[TV Commentary] “Eye in the Sky” Episodes 18 and 19

Eye in the Sky <天眼>
TVB Drama 2015

Executive Producer: Catherine Tsang
Genre: Crime Thriller
Number of Episodes: 20

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Vivien Yeo

The following is not a recap but a commentary on the particular episode in the title. Major spoilers and Ruco Chan-love alert. Originally posted at www.point2e.com.

EPISODES 18 and 19

eyecandyEyecandy pic of the day. Whoever did this is a genius. Never knew they had same face until now.

Except for the waste of space that is Tavia’s father and the unimaginably annoying woman that is Shallow Jan, wow this episode is what Eye In The Sky should have been! That annoying woman; how many ways can Kevin tell her to really get lost? Now he saying “I don’t want your presence to aggravate him!” and Samantha and Tavia dare to wonder why men do everything for their “brothers”.

But in light of the fact I saw ep 19, I can’t pity him much. Yes in ep 18 Kevin in trying to protect Ruco did the opposite of his principle; he did not arrest Ruco. When Ruco came running out after a fierce gunfight with the blind man, he got into Kevin’s car and got into one epic fight which ended with Kevin giving Ruco the “The Amazing Scissors Leg” style which any fan of Stephen Chow will know what I mean. It wasn’t funny. Ruco fought hard but it was Tavia who helped to get his hands into a handcuff, thus sealing his hatred for her. They looked him up, Kevin saying this is to stop him from committing more crimes (no specifics, just crimes although murder will be an intended crime) and Tavia agreed which made Ruco shout “Shut up bitch! You think he loves you? Nooooo I love you. He is only using you because he is jealous of me since I got you first! He is only using you!” which she didn’t believe and left as Ruco is chained to the wall, hands and legs. Ruco shouted “If I can’t have you, no one can!! You will see! I will get you someday! You hear me?! I WILL GET YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS!!!”

Kevin then went to see Tony to ask him for help, to save Ruco’s soul and Tony wanted to prove to Samantha that he is a changed man decided to help. But first they went to see Ruco who by now looked mighty desperate and he sneered “I am your brother!! Not him!! I have always helped you, no questions asked. But now you betrayed me again and again and again” which prompted Tony to cry, go down on his knees and beg “Gala, I beg you, stop being so stubborn. Stop thinking so negatively. We are all trying to help you, I am your best friend in life, I am trying to save you” and Ruco sneered “You… are… no.. long… a ….friend…of…mine!” and Tony left distressed but determined to help.

He became a bait. Kevin used Ruco’s phone to call the blind man to scare him and blind man kidnapped Tony and beat him up badly and used him as bait to lure Ruco except he lured Kevin who knew exactly where Tony was being kept (P/s being a cop again meant he could easily force his way in) to the blind man’s shock. But the vault is empty until Kevin shot the seemingly empty space and it was actually a mirror and everything is there, including Tony but blind man tried to run. Long story short, Kevin caught him, didn’t kill him and became a hero.

Meanwhile Ruco woke up and found himself on a boat and a few hours away from reaching Vietnam and he screamed “SZETO SHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. My question is did he kill the boatman?

Kevin felt weird and then had huge headache and then he found out why. Ruco jumped into the sea and escaped. Kevin looked worried.

And I imagined evil eye Ruco swimming to HK and smirking I WILL GET YOU!!!!

And there I was thinking what a way to save someone; by chaining them to wall and throw them out of the country! Kevin and Tony sincerely thought if they can get Kong Wui Hoi the bad blind man first, the object of Ruco’s hatred, they can save his soul from a crime (like murder). Hey if someone wants to kill Hitler, I will say why not eh? Of course this is a moral story so Ruco can’t be allowed to do that. I get the sacrifice of Kevin who when Tony said he will never betray his brother, retorted “You’re his blood brother or am I? You think I want to hurt him? HE IS MY BROTHER!!”. Tavia and gang of course lamented what is it with men and saving their brothers, the burden of their lives. Well Tavia and friends, this episode can be titled “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”.

Oh and a stupid subplot about Tavia’s dad which I am not bothered with.

Ep 18 heightened the tension and was in most part sort of masterful in that. The desperation of Kevin well done, especially as he got the credit for being a great cop for arresting the blind man a famous thief, sort of like a hero, he felt guilty. He remembered his vow when he became a cop and in trying to save Ruco, he sacrificed his most valuable asset; his principle. Earlier he was even prepared to sacrifice his career and wanted to resign but no chance.

Acting was mostly wonderful but you get that feeling any more drama is expected of Kevin, he will not make the cut.

Ep 19 explains that quite well and worse, ep 19 undone everything masterful in ep 18 and the story is going from WTH to WTF.

For most of ep 19 we have 3 story arc;

1. Tony and Samantha’s happy ending and impending wedding. Not much to tell except because of the ending, for sure the wedding won’t go on

2. Shallow Jan becomes so shallow she is basically a dry well. Standing before her or rather walking aimlessly before her was Kevin looking like he over exercised, took drugs, never slept and haunted by the spirits ALL AT THE SAME TIME and all she can see is how to hold his hands, ask him to movies, how to confess her love and get him to love her back, and of course did notice something was very wrong when he started saying he saw Ruco everywhere and pushed her and shouted at her. Basically 360 degrees turn in character and only then she suggested he goes to the hospital and when he refused and told her to get lost, what did she do? She actually left!! Then later at night said her worried to Samantha and Samantha says love means you gotta be thick skinned… sorry I meant brave and she vowed no matter what she will wait for him to wake up! What about like dragging him to a doctor when you know that’s not how he normally behaves. See? Head in the clouds, absolutely shallow Jan. I don’t even care what happened to her in the end because to me this episode failed because it is not done enough.

3. Ruco coming back apologising profusely, saying as he drifted in the sea and thought about things, he realised they all love him and he was wrong and begged for forgiveness, Tony naturally believed him. Tavia believed him even more when he gave his blessing to her and Kevin. Kevin? Not one bit. He said he had telepathy link with Ruco and he can feel his rage which was increasing. He had weird dreams, like Ruco with knife and stabbing motion and in the end he had insomnia, clouding his judgment. No one believed him, more so when Ruco cried before the place Law Lan died and his parents were told the truth and forgiven him. Kevin was paranoid, feeling Ruco was watching him. Both were forced to see a doctor for being insomniac together and Ruco took Kevin’s pill to reassure him. Kevin took the sleeping pills. But Ruco vomited his and frankly we all know he was faking his goodness especially when he cried for forgiveness from Hor Yee Ku. Anyway as Kevin slept, Tavia was in a hotel waiting for tomorrows wedding and in bed when quite scarily someone dressed like Kevin appeared, face covered, grabbed Tavia’s neck and plunge a knife into her stomach!!!

No don’t worry, she didn’t die. But she should have and this is where this series defies explanation.

For a man with so much rage, he was rather lenient on Tavia. Any murderous angry jealous jerk would have repeatedly stab her. Criminal Minds will show him raping her, personally or otherwise to give it a sexual angle. TVB? 1 stab. So hate her but stabbed her just once. I’d rather see a frenzy violent attack on Tavia because that makes perfect sense with Ruco’s state of mind then.

Anyway Kevin was accused of attempted murder and immediately Kevin punched Ruco, saying he knew it was Ruco who did it. Ruco cried “We are twins, so we share same DNA but your fingerprints were there, not mine!”


Anyway police (not Madam Chik) interrogate him with glee and basically all evidence point to him but seriously, the motive? If the police had stopped believing the eye in the sky 100% and investigated properly, Kevin wouldn’t have gone through 2 major criminal charges; one arson, two attempted murder or something.

As for Ruco, he injected himself with something to make himself stay awake. He knows his telepathic link with Kevin means Kevin will suffer from what he is suffering. He made Kevin lose his sense. My question is how come it is only Kevin feeling Ruco and not the other way around?

Throughout the drama, all I can think of is how beautiful Ruco’s blue shirt was. Best fashion in this series goes to whoever clothed Ruco. That blue shirt was an amazing addition.

Acting wise, almost flawless although Ruco was obviously pretending, Tavia is wasted and Kevin…. such bad acting. He looks more like a drug addict than a guy who swam back from Vietnam and almost drowned! The paranoia part of his story for me batardised his character and steers this story into “Any plot device also can as long as it is nice” territory. I didn’t know what I was watching. It felt like Eye In The Sky never had an identity and never bothered to find one. And Kevin’s wide eyed frowning lip biting pouting and eye opened as bit as you can in school of dramatic acting is just silly.

Tavia should have died a violent meaningless death. That would explain Ruco’s rage, his descend into non-redemption (a one way ticket straight to hell) and subsequent Kevin’s actions and how desperate it all seems. Since she won’t die, she will probably wake up wanting to be with Kevin who will reject her because of guilt. No happy ending I hope. When she didn’t, I feel this series’ gone soft.

One more episode till the end. I have already gotten ready with my recommendation for this series.

Anyway let’s wait for the last episode.

By the way if TVB remakes My Love From Another Star or the Doo Min Joon/Cheon Seong Yi show, I recommend Ruco become the sociopath chaebol brother;



Narrower eyes and best suits and Ruco is game to go!!

How Kevin knew where Tony was and how to get into the vault?

He planted (surgically) and rather large camera lense into somewhere in Tony’s head. Can’t be forehead, can see it obviously, I didn’t see eyelids and all so I am not sure where. Should have been a contact lense.

However did Ruco manage to swim back to HK?
He held on to some dinghy whatever and floated for days, almost drowned. That was his version. We won’t ever know.

Why did Kevin throw Ruco to Vietnam?
Seriously no idea. I suppose to get him as far away as possible from HK.

Does Ruco feel the link with Kevin?
So far all indications point to NO.

How did Ruco get into Tavia’s room in the hotel?
A bit of creative writing considering HK building and the height. A better question is how come he got shot in Y Suite Hotel and he still manages to run out unnoticed.

Has Tavia ever loved Ruco?
THAT scene was repeated a few times when she thought Ruco was Kevin and now in place of that scene, you get the repeated “Kevin being asked to go for movies with Tavia scene”. Hotness level like down a lot!

Why do they all think catching Kong Wui Hoi will help Ruco?
Because they thought by taking out the object of his hatred, he would be calmer, happier. Truth is Ruco is someone who knows how to keep and nurture a grudge so they’re all doomed to fail.

What happened to that diamond necklace?
Confiscated by police and forever lost in the department called “Writers forgot”.

Who on earth is Kong Wui Hoi?
International thief of some unknown syndicate. Why not name it Scaredy Bird (like in Ruse Of Engagement)?!

What happened to Kong Wui Hoi?
Had a heart attack in court and died. Ruco did not smile since his target of hatred has changed.


This commentary is written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com and was originally posted at www.point2e.com.

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  1. I don’t like Tavia’s role…This series will be more interesting without the love triangle and focus on the twin brothers conflict. I am watching it for Ruco otherwise will have given up already.

    1. Without the love triangle Ruco would not have turn out like this, losing Tavia was the final straw of his sanity. Plus it didn’t really concentrate on the love triangle it concentrated more on the brother conflict.
      I’m totally watching this show because of Kevin. His acting is amazing here

      1. losing Tavia was not final straw. He was functioning well. It was prevented from killing kong wui hoi the final straw.

      2. Wait! Final straw was being shipped off forcibly to Vietnam. That wasnt necessary so I get why he got pissed off.

    2. Same here. Watch this solely for Ruco. Although the script is… but Ruco has a good wardrobe, those T-shirt, security guard suit…. really handsome with or with glasses and even when he got mad. His performance is really fantastic.

      1. I agree about Ruco’s excellent wardrobe! Except that one time when he and Kevin wore the same neon yellow workout clothes. I think Kevin wore it better that time 😉

    3. Agree. The series would be better if it focus on the brotherhood rival and not the stupid triangle. Tavia here is painful to watch. She and her father are waste of screentime.

      Ruco is excellent and the show grabber and he’s so sexy, Kevin has definitely improved but you can always see that Kevin is Kevin, his acting has always been somewhat limited and flawed, but in here he looks good.

      EITS is still the best series so far and Ruco the best actor so far but the series could’ve been much better if they reduced Tavia and her fathe’s part! I agree – waste of space!

    4. It’s not Tavia’s role, its her acting. She’s almost the same in every single role. She has no breakthrough and her limited acting is not helping.

      1. Hey!don’t puts all the blame on Tavia.majority of ppl in this website already hates tavia for years.The comments every year is the same no matter what tavia does. It is absurd to say that tavia or other minor actress/actor dont have to be inside the show. Don’t you know every show need a female lead actress? Oh well this just show how ignorant and one sided you guys are. Just use your common sense and think. Im pretty sure if there’s no main actor lead acting with linda, nobody would Even watch it. They need a vary good female partner in order to generate that”chemistry” feel…they had that in Tavia.i can’t think of anyone able to do so except maybe Charmaine, imagine linda,Kate in that role.Think we stopped watching after one episode.I love the chemistry between Ruco,Tavia,Kevin specially Tavia,I’m watching this show because of Tavia.really like tavia acting all these year.she has been acted so professionally in so many different and difficult roles. Also, she’s so professional that she always change her hairstyle according to the role that is given to her. She did a wonderful job on her character. She is a versatile actress.

      2. I started off thinking Jan’s cute. Then she became super annoying when she kept forcing Szeto to confess to loving her when he practically told her to back off as he didn’t want his brother to hate him. So thick skinned and annoying!!! And those hiccups stopped being cute and enduring and became annoying and irritating when she kept on getting it. And I think she should fix her nose bridge even higher so that she need not keep pushing those darn specs up her nose.

  2. When I watch it, I only don’t like Tavia and her father coming out all the time.. this drama mainly focus on twins brothers NOT Tavia and her father.. it is a waste of time watching it…

    1. Tavia’s dad’s story arc and too much lovey dovey scenes of Tony-samantha were a waste of time and eyeballs.

  3. I got annoying watching Tavia and her father scene too… sigh.. what Can I do.. ??

  4. Story of that private detective agency and the main actress are very boring and have nothing to do with the main story of two brothers. Although the script is not good, I enjoy watching Ruco’s performance with superb acting. I watched every episode except the 1st . Miss Ruco after this evening and wait for the release of Captain of Destiny.

    1. I’m so sad. COD most probably only comeout in Oct/Nov and we have no Ruco in the mean time! Besides that Ruco also has no other series after COD :(. TVB should give him a good production and great character to play. This time let Ruco be the cool and shy type! Or make the sequel of TOT2. I love Keith!

      1. I heard from Ruco’s fans that he was originally cast in a movie (co-star with Francis Ng Chun Yu) but had to reject the offer because of COD and bald head. This is not the first time TBB turned down movie offers for him.

      2. Alice,
        That’s disappointing to hear that Ruco couldn’t star in a movie opposite Francis. Couldn’t Ruco have worn a wig or gone bald in the movie?

        I think it may be more of a timing issue, Ruco was in Hengdian filming COD for several weeks.

    2. The ending is super sucky!!!!! So unfair to Lik!!!

      1. Fair to Lik but unfair to viewers by giving a cookie cutter ending that is not even romantic. When she hiccuped again I rolled my eyes. That is considered cute?

      2. Don’t understand why you say it’s fair to Lik. His downward spiral was triggered off by her rejection of him. In the end, he lost everything and his brother got her nonetheless and you say it’s fair to Lik? Pls enlighten me. I’d rather they left it open for Jan and Szeto to start a romance (cos they never dated anyway) instead of wham bam holding hands not long after Lik died! It just feels in bad taste and so insensitive!

      3. “Pls enlighten me. ”

        Not saying this series is well written but there is some moral to the story; never dwell in the past. Lik dwells so much in the past he buries himself in self pity and hatred and in some ways the drugs heightened that side of him. So the ending was fair to him; he died, thereby end his misery and his brother didn’t explain why or rather how he died, leaving his parents, his best friend and even his ex gf feeling that he had changed, he died a hero’s death and his memory is redeemed. Which is why Szeto had no problems dating Jan in the end; that guilt is gone, he has repaid Lik’s misery by this lie. whatever is the barrier is no longer there. We really don’t know how long before he held his hands but since he went away for a course and came back, you can assume under a year. Remember his best friend whom he risked his life saving again and again? Never see him crying at the grave. I feel Lung owes Lik more than Szeto did.

        That’s why I said it was a fair ending for Lik. As for Jan, absolutely hate her. And I never feel Szeto did less with her than Lik but love is love even if one is shallow in the perception of love.

      4. Maybe Kevin didn’t depict that conflicted side of Szeto well. I felt Kevin couldn’t match that intensity in the end and he always felt pretentious. For a while I thought he killed Ruco’s Lik! The lip biting or rather lip sucking didn’t help. A more intense actor would have made the point of guilt-redemption whatever very well.

      5. The title “Eye in the Sky” captures the key message of the entire series very well. Namely, that “人在做,天在看”.

        Basically, it’s the “good vs evil” theme. The “good” brother (played by Kevin Cheng) “protected” his “evil” brother (played by Ruco Chan) all along to the very end, which leaves him a clear conscience to date his love interest in the end.

  5. Although Ruco is the villain, but his acting is so good. Do you think he will die in ep 20?

  6. Rico needs to go back to school for training!!!! horrible acting and horsey look !!!! Wander why they give role to him !!!

    1. Ruco acting is GREAT because you hate him being Evil right?? he will turn back to good person in the ending part and die at the end.. please respect Ruco as an evil..

      1. it’s not easy to act as a bad guy…if audience hates his character, it means the actor has done a great job.

      2. This commentary & comments are so full of paradoxes…praising Ruco’s acting & criticising Tavia’s, and not much praise for Kevin. If we hate Ruco bcos his acting is good, similarly Tavia’s acting is good. So plain Jan is she that many thinks she’s kelefe & not worth for the bros to fight over. Kudos Tavia, you played Jan so plainly & succeeded! Bcos Ruco’s acting is so good, he convinced Jan to believe that he’d turned a new leaf. So Jan wasn’t worried & couldn’t understand what Kevin was so paranoid about…thus, she just focused on moving their relationship to the next level, Nik gave them his blessings right? So Ruco acted great & convincingly, but when Tavia acted Jan as a follow up to that segment, she got criticised as not understanding Szeto. And when she was told to leave, she left & was again criticised, but on the other hand she was said to be pushy…so to leave was,stupid, but to stay she would hv been again pushy…wow, great analysis. These comments don’t hold water, glaringly reflects Ruco-biasness, and just anti Tavia. Then again, who could hv been a better actress to match with Kevin-Ruco, one who would not put the audience off with Jan’s role? No other actress, but Tavia. TVB has to specially get Tavia to help with many actors’ comebacks eg. with Steven Ma in SIAC, now Kevin & later Chin Siu Ho in Wudang Worship. All these actors hv been away 2-3 yrs of more…and it’s Tavia great acting skills that’s required to compliment the actors. TVB has given her such an honour & recognition. Often it’s at Tavia’s expense. She gets sidelined, to promote the actors, yet her name and,skills are required to strengthen the crew. And Tavia does her best still, without fail, everything. She’s the best in acting, and in attitude & delivery. All her fans appreciate that. Great ending with Szeto 🙂

      3. @says me,
        Totally agree regarding Tavia!!

        Tavia is the best. <333

      4. Tavia is supposed to be naive and innocent. So what’s wrong if she only thinks way in a simpler manner? She is in love with Kevin and of course she hopes he’d feel the same for her. I know Ruco acts well but so do Tavia and Kevin. Kevin’s tears in the incident where Tavia scolded him was so real, he got red eyes and tears were brimming his eyes. Instead, Tavia’s cry was kinda fake. Anyway, even if you like Ruco so much (am referring to Funn), it doesn’t mean others are not doing so well. Overall, I love the ending and all the actors. GREAT JOB!

      5. Yes sooo much agree with says me comment on Tavia. I find her totally match with Kevin and Ruco. She’s one of TVB best actresses!!

      1. hee hee, so Oscar Wong was watching the wrong guy, no wonder!

  7. I think the plot for Ep19 would’ve been a lot better if they had actually set it up. Right now it just seems too random. They could’ve shown more progression of Kevin’s moral dilemma from finding out his brother is the arsonist, used to be a thief, might commit a crime, to him actually committing a crime. And if they had shown less of Ruco’s obvious hatred beforehand, we might actually have to wonder if Ruco is the killer or if Kevin is going crazy.

  8. I heard next year.. It has 8 produce film.. so Ruco is not filming drama this year because next year it has 8 films…
    We will wait for good new of Ruco to grow back his hair.. hahaha

    1. huigo…what you mean by 8 produce film? Do you mean Ruco has 8 films to act in..

      1. no… next year has 8 dramas airing..
        Mose Chan, Tavia Yeung, Kevin Cheng, Edwin Siu, others…

        only this year Ruco caption of disney will air in Oct or Nov..

      2. Caption of Disney? Is it a musical with singing Ruco and a company of mice? I will watch that!!

  9. any kevin cheng shows this year, other than vampire?

  10. Actually, the person who stabbed Tavia is not Ruco, it’s Jonathan lol…

  11. This commentary & comments are so full of paradoxes…praising Ruco’s acting & criticising Tavia’s, and not much praise for Kevin. If we hate Ruco bcos his acting is good, similarly Tavia’s acting is good. So plain Jan is she that many thinks she’s kelefe & not worth for the bros to fight over. Kudos Tavia, you played Jan so plainly & succeeded! Bcos Ruco’s acting is so good, he convinced Jan to believe that he’d turned a new leaf. So Jan wasn’t worried & couldn’t understand what Kevin was so paranoid about…thus, she just focused on moving their relationship to the next level, Nik gave them his blessings right? So Ruco acted great & convincingly, but when Tavia acted Jan as a follow up to that segment, she got criticised as not understanding Szeto. And when she was told to leave, she left & was again criticised, but on the other hand she was said to be pushy…so to leave was,stupid, but to stay she would hv been again pushy…wow, great analysis. These comments don’t hold water, glaringly reflects Ruco-biasness, and just anti Tavia. Then again, who could hv been a better actress to match with Kevin-Ruco, one who would not put the audience off with Jan’s role? No other actress, but Tavia. TVB has to specially get Tavia to help with many actors’ comebacks eg. with Steven Ma in SIAC, now Kevin & later Chin Siu Ho in Wudang Worship. All these actors hv been away 2-3 yrs of more…and it’s Tavia great acting skills that’s required to compliment the actors. TVB has given her such an honour & recognition. Often it’s at Tavia’s expense. She gets sidelined, to promote the actors, yet her name and,skills are required to strengthen the crew. And Tavia does her best still, without fail, everything. She’s the best in acting, and in attitude & delivery. All her fans appreciate that. Great ending with Szeto 

    1. Says me says .. I’m agree with your comment . Thank you very much for all your comment about Tavia . I’m not a fan of her but I said what I knew about her carrier since she start her first roll at TVB.

    2. I praise it as such you say paradox which really i don’t get how it can be used in your sentence. You say it and it is a fair comment. So in summary, yes

      I love Ruco in here, as man and as performance
      Not much praise for Kevin because as the series went along and became more dramatic, his weakness as an actor is revealed with his shifty eyes and manic killer look. He was simply OTT
      Tavia, criticised as Jan, not as an actress and yes I absolutely detest Jan, and the ending is insipid only because this series never started out towards that end. In fact this series’ concept was great but the rewriting and the end product is quite simply does not match the brand.

      Yes Tavia is a wonderful actress but she has her limitations. First her face. Admit it, she’s pretty but that is as much as anyone can say. There are some roles she is not meant to do. She may be rather famous but is she able to carry a series on her own? No. That to me is her limitation.

      As for her ending with Szeto, as in Jan and Szeto, it was rushed and it was lazy and infuriating but looking at the other end, since one bro tried to murder the other, the other bro owes nothing to the dead bro but I could have had less of that preachy preaching at the grave.

      1. Who, pray tell, can carry a series alone? In many interviews, Tavia always give credits to the cast, and crew. It takes a team to make a good drama. Each actor & actress skillfully complimenting one another. Without Mavis, Keith is not complete. Without Yu Zhai, YKT won’t shine. Without BB, KY may not come back. No Sei Tai Tai, SSSS not as entertaining. Tavia had many heavy roles & shined. In AGWTC2, she easily brushed aside VY. Hon Sun pales in comparison to that role. I can go on. .but won’t cos this forum is abt EITS…just one more point…Tavia is still the only actress who has tvb’s grand slam, the acknowledgement given to her for being the only one who has won all 4 of tvb’s awards, excluding most popular tvb actress in mainland. You don’t acknowledge her, but fact is, thousands upon thousands in HK & overseas do..in the recent Filmart, Chin Siu Ho publicly praised Tavia for doing such a good job where his scenes with her usually completes in Take One or two. And these praises coming fr Chin, a veteran & respected actor holds water. Similarly, Damien Lau & even Chow Yun Fat supported Tavia for BA & she won, solely on fans voting, no tvb politics…cheers cheers Tavia!!! Add oil & give us more superb acting 🙂 can’t wait for your next drama

    3. Says me. I strongly agree with what you said. Your comments are all very constructive and not bias at all. We all can see using our eyes throughout the years, how hard tavia has worked and her achievements. Happy that the ending for this drama is good – tavia together with Kevin. Thank you very much !

    4. This website is full of Ruco’s fan, and literally anti-everyone else lol. I didn’t think much of Ruco’s acting. He acts fine, but I don’t feel convinced in his hatre, sure he does bad things because of his hatre, but it just don’t feel strong. I like Kevin, and I think he delivered the correct emotions, and I like jan, too. She’s a cookie cutter character, but was not annoying to me. I think it’s because I’m not Ruco’s fan and I’m not hell bend on “she must fall in love with ruco or I hate her” wagon. And I agree it’s a great ending with szeto 🙂 it’s about time that szeto can finally do what he likes. Also, there was sometimes in between the death and the dating, since szeto has now become a professor.

      1. Loved you Little fishy … Loved the way you commented about EITS happy ending… And by the way thank you too.));))

      2. No little fishy, no one is he11 bent on hating tavia cos she rejected ruco. It’s just the character we dislike for hounding szeto the way jan did. Pl don’t confuse the actors /actress with the characters they play. If you didn’t feel ruco’s hatred it’s just the way the script was written and the usual rushed ending. They shld have axed that meaningless story arc of Jan’s dad being cheated and how that Fu Kwai guy finally got arrested. No significance to the plot development at all.

      3. Passingby, people are hell bend on jan for not choosing Ruco’s character. And I was mainly comment on jan as the character, not so much on ppls hate on tavia. But other people seems to blur the character and the actress in one, that’s why you see quite a few comments on ‘Tavia is annoying, blah blah blah’ instead of saying ‘Tavia’s character is annoying”, and even funn’s articles shows such things. Funn was hounding tavia/her character for not choosing ruco, refusing to acknowledge the fact that jan could just be in love with szeto without much of her control, not because of szeto’s face. Then there’s other comments on how jan choose Kevin because of his face, and not because simply that’s how she fell?!!! So yes, at least half of the hate toward Tavia’s character was because she didnt pick their favorite bad boy >_> the other half, I don’t think she was really pushing szeto that much, or to me, her way was not as annoying as everyone make out to be. I agree on the father’s plot line, but that doesn’t mean it’s Tavia’s character’s fault to give her more hate? However it seems anything related to Tavia’s character is another plus reason to hate jan

      4. Little Fishy,

        I made it very clear when I refer to Tavia in my recaps, it is Jan. I didn’t want to write the character’s name. When it is performances, I will say it clearly. Perhaps it is you who can’t see the difference. people are hell bent on hating Tavia AS Jan, not Tavia AS Tavia. Using her name is easier than keep typing Jan. The only mistake here is not saying Tavia as Jan when I doubt anyone is ever confused about the difference. You know when it is Tavia AS Tavia when someone mentions her nose or fake face as some put it. So far I see very few comments as such. Most are actually saying Tavia is wrong for this role because the role is BENEATH her. I don’t know how much more clearer a commenter must be to be very clear in intentions when criticising. And your only complain as far as I can see is people here talks more about Ruco than Tavia and Kevin when this series does star Ruco. If you want more talk about Tavia or Kevin, go to their fansite or fan forum. Yes it is well known Ruco is very much loved and preferred here. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

        and whatever criticism towards the series is on the writing and the plot of the series. it is as simple as saying the writer suck. And the writer sucks big time for this series by making it half baked. That is an opinion but again you take personally to the comments how Tavia AS Jan chose this or chose that. If you;re a real fan of Tavia, why not start questioning why she chose Him Law. Because that’s real life.

      5. Hi Little fishy , thank you so much for your advisers . Seriously I’m so thankful for to let me know . Did you see the news , right ? We all know Kevin is the best actor ever . Have a nice weekend Little fishy .

      6. “Funn was hounding tavia/her character for not choosing ruco”

        And, I don’t blame Jan one bit for not choosing psycho Lik because he stuck a knife into her. 🙂

      7. Typing jan is harder than typing tavia? 3 letters vs 5? How is that works? Also funn, did you not read I said the her character bit? I would be fine with your article if it’s not so Ruco bias. From your first article on this series, which summed up by 1 sentence: Ruco is so hot, to the later one which is rant rant rant about how shallow jan is, even calling her name which make these articles one of the worst reviews I read due to how childish your writing style was. I don’t need ppls to talk more about Kevin or tavia. Having been in this website for like 8yrs+ or long long long time ago, I know what to expect of this website. So I don’t need to make it a mission to try and change that? And yes, you were the one that was he’ll bend on calling jan shallow every sentence you could in your previous articles for not choosing Ruco, or for not understanding her love. I agree with you that this series has potential, but did not deliver, and the writing is rather crap, but while it was airing, you acted like a fangirl of Ruco and just hate everything other did. Now that it has finished and many has commented, you seem to have been calmer and commented well/show change in your point of view, and show a lot more maturity on your point of view of the series.
        Last and not least, why as a fan of tavia would I criticise her choice of bf? Whether I’m a fan or not a fan, I wouldn’t even bother doing so, because 1 – it waste my energy, 2 – if we hate something, we must dwell on it, by leaving comments after so many years, just to make us feel more hating >_>?! 3 – my rants will really make the celebrity break up with their partner? I do hate/not like certain actors and actresses because I’m just not warm to them onscreen or in photos, I leave 1-2 comments now and then, but I don’t go and act like the whole world is wrong like a baby, so ty but no, ty to your advice.

      8. The awaiting for moderation blows on this website, it is the worst since I know I did not swear or say something that worth moderating…. And most of the time, it just not get published and no reason was given to why that was so. Long story short, just in case my full comment did not get publish, Funn- you also missed the part where I said her character. And no, ty to your advice on “if I was fanof tavia, I should criticise her choice of bf”.

      9. @Little fishy,
        Our site was having problems with spammers and users who were using sexual words. Thus we had a strict comment moderation system. However, with the new user registration, our comment moderation system can now be relaxed, as we now can ban users if they violate community guidelines.

      10. Well said. If I were Jan, I would choose Szeto Sir too. I don’t like evil or jealous guys. Enough said.

        I like Tavia’s and Kevin’s acting so much. Ruco is good also but he is definitely overrated by his fans on this site.

  12. I agreed with bebe this website was hateTavia for mor than 3 year. Every time got something’s good about Tavia, they never mentioned about good things related to her , specially , funn lim , the one who wrote all the comment for jaynestars.com. I did pay attention since Tabia got the best actress from Tvb . Funn lim and Jaynestars must be hates Tabia so much. And they all way talk good for Kate Tsu , . Funn lim I’m so sorry to said that about you , but that true , can u please don’t hate Tavia that much . Don’t miss your personal in too much when you are the writer for everyone can read the new about the actor & actress ,

    1. Sorry I mean don’t mix your personal too much in when you are the Writer for jaynestars.com.

      1. It is called a review, a comment, a personal opinion and anything personal will include personal taste. This is not a news site, this is an entertainment site and I am writing my opinion and so if I don’t write an opinion and just copy and paste from others, that is called plagarism, called laziness and called cheating. Whoever who reads what I write and still reading for 10 years on knows why I write like I do and my style. Anyone that doesn’t understand should stay clear from this site because I am considered rather polite than many out here who will put it more bluntly.

      2. And I am surprised no one, in particular the 2 or 3 here never read the top italic part which says “The following is not a recap but a commentary on the particular episode in the title. Major spoilers and Ruco Chan-love alert.” which will explain the style in here and will stop saying

        1. this is Ruco biased
        2. don’t write personal stuff

        There’s another website that will satisfy such fans; TVB.com with its episode summary.

  13. I remember about Tavia & Kevin was chooses gfor the most popular actor and actress in China . Jaynestars.com nerver talk or post the good new about them. I just got the new from Asian e new potal .

    1. I have trouble understanding your comments. English is my second language as well. It takes years and endless practices to write well and speak coherently. In fact, I continue to improve my English every day, whether it’s written or oral. I applaud you on your efforts so far. So you should continue to practice every day.

      1. I’m very sorry for made you got trouble understanding my comments. English is my second language too. I did read all your commentary . Wow I must say you were so so awesome .Thank you so much for your applaud , shame on me , right, ? This is the first time I wanted to post some comment about EITS , because this is my favor drama I love to watch in this year so far. Especially with Kevin &Tavia.Well I will try my best to continue to improve my Enghlish every day too, whether it’s writting or speaking . Written correctly &speak well. Very nice to knowing you . If you don’t mine , we can chat sometimes late. Thanks again, Zowie Bowie

  14. Funn lim you must be hate me too, but don’t get mad . I’m telling the truth. Hope you still have a happy smile.

    1. Not trying to sound arrogant but I won’t lose sleep over your comments. You clearly do not read everything I write about Tavia to come to the conclusion everyone here including myself hates her. Obviously you do not see the reference of Tavia in here is to her character Jan and if anything what most say here is actually praising her; that Jan such a shallow simpleton woman does not need someone of Tavia’s calibre, that such a role is beneath her. I can think of no better praise for an actress to be described as such and yet the meaning is lost to those who literally wants everyone to write oh I love Tavia so much, she is great in absolutely everything, this role is perfect for her, etc etc etc.

      therefore I still have a smile on my face because Tavia’s fans, or those who appreciate a good actress knows she is absolutely wasted in this thankless role that is just so difficult to like because it was so badly written and Tavia is quite simply out of the age group to portray such a role. It is time she moves up and moves on. of course the meaning is lost to those literal fans.

      1. Ay ,you should read over says to says commentary …. and you will understand Tavia ‘s roll in EITS. TV B gave her that roll & she had to except acting the roll they require her to do. , not her chossed . The Writer for EITS should be claiming for but not her. Didn’t mean to make you not happy or mad just tell the truth , dear Funn Lim . Have a nice day.

      2. To tiifany thanks for agreeing to what i say and saying out what I feel cause after all they are the truth and I’m sure this is what all tavia’s fans feel 🙂 I’m happy for the ending too! Cheers

  15. Yay , happy end for Tavia & Kevin . I’m mmmm so happy. Just finished the last episode hours ago. Thank TVB for one more Happy End drama.

  16. To bebe says, yeah I’m thanking to you too for your thank to me . No I should say thank you first . Because still have someone like the happy ending between Tavia & Kevin . I will watching the last episode again…. Hihihi . You must say I m crazy . Thank again to bebe says.

  17. “It felt like Eye In The Sky never had an identity and never bothered to find one.”

    I completely agree! Other than Tavia not-so-useful phtographic memory and that first episode they used CCTV to catch criminals they really never followed through with this idea… Just another anrgy man +triangle love+ random plots…

  18. Oh , like @Little fishy said , this website is full with Ruco’s . Now I known , because in the last four days I couldn’t log in to keep voting for Kevin. Hmmm….that was so fairrrrrrrrrrr by whose set up this vote .

    1. Maybe you are not doing it right. There is no log in required. I just tried and was able to roll over Kevin’s photo and vote.

      1. Thank you so much to @ Hello says,,, maybe I did wrong. Thanks again ,and wishing you have a nice weekend.

      1. Oh , I’m so sorry about that . Please forgive me. Thank you so much for your reply, Ms Janey.

      2. Tiffany, I wouldn’t worry too much about these votes, because it’s unrealiable on this website. 1 – just because they said only 1 vote per ip, doesn’t mean it is so. 2 – with the latest iPhone, ppls can just go private mode, and vote, since it block ip tracking. 3 – ppls use Internet cafe/campus computers/library computers, making impossible to show fair voting. And we all know crazy fans (which this site has a lot) do everything for their fav to stay top 🙂

  19. despite all the illogical plots in the story, i still think “Eye In The Sky” is the nicest TVB drama lately … im really going crazy over this drama, it is occupying my mind all the time … and this is the first time im so fanatic to a tvb drama in years.

    the cast is nice, perfect in the sense that everyone is likeable, i like tavia + samantha + tony in the show … kevin’s acting is good … but most of all Ruco is really so special, his acting is superb … the entire cast is great and perfect especially kevin brotherly love, but i have to admit ruco is one of the only reason im so addicted to this drama … just can’t stop thinking of Zeng Lik Hang

  20. A lot of people only focused on Ruco and how he did good but I thought Kevin did pretty good too. They really complemented each other and helped bring the best out of each other.

  21. I don’t understand the ending scene…
    why did Ruco died?? did he wanted to kill himself?? please explain me

    1. He wanted to kill Kevin but the logs fell on him killing him first. He intended to kill himself after he killed Kevin. But he never had that chance.

    2. “did he wanted to kill himself??”

      No, when Lik held the knife to himself, it was a trick meant to take down Szeto’s guard so that Lik can get Szeto’s gun.

      “why did Ruco died??”

      Lik died because even the “Eye in the Sky” is against evil Lik, who was crushed by a pile of logs (even when he had the upper hand).

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