Chapman Denies Taking Hiatus from Acting

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Chapman To (杜汶澤) has been under pressure lately for his poor box office results. Boycotted by Mainland viewers due to his opinionated political views and arrogant personality, Chapman published a special column in a Hong Kong newspaper on May 25 to announce his disappointment. When speculations arose that Chapman chose to take a hiatus from acting, he swiftly denied that he will easily give up although hitting a bump in his career.

In a Facebook statement posted in March, Chapman publicly showed his support for Taiwan’s Sunflower Student Movement, a protest against a trade agreement Taiwan has recently made with China. Adding more fuel to the fire, Chapman called the Chinese netizens “barbarous” and dared the Chinese to boycott him. As a result, Chapman’s recent starring film Let Go for Love <放手愛> bombed at the Mainland box office. Faced with unprofitable results, film’s official Weibo account was updated with the status, “We made a mistake by choosing an actor without ethics. We’ve learned our lesson.”

The Pang Ho Cheung (彭浩翔) film Aberdeen <香港仔>, in which Chapman had a one-minute cameo appearance om, is also underperforming at the box office.

In his May 25 column, Chapman recalled his debut 21 years ago, the time when he graduated from ATV’s acting class and began his television career. “I was given a chance to earn money. I’ve always strived. My only goal was to have enough food and clothing. Because of luck, I was able to achieve that.”

Chapman had struggled for years before finally became a topic of interest again with the category III film Vulgaria <低俗喜劇>. “The Hong Kong audience had finally accepted me again. In the three years after [Vulgaria], I filmed 21 movies. I’ve earned a bit of money, and my life was changed for the better. In the films I headlined, there would be at least one that would focus on the Hong Kong market. Thanks to everyone’s support, films like Vulgaria, SDU: Sex Duties Unit <飛虎出征>, and Naked Ambition 2 <豪情3D>, were able to succeed in the box office. I’m very thankful.”

China’s boycott on Chapman had been put in action in the last few weeks, but he never bothered to step up to respond to the issue. “I didn’t think there was a need to explain myself. The people who like me don’t need to hear it. The people who don’t like me wouldn’t want to hear it.”

Chapman finally wrote, “No matter how popular I get, how much more money I earn, I cannot buy myself. In the future, no matter how long and difficult the road may be, I will not feel lonely as long as my family, friends, and the audience will be there to support me. I’ll be back.”

Chapman’s “Goodbye message” spurred reports that he was taking an indefinite hiatus from his acting career. He clarified that he is taking a one month vacation in the United States instead. “I’ve been acting for a decade. If I don’t act, what else can I do?” He added, “Why would I retire from the entertainment industry because of some negative reports?” When Chapman returns, he will be working on two film projects.



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18 comments to Chapman Denies Taking Hiatus from Acting

  1. Anna says:

    Chapman is a one-dimensional actor… In all his films, he is always portrayed as a loud, obnixious low-beat loser … After some time, it become boring

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    • bloom replied:

      To Anna,
      Agree, I wont miss him even if he’s going to disappear permanently!

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  2. lol says:

    chapman taking a rest not because of his own decision its because EGG cutting his opportunties off leaving him with no work.. maybe chapman has to do full time sex comedy films from now on

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  3. lol says:

    this article pretty much says chapman an easy going person friendly and simple maybe he was until his fame and money changed him.. after offending so many people

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    • hohliu replied:

      He even offended Andy Law who rented a flat to him a very good rates. I will not miss him.

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      • lol replied:

        Andy was the one who helped chapman get into movies and chapman offended Andy after winning a best actor award no one will miss chapman

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      • star replied:

        Didn’t know they were that friend then. What did Chapman do that offended Andy?

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      • WildBerries replied:

        Rumor was Chapman wanted Andy to invest in a movie to star Chapman as the main lead, Andy refused to do so. Then Chapman went on calling Andy something extremely offensive and they had a falling out.

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      • star replied:

        Thanks for the info. If it were true, Chapman is really petty and ungrateful.

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  4. Hannahh says:

    EEG cut his job therefore he had nothing to do and have to take vacations. He is pretty bad actor , dont know what was the hype of him.

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  5. Catherine says:

    Never thought of Chapman as a good actor. To top it off, he has bad manners and hurt many of his colleagues. I found Bulgaria which was his claim to fame overrated too.

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    • star replied:

      Don’t think he’s a good actor either. His acting is pretty lame I feel and Vulgaria was not entertaining either.

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  6. mun hon says:

    hi there

    1. life would be better if he just shuts up.

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  7. Looooooooooooo says:

    3 years with 21 movies? Most of the 20 movies are small or kelefe roles.this guy should leave the industry and her wife should dump him

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  8. WildBerries says:

    The fame got to his head and he got caught in the moment. If he isn’t as outspoken as he is on social media he’ll probably continue thriving in the HK movie industry. He has potential to be the next comedy king in HK, not that hard since there’s only a handful of comedic actors in HK. He has no one to blame but his big mouth and enormous ego.

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  9. Larry 3 says:

    TVB will open your arms again… for low pay salary

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  10. Kidd says:

    Chapman is irresponsible for daring the Chinese to boycott him. Now, he has caused the film company that produce ‘Let Go for Love’ to loss money.

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    • star replied:

      I have no comment for him bashing the mainlanders but like what you said, he should have bear a thought for the others involved in the film.
      If I’m a film maker, I would not cast him as well, not because of him offending China but because he can put the film at stake for his own ego and interest.

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