Carina Lau Hopes to Win Best Actress at Cannes

Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) is being nominated for the best actress award in this year 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival for her role in the movie Bends (過界), which is competing in the Un Certain Regard section. She flew in to France a few days ago with her husband, Tony Leung Chiu Wai (梁朝偉), who was the winner of the Best Actor award at Cannes for his role in Wong Kar Wai’s (王家衛) In the Mood for Love (花樣年華) back in 2000.

Though it was raining in Cannes, this did not dampen the moods of the celebrities who were attending the important event. Many turned up in their dashing and talk-of-the-town attire despite the wet weather.

The director of Bends, Flora Lau (劉韻文), together with producer Shi Nansun (施南生), Winnie Yu (俞琤) and one of the investors, Hsu Feng (徐楓) also flew into Cannes to attend the event and the opening of their movie.

At the movie premiere, the audiences stood up, cheered and applauded when the film ended. It was a gratifying moment and the cheering lasted ten minutes. Though Tony who was in the audience did not stand up, he showed his utmost support to his wife by cheering and clapping along.

Since the premiere of Bends, it has won many local and foreign film critics approval. Carina’s portrayal of a wealthy wife has also received many good appraisals for her outstanding acting as well. Carina’s chances of winning the trophy seems to get closer and hopefully bring her the glory of international recognition as an acclaimed actress.

A reporter from a French TV station commented that the story of Bends is very meaningful and it reflects the difference between Hong Kong and mainland China very well.  With Carina’s exquisite acting, it further brings out the flavor of the movie. Singing the same note are movie critics from Germany; they praised the film’s convincing storyline and beautiful scenery. The mainland Chinese media remarked that the characters in the film were very outstanding; they have great hopes for this movie and feel that it may win an award. However, critics from Italy did not share the same opinions.

Chen Kun, the male lead in Bends, was very excited during the red carpet ceremony. He was filled with emotions after watching the complete movie. Director Flora Lau commented at the premiere that from the preparation to the shooting of the movie, she has taken a long time in directing this film and hopes that the viewers will enjoy and like her work.

Source: Ming Pao 

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  1. she is not a good actress in the first place…

    1. Who said that people will win because they are a good actor/actress in every case???

  2. Carina is a decent actress but I don’t think she would appearing at the Cannes Festival if it weren’t for the fact that she’s married to Tony. She’s good but she doesn’t have that…. “je ne sais quois”.

  3. This looks GOOD:

    and I love that Carina Lau is cast as the Hongkong person since she was derided early on for (god forbid) being born on the Mainland (exactly like a significant number of HongKongers including the wealthiest, famous, most respected of its formerly ROYAL subjects).


  4. does this mean that in real life, Carina Lau chose Love over Bread even though there turned out to be a nice amount of Bread? 🙂

  5. I saw an Italian miniseries once that blew me away in its emotional richness and sophistication. This movie looks good in a typical gossipy traumatic emotional violent way that I have heard from so many stories (weird since most Chinese men protect their families regardless of infidelities yet so many anecdotes now about this sort of thing). And yes, those problems are nothing to the problem of Mainlanders. I think that the HK type of problems can be self-prevented and they should see the real life and death situation of the Mainlanders. However, I have yet to see any story about a Mainlander with no education or love of siblings or parents who vows to not marry or even engage in emotional entanglements until he has a house, a car and enough money. I have never seen a story about someone who deprives himself of companionship and eats loneliness and is benevolent towards other people’s children.

    1. because when I see Mainlanders with their great misfortune through no part of their own, I think this is no place nor time to bring a child into this world

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