What Type of Lover is Ruco Chan?

Above: Eunis Yiu was Ruco Chan’s last official ex-girlfriend before he dated Phoebe Sin.

Since dating Phoebe Sin (單文柔) for nearly two years, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) only had eyes for the former Miss Hong Kong 2016 participant. He even deleted connections with female artistes and personal friends to avoid any unnecessary media gossip. Looking back at Ruco’s rumors over the last ten years, most of them were unproven and likely fabricated by the media, as Ruco was quite selective in his dating choices.

Likely to generate buzz for the dramas they starred in, Ruco was linked with Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), and Nancy Wu (胡定欣). While filming Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>, Ankie Belkie (貝安琪) admitted that she went out on a dinner date with Ruco, but it was speculated that her lifestyle was too wild for the conservative actor.

Eunis Yiu Was Only Publicly Acknowledged Ex

The only actress Ruco openly admitted to dating was Miss Asia 2008 winner, Eunis Yiu (姚嘉雯). The couple met at ATV and their relationship ended after Ruco signed with TVB. Ruco was still building his career and placed more focus on work rather than his love life.

Talking about the main reason behind the split, Ruco expressed, “I really didn’t have time. Back then, I really placed all my focus on work. The filming hours were long and I never had my phone on during work. It honestly seems like I’ve gone missing for hours. I didn’t have a car either, so it was very hard to spend time with her. There was pretty much zero time for us to see each other. I understand that women are more worried about their future happiness and would lack a sense of security in this case. There were just too many little problems that turned up.”

The reasons why Ruco broke up with Eunis clearly show what type of lover he is. With a strong sense of responsibility, Ruco is the type of man who feels obligated to take care of his girlfriend. Since he had no free time to be a responsible boyfriend, Ruco did not want to “waste” Eunis time and felt she would find more happiness with someone who can take better care of her instead.

A Traditional Man with Strong Family Views

Possessing a rather traditional view on dating, Ruco is someone who has strong opinions, is career-driven, and highly protective of his significant other. Usually, a traditional man such as Ruco prefers to act as the breadwinner of the family while the woman tended to family matters at home. Talking about Phoebe, Ruco said she has become his personal stylist and the woman who supports him from behind the scenes.

Known as a filial son, Ruco maintains an excellent and close relationship with his mother, and the two are often seen going on vacation together. Placing much importance on the idea of family, Ruco is glad Phoebe shares the same ideals, “She is really family oriented–she treats family and seniors very well. I believe that this quality alone is attractive enough to anyone.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Phoebe really looks like a young Sammi Cheng in her 20s!

    Ruco has always been a very serious and responsible person. He takes care of seniors, such as Nina Paw, on set. He’s also responsible to his fans; I remember he said in an older interview that he felt if his career didn’t take off, he would have disappointed fans who had supported him for over 10 years.

    Perhaps due to Ruco’s traditional views, he preferred to date a younger actress such as Phoebe, who has simpler views and less experience in the entertainment industry. Getting married for Phoebe at this stage likely meant she is willing to put her career on hold and place marriage and family as a priority.

    Always felt Ruco acts a lot older than his age. Even after dating Phoebe, he still looks worried and too serious in interviews. He definitely acts like the caretaker in the relationship.

  2. It’s weird but…I think the two ladies kinda look alike? Not trying to go into the stereotype, but if you look at their features individually and compare them against one another, they look dang similar!

    1. @coralie you are right about his current and ex girlfriend. They could act as sisters in a movie or drama. Maybe Ruco has a type, but his girlfriends are beautiful, he has good taste in choosing women. I can’t understand why netizens put Ruco down. He is a rather good looking man, even handsome, I’d say. In one photo, the angle was bad, and all I heard was how unclely Ruco looks. Actually, he looks younger than 41 yrs old.

  3. Ruco is so introverted that I am impressed he went all out like that to propose to Phoebe in a grand, romantic manner. It really must be love. Since the Andy Lau situation, the idols atr not really hiding their marriages anymore. I wonder when a certain pretty boy is going to follow in his buddy’s footsteps and announce hid marriage and stop telling the world ” I don’t have a girlfriend right now” I even heard they adopted a baby as it is impossible for his wife to become pregnant.
    If idols had started this trend of admitting their other half many years ago, there won’t be so many obsessed nutters.

    1. @kmfayb hey you sound very familiar with all that supposed insider info of the many celebs you know about which you can’t reveal the names. Didn’t you previously post as bubbles or bubbletea (I forgot which name)?

      1. @jimmyszeto I know right lol! You can change names but you can’t change your writing style especially those parts about certain celebs’ secrets that he/she claims to know lol.

    1. @janet72 Right about that, not many asians in England, as opposed to Australia and New Zealand. Maybe that is why Ruco let his hair down about his proposal. He really is very introverted. Reminds me of Tony Leung. Actually both Tonys are quiet and low key away from the screen. The powerful po po are going to put me whete FBB is. While they are arresting me, I’ll shout out, KMFAYB.

  4. I should call up Foxx and ask if he saw Ruco in England. Then again, he hates Ruco as he makes it very plain.

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