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Ruco Chan Unafraid of Leakage of Bed Photos With Eunis Yiu

By on August 4, 2011

Ruco Chan Unafraid of Leakage of Bed Photos With Eunis Yiu thumbnail

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Kaki Leung (梁嘉琪) appeared at a mall promotional event. The recently popular Ruco appeared half an hour late at the event. While speaking with reporters, Ruco explained, “I was just filming with Ron Ng (吳卓羲) for ATF Counter Terrorism Unit <ATF反恐> in Sha Tin. I was not late by that much time.”

A recent tabloid magazine accused Ruco of hiding his dating relationship with Miss Asia 2008, Eunis Yiu (姚佳雯), in an attempt to save his career. Ruco said, “[The photos] were from five years ago. Fortunately, the photos were not ugly; I was good looking and fresh-faced at the time. No one will read a tabloid that reports positive news. It’s understandable. I hope the report does not affect other people. We are still friends after saying goodbye.”

Asked whether he was concerned about the leakage of bed photos, Ruco laughed, “Likely not! However, you don’t know what can happen when you fall asleep! If there were such photos, then they would have been published already. We have mutual trust in each other.”

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: So it appears that Ruco and Eunis had dated for 5 years, instead of the reported time frame of 3 years as reported by earlier tabloids. He’s facing the rumors with a sense of humor.

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  • Readers' Comments (16)

    1. Selena says:

      This means they started dating before she was crowned Miss Asia.

      • Kidd says:

        This correlate with an earlier comment by Eunis. When the first underground relationship rumour came out, reporters have asked Eunis about it. Eunis said that they have broken up but are still friends and that she already knew Ruco before she participated in Miss Asia.

    2. impmuse says:

      I really like his calm, relaxed response to reporters’ questions about his personal life. He seems very mature in his thinking.

      So far, I’m impressed by his public persona, as revealed to us through tabloid mags anyway. I really hope he doesn’t do anything dumb to ruin the good reputation/image he currently has!

    3. lara says:

      I like his response too. He doesn’t sound like he is hiding anything. All along, he has never denied going out with Eunis. His been quite open about dating her in the past. Plus in his recent interview on Fam and Kam, he admitted he was currently single and that if he was dating, he won’t deny it if he was caught out. I don’t think he and Eunis are currently going out. But Ruco seems like a nice guy, and is just simply maintaining a friendly relationship with his ex. Media don’t have any current photos or info about him so they dug up old photos from the past and make it sound like its the present.

      LOL at the crying comments. Man tears. somehow i doubt that will happen

    4. ita says:

      He is sure popular now. Lots of his news recently. His weibo account used to only have around 10000 follower now peak to sixty thousand and counting. Overall he has good package. Nice Height, Good looking, and persona.

      • Jayne says:

        Yes, Ruco’s fanbase is growing everyday. He deserves all the attention he is getting now. I hope he continues to improve in acting and give memorable performances.

        • ita says:

          Yes indeed. I remember watching his series Love in a miracle, he was quite good portraying his character. At that time often wonder why he didn’t got promoted w/ his look, acting and all. That’s good he’s harvesting now for 17 years of hard work.

        • Jayne says:

          “Yes indeed. I remember watching his series Love in a miracle, he was quite good portraying his character. At that time often wonder why he didn’t got promoted w/ his look, acting and all.”

          When you compare Ruco to other actors his age at ATV, I think he was relatively promoted. His performance in “Love in a Miracle” gained notice and opened up working opportunities in mainland China. However, Steve Ma Jingtao and Amy Chan were still the stars anchoring the series. Ruco also gained notice in “My Date with a Vampire 3,” although there were still bigger names to the cast such as Eric Wan and Mark Cheng.

          Due to ATV’s status as the weaker Hong Kong station, the company’s strategy was to bring in bigger stars from outside the company (either ex TVB actors or stars from the film industry) to headline their series. It is understandable because this strategy attracts greater media and audience interest in those grand production series.

          I think ATV was a good training ground, both acting wise and for his character, as Ruco noted in his earlier interview. However, their ratings were not high enough to establish wider recognition among Hong Kong audiences.

          I think Ruco returned to TVB at just the right time. Had he returned to TVB in 2002, the male lead environment was too crowded. He may have been relegated to filming supporting roles for a long time. Now, after honing his acting skills more, he has a greater chance of success at TVB and audience acknowledgement for his acting skills, rather than dismissing him as just another good-looking face.

          In the end, life experiences are all inter-connected. From first glance, it may sound as if he was running around in circles for 17 years. Perhaps he didn’t make enough money and did not achieve enough recognition earlier, but he did make the most of his 17 years, improved his acting, and trained his character to survive rapidly changing environment and hostile circumstances at some point.

          The most important thing is how he channels his current life and future. :) Possessing the right attitude and vision, while actively working towards such goals, is already a feat in itself. However, life is a “work-in-progress” and when you reach a certain “peak,” you should strive forward to continue to climb another mountain.

    5. le says:

      I love the theme song that he sang with Amy Chan in Love in a Miracle.

    6. Veejay says:

      Ruco says “we’ve mutual trust” therefore, bed photos leaking is unlikely to happen.

      From there, it tells how careless Raymond L handled all his loves affair, if he had chosen the right kind of girl with decent background.. all those bed photos wouldn’t had exposed!. You know the type of girls you bring home describe what kind of person you are!

      Indeed Ruco has a pleasant past so far if we refer to all his recent interviews/news. Atleast, Eunis didn’t come back and claimed for media attention after Ruco’s popularity rise right?

      • lara says:

        I completely agree with that. Really boils down to the type of girl you chose in the first place.

        • impmuse says:

          Agree with both Veejay and Lara!

          The comparison with Raymond was bound to happen. I did it too, and was reminded of their differences in character/integrity, partly reflected in their choice of girlfriends.

          Of course, we are not privy to their true selves (what they are really like in private) and we all make judgements based on our subjective assessments of what we read of them. Ruco just seems, at least to me, to be a more sensible man and more emotionally together than Raymond, and less likely to shed tears in public over romantic blunders!

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