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Linda Chung Shows Off Figure in Red Bikini

By on April 9, 2013

Linda Chung Shows Off Figure in Red Bikini thumbnail

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has always presented a conservative, girl-next-door image since being crowned Miss Chinese International in 2003. Turning 29 years old on April 9, Linda wowed her fans by debuting a sexy look in her latest Slim Beauty ad campaign. Titled “Hot Linda BB”, the campaign features Linda in a fiery red, two-piece bikini fully exhibiting her svelte S-shaped figure.

During an interview, Linda explained that she has taken on this challenge because of a new-found confidence in her physique. “I tried many different outfits that day, and this bikini really stood out and looked the best. I feel that I should try something different since this will be my third year working with Slim Beauty, so I agreed to take photos in a bikini… I have worked with them for so long so I’m not worried at all. Plus, I took time off from work since February and had more time to exercise. I am very confident about my body!”

As Slim Beauty’s long-time spokeswoman, Linda is the darling of the beauty franchise. The company boss even visited Linda personally during the photo shoot and treated her to soups and desserts. Even though this was her first time posing in the revealing swimwear, Linda completed the task professionally and earned praises from the on-set crew.

An avid dog lover, Linda was happy to work with a canine star in the ad campaign. While the pug was tame and enjoyed Linda’s company, the baby teacup poodle proved to be quite a handful. “The teacup poodle was recently flown-in from Japan! It is only a three-month-old baby, so it is very energetic. It is such a challenge to work with the poodle because it refuses to look at the camera.”

Linda’s latest Slim Beauty ad made its promotional debut in all media outlets this week, including an over-sized display at Hong Kong’s Admiralty MTR station. Although MTR traditionally forbids revealing ads in its stations, the organization made an exception this time due to Linda’s healthy image.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (89)

    1. Exo jern says:

      sexy= no ‘BB’ !

      but very noice.

    2. Jayne says:

      Linda’s abs look good. I’m listening to Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” and it fits Linda’s red-hot look here aptly.

      • Veejay says:

        iM SURE the pic has been photoshopped or airbrushed abit but nevertheless, Linda is still a hot chick LOL.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          airbrushed definitely. don’t think linda is hot. her mum at her age is hotter without help of makeup and airbrush. many people just love the extremely pure jade image that linda is set with since the beginning of her entry.

    3. Bubblez says:

      So pretty!

    4. bloom says:

      the colour of the lipstick seems to be too sharp for me.

      • yeung4life says:

        yeah, Linda never lokos gd with red lipstick on, like the time when she did in House of Harmony & Vengeance…yuk

        • bloom says:

          to me, she’s having the girl next door image. not those sexy kind of girl, but those goody type ones.

    5. bexta says:

      I don’t see what the big hoo haa is about a bikini. Would’ve expected for someone who’s grown up overseas to just wear it. what’s the big deal? Plus it’s not even a v shape bikini bottom. She’s wearing a frill bottom, hiding everything. So much for having confidence! Whatever.

      • Bubblez says:

        It’s only during these past two to three years where Linda Chung has exposed more skin. She is quite conservative in regards to her clothing.

        • Bubblez says:

          Correct me if I am wrong*

        • bexta says:

          What’s there to be conservative about? She is neither naive or innocent as she promotes (and others promotes) her to be. It is very fake. Especially for her being brought up in a western culture.

        • Bubblez says:

          @Bexta: I cannot speak for Linda Chung herself but speaking from a person who is “being brought up in a western culture” and coming from the same hometown as Linda Chung does not mean that we dress non-conservatively!

          And regards in being “fake”, can you elaborate more? Are you talking about the media portraying her as this innocent and naive person (fake image) or are you talking about Linda Chung being fake herself?

        • bexta says:

          Just coz you’re from the same ‘hometown’ doesn’t mean you know it all either. It’s a free comments section and open opinion. You talk like you know her personally bring all defensive.
          All this bs about bring conservative pfffft. It’s purely media attention seeking.
          And the body shape is quite ‘general’. Open your eyes and look. Walk the streets, you can easy run into girls similiar if not better shaped.

        • Bubblez says:

          You have some good points. However, let me clear up something.
          1. I do not talk as if I know her. I was just stating my opinion as a proud Vancouverite. And actually it does says a lot coming from the same hometown. Not everyone can pull off a bikini. Furthermore, it seems that you believe that people who are brought up in a Western culture can dress that ‘open’. However, it does not mean we are open.
          2. How is it bs when Linda dresses the way she does and I’m just stating it. And it’s not like Linda Chung is forcing the media or any of us to see her that way.
          3. Please define “better shape”.

      • Philip says:

        If u don’t like her then just flip the damn page and read someone else. Don’t need a comment like that from you here. Growing up in a western culture do not mean you are OPEN!

        How u know she is fake? u don’t! Go read the next page on someone u like. There is nothing wrong with her having confidence with her body. She looks great! This ad is for a healthy image so the bikini don’t reveal too much. U want very sexy bikini photos then go somewhere else. Don’t need a jerk like u to put her down.

        • Bubblez says:

          Well said, Philip (as always). This is precisely what I intended to say! Just because we are born in Vancouver and being brought up in a Western culture does not mean we are open.

        • doremi123 says:

          Like your comment

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          the name philip reminded me of linda’s troublemaker boyfriend philip ng.

        • bexta says:

          Exactly, like you say philip, flip the damn page if YOU don’t like reading my comments!

        • koh says:

          I m siding either side but I totally agree that not everyone brought up in the West is non-conversative and wild or sexy. This is because I have families from the WEST is more conversative than friends from Asia.

        • koh says:

          ops mistake.. I mean…NOT siding

      • lolo3 says:

        what is the big deal for her? she should have worn bikini during her beauty contest.

    6. Karen says:

      Nice figure!

    7. Larry 3 says:

      she needs a boob job :)

    8. ita says:

      for once she does look sexy here.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        clad in bikini doesn’t mean she can be sexy. linda can’t carry sexy look. this article also full of promotional intention and has the same air with eliza’s earlier ad shooting article. even the gestures of the ad boss is written the same way!

    9. Funn Lim says:

      I never thought of her as sexy. But she is slim with a bit of help from Photoshop. She looks mighty uncomfortable. The thing about all these slimming centres is they always dress the actresses like they’re some low class prostitutes. I feel a body hugging dress will make the point better than this one. Why not just let her wear an expensive lingerie? At least that is exotic.

      • Philip says:

        Ok the low class prostitutes comment is already enough for me to reply!!!! Please people, wearing a bikini is really not a big deal. I don’t see why u need to use such terms to comment on any actress that wear a bikini.

        And linda already wore an expensive lingerie the first year with slim beauty and already wore a body hugging dress with a deep v for the 2nd year with slim beauty! This is the 3rd year she wants to try something new so choose a bikini. Please do your homework before u comment someone as a low class prostitute. The only low class person here is you for commenting that!!!

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          must be a big linda fan over here ^

        • Bing San says:

          @ s f w
          and you must be a major linda hater

        • Abby says:

          Thx so much for stand up for Linda but u don’t have to reply them..it’s really waste ur time. for people who hates Linda they are my motivation to push me to love Linda more & much more (when i saw them more hate her i told myself i must love Linda more,more than people that hate her).

      • dd says:


        >The thing about all these slimming centres is they always dress the actresses like they’re some low class prostitutes.

        This is one sweeping generalization that, if I was the one that posted it then it usually gets people like Nicole and Edison fangirls on my back, shadowing me in every thread I post in and using my articles against me and calling me fake.

        I mean, daaaaaang.

        • Karen says:

          Lol. That, is the difference between the sexes.

        • dd says:

          Sexual discrimination, that’s what it is.

        • Terminator says:


          Not everyone is created equally, especially in this forum.

        • dd says:

          I henceforth call this the “Funn card”.

          Us minority men need to stick together and stand up for our rights. The next time we get mobbed by these crazed and sociopathic women for something we post, just say “oh hey, if Funn Lim said it you wouldn’t even care!”

      • bloom says:

        agree, she’s not the sexy type, some people even though they could be wearing something conservatively they still look sexy. but, some people eventhough they could be waering a bikini example, they still dont look sexy.

      • sophia says:

        low class prostitue by wearing bikin? The bottom totally covered up. wow!!!! Its 21st century. I am not even a fan of Linda Chung. She looks hot here.

    10. P. Tan says:

      To me Linda looks very good and sexy and I feel she has indeed taken a big step forward, as far as her dressing is concerned, because in the past she had been dressing conservatively. Perhaps she c;ould try to be more adventurous in her dressing from now.

    11. yxm says:

      Not hot or sexy. Tons of people dressed like that or wearing even less at beaches. No big deal … But for an actress, she can do better than this.

    12. Tracy says:

      Linda sooo sexy!!

    13. Clementine says:

      In terms of the above images, I wouldnt say sexy is the word that pops into my mind. She has a very healthy, beautiful body no doubt! But the way she

      imo I think sexy isn’t the amount of (or lack of rather) material or clothes one wears. Hey, some females may feel that wearing less material for may sure do the work in looking sexy, but for others like Linda I think sexy isn’t there. She’s beautiful and elegant in every way, but i’d personally wouldnt see her as ‘sexy’. But in saying that, I dont think women have to be ‘sexy’ to be ideal or whatever.

      It’s great that she’s confident in the body image and hence being a little daring.

    14. Ka Yin says:

      Linda Chung looks cute and pretty

    15. UNI says:

      You don’t have to wear and promote in a bikini to exude sexiness…

    16. sushiroll says:

      I always got the impression that linda is “skinny-fat”, someone who has fast metabolism due to genetics but doesn’t do any exercise and eats s*** all the time. Definitely doesn’t persuade me to buy into whatever slimming product she’s flogging.

      • Funn Lim says:

        She;s incredibly lucky then! Don’t we all wish we have that err “skinny-fat” thing going on.

    17. kit kat says:

      I’ve been following jaynestars for a couple of years n this my first time submitting my comment. Noticed some ppl just do not have any positive comments. If an actress id pretty she’s a plastic n etc. Maybe my expectation is not as high as some ppl here. I find lots of good looking actresses being criticised either look like a man e.g linda or christine kuo as ugly. Just what observed here. Can we be less critical?

      • Philip says:

        There will always be people that are rude in this world and a lot of them come to this forum. It’s just sad how rude people are these days. I never go around putting other people down. I only read Linda’s news and skip all the other celebs I don’t like but will never put them down. It’s just work and we all have work. U would not like it if your customers come to your work everyday to put u down. Anyways Not like it will change anything. Linda haters will always hate her and be jealous of her success.

      • sophia says:

        I know. She is hot.

    18. Passerby says:

      She doesn’t carry the sexy vibe at all. And that bikini top looks heavily padded.

    19. apple says:

      Eh..Linda is already 29 years old still called herself BB should name her old BB…what is so great to call BB…he..he.

    20. hmmm..... says:

      I had a really good impression of linda when i first saw her in forensic heroes years ago, but the more i see her, the more annoying and fake she gets…

      • sushiroll says:

        i’ve gotten the feeling that she’s a backstabber. nice to your face, but ha, when you turn your back, she’s one nasty piece of scum…..

    21. Fox says:

      The pic dun look bad but unnatural. The way of posing dun look right while Linda should put some emotions on face. Maybe she is still too “jade”

    22. Gar says:

      Linda looks great IMO. I don’t understand why so many comments are being made about her being fake. To me, she comes across as being very down to earth.

    23. TVBFanatic says:

      The pic on the left is nice, more of a natural smile on Linda.

      Linda doesn’t carry off the ‘doe caught in the headlights’ look very well on the photo in the right. Really don’t understand the fascination today with that pose…

    24. sky says:

      so much Photoshop and airbrush, the pix looks so fake…

    25. daisy says:

      I seldom put in my comment, merely skim through the articles as a form of entertainment…but reading the comments this round is dissapointing so mch negative vibes, incomprehensible why so many haters. I dont love Linda but I think she looks really good in red and she has a good physique.

      • sally says:

        People are entitled to their own opinion! I’m sure theres people out there you hate for no reason!

    26. dd says:

      If you don’t like Linda Chung, then I suggest you all get used to seeing a lot more of her. She’s pretty much the third best actress under 30 right now, behind Angelababy and Elanne Kong, right at 3rd with Karena Ng.

      3-5 years later she’s going to be the leading actress in every movie you will ever see.

      • sally says:

        I don’t like Linda Chung but I won’t as you say get used to seeing her – I will change channel everytime I see her face. It’s too early to say that about her in 3-5 years time…. Celebrities like her might be popular now but as she ages and new actresses come out, she will just be put to the corner

        • dd says:

          There is NO-ONE ELSE. Don’t think that it doesn’t pain me to say that Linda Chung is one of our brightest actresses because it does.

    27. Joanne says:

      International fans seems to kinda dislike Linda alot compared to the HK audience :L I think Linda has a very healthy body, and this is exactly what she wants to promote, being healthy! And I think she is beautiful like that ~ and LOL how is being “conservative” equivalent to being “fake” ~ I spent most of my childhood in Australia, known for its beaches, and me and alot of my Asian Friends have never worn a bikini before ~ and I am also a very conservative person even though I’m brought up in a western country. Being in the industry, of course Linda is not oblivious to the dark sides of it, but like many celebrities have said about her, she keeps to herself and doesn’t involve herself in other people’s gossips ~ I believe she is a very genuine, nice and sweet person and if you don’t want to believe that, that’s fine too but is it necessary to look at her in such a bad light, that she’s “fake”?

      • TVBFanatic says:

        I’m an international fan, and Linda is one of my favourites. But I agree with everything else you say. It seems that there is a very cynical bunch that believe that if you are pretty and in the tv industry, you MUST be involved in suspect activities….

      • Kathy says:

        There isn’t a need to separate international from HK audiences. The thing is, where there is people, there will always be complaints and hatred for no particular reason.

        I find the people and some in particular on this site have psychological issues. Perhaps, it is developing and they’re still considering it to be in the “normal range” If people are living the lives they’re portraying themselves on this forum i.e. ridiculing, constantly putting down a celebrity for their ‘speculated’ actions, yes there is def. something wrong in their lives, minds or physiologically that are producing these type of behaviors. Should get it diagnosed and fixed ASAP.

      • Abby says:

        i’m a Linda oversea fan also not a chinese ppl but in my country (Cambodia) a lot of ppl who watch tvb drama Linda always one of their favorite too.my friend’s nephew she’s just 3 years old but she likes Linda so much , she wants to sing Linda’s song in her drama Witness Insecurity but i can’t teach her cuz i can’t read or even speak chinese v_v

      • Iris says:

        I used to not like Linda when she first came out, but she has grown on me since then. I agree with your comment. She looks pretty and healthy. I believe that’s because she really is pretty and healthy (physically and otherwise). But perhaps that image is too “idealistic” for some people to believe.

      • elephant says:

        What makes you think she is “very genuine, nice and sweet”? There are many people in the world who put up the same face Linda does, but in actual fact it is only an image they put up. People who are tricked into it are the real ones who are naive and remain unknown to what the real world is like out there. Those who think Linda is really the down-to-earth-nice-and- sweet-person should really try to look at more than what things appear to be like, but what they really are.

    28. Marie says:

      Hongkies or Chinese in general need to project a much healthy image to the younger generations. Linda is definitely a pretty woman, but she is borderline anorexic. Look at her arms on the second pic, it’s NOT healthy. Anyone can look like that if they have the genes, but having a toned and strong core…now that is different, peeps.

    29. sure-lee says:

      she was crowned miss chinese international in 2004, not 2003. she was crowned miss vancouver in 2003.

    30. TN1 says:

      Wow! Lovely n healthy!

    31. Jessica says:

      I will always support her as someone who came from my hometown but she really plays up that good girl image and she does it so well…

      Grace Wong needs to hire Linda Chung’s publicist.

    32. itsy biny yellow poker dot bikini says:

      Is she wear g-string, and prominently show her behind, then only I say, she’s daring.

      Otherwise, its tame.

    33. Ethan Chan says:

      At a glance, I thought it was Taylor Swift!

      Only thing, she dyed her hair black…

    34. softrice says:

      Linda Chung is the best!

    35. Abby says:

      it doesn’t look so hot or sexy but for Linda fans this is too sexy ^^
      long long time that we can see Linda dressed like that or we can say Linda rarely be sexy in shooting pics

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