Tavia Yeung and Moses Chan Meet With Fans in Taiwan

By on July 16, 2010 in NEWS, TV Dramas


Tavia Yeung Yi and Moses Chan Ho promoted Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計> in Taiwan . Some fans even flew from Singapore to Taiwan in order to see Tavia. In February 2010, Tavia had also visited Taiwan and experienced the earthquake firsthand.

Moses bought fifty pounds of coffee beans in Taiwan to bring home. Moses has a habit to make coffee for his co-stars during the filming of a series. Tavia said, “During the filming of Beyond the Realm of Conscience, he made coffee everyday for the cast and crew. I did not want to turn down his offer, so I drank a little bit of coffee, which caused my insomnia that night. From then onwards, I asked him whether he was ‘chased by a ghost’ and lost sleep at night.”

Source: Appledaily

Jayne: The broadcast of Beyond the Realm of Conscience in Taiwan should bring a new wave of fans for Tavia.

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