, Kevin will be shortly wrapping up his remaining scenes. He confirmed that he will film Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 immediately afterward.

Chinese Entertainment Shanghai has not officially announced the filming date of Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 yet, although tabloids reported that it will likely start in November.

Nicky Wu: “Money is Not a Problem”

Earlier reports claimed that due to Nicky Wu’s filming fee being too high, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai was almost unable to afford casting him in Bu Bu Jing Xin 2. Afterward, Nicky clarified that he had a special attachment towards the project and the salary would not be an issue.

“Currently, I have received a portion of the script. Many of the cast for Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 are very busy. For my filming fee, I cannot use my current market value to establish. I have a special attachment towards Bu Bu Jing Xin, so I will not completely follow market standards,” Nicky said.

However, Nicky has not been notified of the filming date yet and urged the press to contact the drama producer for details. “They are making the preparations. We have only had preliminary communication and I cannot supply [the filming date].”

Cecilia Liu replied, “We will film Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 at year-end.”

Sources: Chinayes.com, Qianlong.com, Xinhuanet.comOn.cc

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  • Readers' Comments (81)

    1. HeTieShou says:

      Hope that everyone will come back for part 2. They all had great chemistry in part 1. Glad that Nicky is doing it for interest and other reasons rather than just money. I wonder if Ma Tian Yu will join the cast this time and have a bigger part?? Lets hope that the plot/storyline will be good.

    2. goddessofkrw says:

      So finally it’s confirmed that both Nicky and Cecilia will film BBJX 2!! I hope they will have a good ending this time!!

    3. advo says:

      I had a feeling that he was only holding out due to filming issues and not monetary reasons. It makes me concerned though, because I get the feeling there’s some rushing behind it and some things might not be in place yet. I’d hate for them to do a rush job that will undermine the high standards of the first show.

    4. Anna says:

      LOVED this series! But the main appeal was that she was a modern day girl back in ancient times–stuck in the whole Emperor storyline. But this is a modern series, however, I still hope it’ll catch my attention just as much. I also really like Lin Gengxin–I hope he’ll be in this series as well.

      • advo says:

        I’d be more worried about if Yuan Hong is coming back on not. LGX is contracted to the company so he’s almost guaranteed to be in all their productions.

        • Yans says:

          I wish yuan hong n genxin

        • madamVirgo says:

          @Anna: me too, for i don’t hope too much for this new series set in modern time (afraid of disappointed much later). the storyline of BBJX is awesome, as it’s combined with the history and BIG mystery of all time.

        • Funn Lim says:

          It can be modern time and work at that. It can in fact adapt the same BBJX storyline into modern context and it will work but Mainland China production does not do well in modern context. But Tangren will probably give it justice. And look at the plus side? Nicky Wu, awesome hair, he can bring his own suits and tuxedos. Kevin Cheng, in tuxedo. Everybody in tuxedos. The men will look great!

        • Funn Lim says:

          P/s the whole K-drama chaebol thing, it could work.

        • madamVirgo says:

          @Funn: yup, i hope so.. am definitely will watch and look forward for this series (just don’t allow myself to hope too much :D, coz BBJX 1 is too beautiful, part of me wish not to let anything to ruin it). i have confidence with the full casts though, they are solid and OMG the chemistry built within Nicky & LSS was just awesome. its just the script now *pray pray*

        • madamVirgo says:

          and the production*

    5. Heather says:

      This article just made my day. Omg, I was literally screeching with glee while reading it. I was so afraid nicky wouldn’t participate in the sequel. Now my wish came true!!!!!!

    6. sky says:

      both are brother from a rich family fighting for the love of a poor girl? lol…..

    7. Daisy says:

      Not sure if they really are gonna film in November they said the same thing about filming in August.

    8. Smittened says:

      I just finished watch BBJX (yes, I just got to know about it, lol) and its OMG awesome!!! TVB is nowhere near such standard and this comes from someone who rarely wants to watch China tv production and has been watching TVB all her life – so, yes, this is a great deal of compliment! I’m totally smittened with Nicky (never expected this to happen) and although I seldom praise Kevin Cheng, this time he did really well in this role! Now I can understand why more and more people are watching China series….the quality’s top notch. All expressions are well delivered and it feels so real watching it. Obviously, I cried my lungs and livers out :(:(:( so tragic, I cannot bear to watch it again.

      I hope BBJX2 will not disappoint us! And for god’s sake, go watch if you haven’t yet, lol…

      • Yuyu says:

        Please don’t use one series to make the judgement that TVB is not up to par in quality of series made.

        • HeTieShou says:

          True, but at the same time, big TVB fans also should not stereotype all China series as being inferior To TVB series.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Being a lifetime TVB watcher, I can say I agree with Smittened. Their production quality for ancient/historical dramas is high, since they have an added advantage; a choice of many many authentic location. Costumes also look great. BBJX will remain as my choice as the best costume, ever. The quality is just amazing.

          However I am still a TVB fan in terms of pacing. Mainland dramas can be slow or sometimes for some official CCTV series, too unemotional/cold, for the current trend, too emotional. TVB has that emotional balance right.

          But I can name many historical dramas in terms of production quality that TVb will never be on par for many reasons. But I can name many others that trumps mainland series in terms of stories and pacing. Acting depends on which genre and production. I can honestly say the WORST series I have ever watched is not from TVB. I give TVB better credit and better taste than to make a stupid garbage rubbish mind bogglingly dumb series like Gong II or those over fluffy romance series like those in Taiwan where their accent just ruins everything or rather bad acting. TVB is still best.

        • Khanh says:

          Tvb series are good. It’s just their ancient series where they re wear their costumes all the time. Which is annoying. It’s like they have no money to make new ones.
          Mainland china has good series but they are a bit long but they have good costumes

        • Smittened says:

          I didn’t use one series to make the judgment, rather it’s something that I’ve observed over the years. Put aside BBJX, if I were to assess TVB itself by their own standards, they have definitely deteriorated. And I used to think China’s production is blahhh…and because it’s in Mandarin, I won’t enjoy it as much. I was wrong @_@ While not all productions can be as awesome, they are definitely not lacking in quality.

          Like the others said it, China’s production is some times draggy, more so in ancient series. But I wonder, could it be that we’re used to the faster paced HK series? Either way, seems like BBJX hit the right key here :)

          I will still watch TVB series for a long time – I too hope they’ll be able to buck up before it’s too late.

        • jasmine7 says:

          Totally agree.

    9. Ice says:

      I really like Nicky Wu and Kevin Cheng is nice too, but I would like to see the 14th Prince… he was great in BBJX

    10. joyce says:

      i want yuan hong :)

    11. skinnymocha says:

      Hmm. I’ve yet to find a modern mainland series that I enjoy. Most of their dramas can be pretty dull and long-winded at times – if you take away the luscious ancient costumes, the architecture or the fantasy aspect, it makes for a rather boring affair… Maybe this sequel will be an exception.

      • Lee says:

        Do you dislike mainland dramas set in modern times or recently produced mainland dramas? Of course the former wouldn’t have luscious ancient costumes or fantastical themes so that’s something of a moot point. I find that the mainland industry has been putting out high quality period dramas for a while now (the number has increased as drama production has ratcheted up in the last 5 years or so) but somehow the dramas set in modern times are still lacking. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I wonder if it has to do with the fact that period dramas are such big ratings draws that producing modern dramas is enough of a risky endeavor to not merit much investment.

        • skinnymocha says:

          Modern times.

          The point is I probably won’t even be a fan of mainland dramas set in ancient times if it weren’t for the factors I stated above, let alone modern ones. I find 99% of mainland dramas have a tendency of being a little… draggy. At least the aesthetics in ancient dramas can distract me from the boring storyline at times and I can derive a greater sense escapism.

          Btw, do any of you actually like the locations or production designs in modern mainland dramas?

      • Funn Lim says:

        I rather agree on the assessment of modern mainland series. But BBJX 2 already has a following and the male stars also happen to look better with hair (although they looked great in BBJX) so I will give this one a chance.

        • sehseh says:

          Is Tong Hua writing the script for BBJX2?

        • Funn Lim says:

          I have no idea. I think I remember reading she was since BBJX is her story so I assume she will take the screenplay challenge. Or at the very least she will come up with the story and team up with a professional scriptwriter.

    12. Roxy says:

      Yayyyyy!!! 2 years later =) Can’t wait for it! Please let LSS gets her boy this time.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Which boy is the question?

        If 4th prince, she GOT her boy, she was the one who LET GO of that boy. If 8th prince, she GOT her boy, she was the one who LET Go of that boy. If 14th prince, she GOT that boy but in the end she never wanted that boy. If 10th prince, she also got him, but she didn’t want him.

        I kinda see a pattern here…

        • Roxy says:

          Haha you’re right. LSS, make up your mind, playa! But I want to see her and Nicky together, officially. And maybe Kevin with Annie without all the “I married you but I dont love you” issue.

    13. wen wen says:

      yes….looking forward to this series, lots of people hope Nicky will end up together with Liu Shi Shi but I really hope she can end up with Kevin this time….they are so sweet in BBJX 1

    14. ping0 says:

      Good stuff, I hope Kevin ends up with Shishi this time.

    15. Bubblez says:

      YAY can’t wait to watch it.. I love this drama!!

    16. Hannahh says:

      not a big fan of China production but BBJX was awesome!

    17. Nicole says:

      I don’t like mainland modern series, have never finished watching any (not even with any of my favourites). They feel awkward and dated. Don’t think I’d be watching this.

      • Nelly says:

        Well I’ll definitely be watching for Nicky and ShiShi. Their chemistry onscreen left a deep impression that stayed with me for months. They deserve a happy ending.
        And the one good thing about the modern version is she won’t be the second or third wife but the one and only(I hope). They might just write Nicky’s role as a divorcee with a child.LOL

        • HeTieShou says:

          You should watch a series for more than just the cast or leading couple. I have seen many viewers and fans watch just for the cast and then end up whining about how bad many of the series are.

          I agree with Nicole that many of the modern China are not very good. I love many of the ancient series but the modern ones still have a long way to go. However, some are ok and are improving so hopefully BBJX’s modern installment will be good. I will give it a try if I get the chance.

    18. Joyce says:

      So happy they make bbjx2.. I hope this time make SS end up with Kevin Cheng… They r so suitable n Nicky look old…

    19. Yans says:

      Good to hear that! Hope yuan hong and genxin will be in bbjx too

    20. bells says:

      Yay! I love Bu Bu Jing Xing <3

    21. bee7 says:

      Hopefully ruoxi and 4ye can have a happy endng this time around. Any news on 13th, 14th and other princes yet?

    22. Roxy says:

      So the modern version will be Ruoxi travels from the past to the future? Haha like Tavia’s character in 3Kingdom?

      • Funn Lim says:

        That would be Yuzheng’s version.

        Ruoxi DIED in the past. Her soul returned to her body which is present time. So it is not Tavia’s character. It is a more elegant explanation.

        I just want it to be a same cast different story. Ruoxi/Zhang Xiao story is over. OVER!!

        • madamVirgo says:

          haha… same here.. let it be over. stop at there.

        • advo says:

          @ Funn

          I personally hope it’s a direct continuation of the ending. Because Mainland are terrible at modern production. If however, they continue directly, I feel like the plot might make more logical sense.

          Instead of RX being in the wrong era, she could return to her own and discover all the princes in their reincarnated versions while she still has these memories of their ‘past self’. The princes are probably not all gonna be related but would still be in cliques working against each other in the business world.

        • Nicole says:

          I think if Ruoxi acts as another character from the past? That will be great too. We have many series of modern people going back to the past (Shishi, Yang Mi, Hu Ge, KM, Louis Koo, Ron all went back into the past) but ancient people coming to the present? I can’t think of any..

        • advo says:

          Didn’t China ban time travelling dramas? I think travelling to the future is under time travel too, so I don’t this plot will be chosen.

        • Funn Lim says:


          I’d rather not.Kinda cliche. BBJX 1 ended beautifully with RX back as ZX and suffering for the rest of her miserable life (and she deserves it). I hope for a modern take but a different story, a different character with different people and not reincarnation because to continue it to me is just gimmick. The story of RX/ZX has ended. I really don’t want her running after 4th prince’s reincarnation and then meet again everyone because that reinforces the whole idea that was so difficult for some viewers in BBJX; everything centres around her, everybody loves her even in this life or next. I can’t stomach that. Let her love and 4th prince love end the way it did in BBJX which is one of the many reasons but really perhaps the ultimate reasons why so many cried and so many tissues used. If the sequel goes another way, sorry to say, all the tears were shed for no reason at all.

          Let Yu Zheng do the what if version.

        • Nicole says:

          Was Time-travelling dramas banned, or limited? I remembered they banned palace dramas too, but it seems that palace dramas are still being produced?

          You can check this news

          It says that it can’t be broadcasted on cable channels during prime time. However, the channels always find ways to “bypass” it, eg. Xuan Yuan Jian was pushed back by an hour because it didn’t have the license.

        • advo says:

          @ Funn

          To me there’s no point in calling in BBJX2 if it has absolutely no relation to the first show. Just having the same cast is meaningless. I don’t think it’s cliché and I would love to see RX struggling with trying to connect to people who she believes she knows – but do not. Every drama with an overload of either the female or male sex will feel like it’s “centered” around the lead of the opposite sex. Especially when everyone loves the leads and instead of just loving back people that loves you. However, if BBJX2 keeps it classy, instead of making everyone love RX, they will pair people up instead. Although, love geometry happens just as often in modern dramas, at least these guys won’t have like 2-3 other wives sitting at home waiting for them which just makes it even more ridiculous that they all love RX. (And they didn’t really in BBJX either! 10th was a puppy love, but MY was his adult love. 14th had a crush, but was he really in love-love?, 13th was platonic friendship, 9th went from dislike to pure hatred)

          If it was a continuation, it would be her pursuing these guys and seeing if they are the same as their past selves and if she still shares a connection. There are many ways to make it nuanced. I don’t think a continuation would ruin the beautiful story in BBJX. I thought what made it memorable and tragic was how RX-4th had to separate because she did not belong to that era. I would say the ending of her meeting him again already suggests to me that they found either again in her time. Therefore, I don’t think a continuation of that ending will tarnish the actual story in BBJX. And again I’m wary of any Mainland productions on its own.

          @ Nicole
          I believe time travel was banned after BBJX because there were supposedly too many of that kind of shows for the government’s taste. This year, they have been “ban-happy” too and they rumoured banned like 6 categories which collective probably covers basically all productions. But that was just rumours and it was later denied. However, I know that there are certain productions that have had trouble getting an slot to air and others had to remove certain plot points in order to get approval to air later. It’s a bit confusing so if someone else has more information, please enlighten us.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “I believe time travel was banned after BBJX because there were supposedly too many of that kind of shows for the government’s taste.”

          Correction. It was banned after Gong. But it still can be broadcast I believe but not on national TV?

        • Vivien says:

          I think it was banned after BBJX because some girls died trying to time travel.

    23. Hannah says:

      Funn, you’re right. LSS does have that I’m-better-than-you-look, lol Maybe it’s just the pics I happen to see.

      I’m having doubts about a modern version. Ancient series are Mainland’s forte.

    24. ping0 says:

      KEKE you guys are funny, I like BBJX but I can’t watch it over and over like you guys. It’s good but it’s not one of those series I can sit and watch again and again, because of it’s slow paced. But for some off reason I like slow paced romance lol. I really became really fond of Mainland series, I watch more mainland series more then I do TVB now, I only go back to TVB series if I really like the artist, or I got to see what all the hype is about when I hear there is a good series. With Kate Tsui being close for TV queen make me have less confident in their artist now (sorry I have offend her fans).

      • Smittened says:

        I cannot watch it over and over again simply because it’s too….heartbreaking! :( My emotion has been a wreck from watching it 3 days in a row and on the final episode, I totally cried like crazy. Some may say I indulge too much in it…well, you wanna enjoy it, why hold back? Besides, their love story, both 4th and 8th prince with Ruoxi is just…depressing. I honestly don’t quite like the girl, but I’m giving her credits for her performance.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I didn’t feel she did enough for the character to make it super. I notice not many like her, quite possibly limited by her inexperience and her performance. Another actress would have made her sympathetic.

        • Smittened says:

          Yeah, you’re right. Something’s missing and I’m not sure what…but she’s definitely benefiting greatly from this role. I’d say this is the role of a lifetime – being loved by so many princes, lol…

        • advo says:

          I don’t think RX was an especially sympathetic character – but I also didn’t think she needed to be. She was a self-centered, self-preservation character and it made sense because she is from the 21 century world. She was a flawed character too, but that’s not a problem for me. All the characters were flawed and that made them much more human and relatable. Exception was 9th. He needed to be fleshed out more for me to enjoy him better.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “I don’t think RX was an especially sympathetic character –”

          At a better actress’ hands, she could be. The way I feel for Betty Sun in Empresses In The Palace, who became even more manipulative. The problem is the actress.

        • Nicole says:

          But Ruoxi was a modern girl from the start. She didn’t have that pure characteristic that Sun Li had in the beginning. We understand the circumstances that caused Sun Li to turn to a manipulative b*tch, and feel for her, but Ruoxi will just be the average modern girl getting up to trouble. Of course Sun Li is a much better actress than Shishi, but their characters were so different.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Nocole, that is where BBJX is so wonderful. RX may have been a modern girl but quarter way into the series she adapted and in the end she became a woman of those times.

          My problem is not the character. It is the performance. Sun Li can do the character well in my mind.

        • Vivien says:

          Why are people here disliking LSS? I think she was lots lots better actress, cuter and younger than the current 5 leading fadans TVB are offering us.

    25. Khanh says:

      Omg I can’t wait for this series. Loved the first one and I can’t wait to see what the second one is going to be about. Yayy the main cast is back for it. Hope they keep LSS and Nicky together

    26. Erica says:

      I think they should continue the storyline. Let the characters’ soul to be reunited with the present. *cross finger for a good storyline*

      I hope it take its TIME to do the drama carefully, and please do not rush the dramas. Take your time, we fan can waits!!!

      • Funn Lim says:

        Nothing good will come out from a sequel meant as profit driven. I wonder what Tong Hua thinks of a butchering of her story if such is the sequel?

    27. Pearl says:

      It’s just awesome! Nicky and Kevin n hopefully the rest are in! Nicky is going to look so so so good in suits and with hair! Kevin too. Of course they looked vy handsome too without…I hope the plot comes near to BBJX 1 though I dare not put too high hopes on that. But I’m going those two georgous man with LSS….especially Nicky!

    28. P. Tan says:

      Seems like so many people are terribly excited over BBJX2 and I confess I’m one of them too. Like Funn, I hope it’s going to be a totally different story and one set in modern times too. I know many are in favour of Nicky and LSS but like the few, I hope for Kevin and LSS. To me they look so cute together.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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