Annie Liu Wants to Develop Movie Career Further

Although Annie Liu (劉心悠) appears in Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步驚情>, her role differs vastly from her character in original series Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>. During an interview, Annie explained that an artiste must be able to portray a variety of roles using different styles in order to succeed.

On Set With Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu

The return of many members of the original cast in Bu Bu Jing Qing excited viewers. In the series, Lan Lan (Cecilia Liu 劉詩詩) undergoes plastic surgery and assumes a new face and identity as Mai Yi Nuo (portrayed by Annie Liu). Since Annie is technically playing Lan Lan, it was difficult to mimic Liu Shi Shi’s acting style, but she tried to keep her performance consistent with the characterization.

Although it has been three years since Annie worked with Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), Annie felt very comfortable and nostalgic collaborating with them in Bu Bu Jing Qing. Annie said she was not surprised when Nicky and Cecilia announced their relationship in November 2013. She already saw the pair’s playfully bickering on set, thinking that they made a compatible couple in real life.

Becoming a Real Film Actress

Annie is one of the rare artistes that managed to breakthrough the Hong Kong film market while simultaneously maintaining her presence in Mainland China and Taiwan. “I hope I can act in a movie where the focus is on the female perspective. I would choose to film a basic everyday occurrence, for example, illnesses or disorders like depression, or mania disorders. Using different styles in telling a story will allow more people to understand the experience.”

Annie may have an impressive resume, but she continuously challenges herself in different ways. She explains that she has been lucky to have been given a variety of roles to play and has never encountered two similar scripts. Although Annie has been focusing on filming movies this year, she understands that the Mainland television market is full of opportunities and will shift her time there. She wants to maintain a balance in her work and will only accept jobs that interest her.

After working with Nick Cheung (張家輝) in his directorial debut, Hungry Ghost Ritual <盂蘭神功>, Annie praised him for his passion in acting and work ethics. Nick is a perfectionist and would often film a scene numerous times before being satisfied. As well, Annie admires Nick’s ambition in acting and ability to convincingly portray any character he is given. She hopes to learn these qualities from him too and make further advancements in her acting career.


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