Nancy Wu in Hot Scenes with Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui in “The Ultimate Addiction”

Nancy Wu (胡定欣) made jaws drop at the 2014 FILMART exhibition on March 24. The modest actress was seen seducing Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) while wearing only a bra during the promotional trailer for her new drama The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手> (formerly known as Midas).

Although Nancy has portrayed several sultry characters in the past, such as beautiful fox spirits or greedy mistresses, she has rarely shown her bare skin onscreen. As her popularity rises, her roles and her public image become healthier and more positive. In recent years, she is often seen playing intelligent, strong, and righteous female characters.

Even though she still portrays a smart and independent career woman in her new series, Nancy is shedding her more conservative image this time around. The Ultimate Addiction has garnered major interest due to its strong cast and promises of “heavy flavor” scenes. Bosco and Nancy are paired together as a married couple. Working as an executive of a finance company, Nancy had a hand in nurturing her husband’s talent and groomed him into his eventual success. The two initially share a very loving relationship. The promotional trailer shows an intimate scene where Nancy sexily straddles Bosco in a chair while slipping off her lingerie, leaving only a black bra as her top.

The couple’s marriage is later threatened by the appearance of Kate Tsui (徐子珊), a former cop who gets close to Bosco in order to investigate and exact vengeance on her father’s death. As a part of her plans, Kate pretends to be a lesbian in order to win over Nancy’s trust. To test her true sexual orientation, Nancy traps Kate against a wall and forcefully kisses her on the lips, leaving Kate stunned and wide-eyed. Kate also shows off her sexiness in the new series. A different scene shows her removing her clothes while facing Nancy, baring her back in front of cameras.

The extreme scenes generated a lot of noise at yesterday’s exhibition, and made The Ultimate Addiction one of the main highlights during TVB’s presentation. Although there is yet a confirmed broadcast date, the series will likely air sometime this year.

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. Will complaints later on that it’s not family-friendly.

  1. Heavy flavours will never go away. TVB is no longer family friendly.

  2. Is this allowed to air??? Probably 9:30 pm time slot!! Going to get lots of complains for sure when it airs

    1. What i don’t understand is, theyknow they get alot of complaints. What is the point of airing something like this?

      I think this pushing the envelope business is just too much. I mean, what are they trying to prove? Are they trying to cash in on the male demographic while abandoning the female housewife (well I shouldn’t say that, I’m not one but even I don’t want to see this)

  3. looking forward to it! i’m pretty sure TVB gonna cut those scenes anyway.

  4. I am very sure these scenes will either be censored or cut short or just very very short scene. This is no doubt to grab some needed publicity but in the context of the series itself, I will bet it is all smoke and nothing else.

    1. All about sexiness. Meanwhile the plot sounds confusing.

    2. I agree, it’s probably going to end up like Fala and Chilam’s sex scene in TITS 2 . So much publicity about their scenes, but most of it was edited out. What eventually aired was clumsy and tame. Unintentionally funny, and not sexy.

      TVB is so desperate for ratings, teasing viewers with sex scenes as a gimmick. That’s TVB of the 2000s for you.

    3. “So much publicity about their scenes, but most of it was edited out. What eventually aired was clumsy and tame. Unintentionally funny, and not sexy.”

      Because Fala Chen can’t act.

      Ankie Beilke and Ruco Chan’s steamy scene was not edited out. Why? Because it was good.

    4. Like that drama from Professor Jonathan Chik. I’ve forgotten the name of the drama, though.

    5. Whatever MA LAK LO like me will be looking forward for this drama

  5. OMG are they serious nancy and kate are lesbains
    in that tv film wow i can’t believe that they would do that
    such a OMG

  6. Should be bi since she is also married to Bosco’s character.

  7. no one got a screencapture card or something? did you need to take a picture of a tv just to show a screencap?

  8. They did say so far in their career, the most daring scenes are filmed for this series.

    I’m really looking forward to this one, a bunch of talented artistes like Bosco, Nancy, Kate, Elena, Ben, and Sharon. It should be interesting. Heard Sharon’s character will turn villainous as well. Well half of the cast are.

    1. Series revolve around corruption, greed, scandals and murder.

  9. I feel fortunate and grateful that I’m not a scriptwriter. Giving the audience new ideas would be criticized by them for changing the usual ideas. On the contrary, giving them the repeatedly used again and over again ideas would be criticized for lacking creativity. I feel really fortunate and grateful that I’m one of those who don’t watch much TV and movies as well as one of those who would go and watch online instead if I would like to do so.

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