Donnie Yen Suffers Cramps After “Bed” Scene in “The Iceman Cometh 3D”

Having to beat up ten black belts is nothing difficult for action star Donnie Yen (甄子丹), but when it comes to staying still for a “bed” scene, Donnie would rather take down another crowd of black belts.

New Hong Kong action film The Iceman Cometh 3D <3D冰封俠>, directed by Law Wing Cheong (羅永昌), commenced filming in Hong Kong last month. The $200 million HKD film is a remake of Yuen Biao’s (元彪) popular 1989 film The Iceman Cometh <急凍奇俠>, which was directed by Clarence Fok (霍耀良). Donnie, who also serves as the action choreographer for the remake, will star in the film alongside Wang Baoqiang (王宝强), Simon Yam (任達華), and Eva Huang (黄圣依).

The Iceman Cometh 3D is a story about two Ming Dynasty brocade guards who become frozen in ice during a fight. After their preserved bodies are discovered centuries later, they are transported to Hong Kong for further scientific research. There, they are defrosted and revived.

Donnie Yen Can’t Stay Still

Donnie and Eva were recently spotted filming a scene for The Iceman Cometh 3D in Shau Kei Wan. Donnie did well in his scenes with Eva, but when it came to filming his own nightmare scene, one camera shot took over an hour and a half to film.

The said scene, which was of Donnie have a nightmare, required Donnie to roll his eyes back and forth in his sleep. With bright lighting shining on his face and having to stay still in a physically compact environment, Donnie looked very uncomfortable and exhausted. The simple scene resulted in several outtakes.

As soon as the cameras stopped rolling, Donnie jumped out of bed and began to do stretching exercises. Donnie admitted that the scene made his body numb and gave him muscle cramps. His eyes dried quickly because of the strong camera light, and he had to use eye drops consistently.

Thankfully for Donnie, The Iceman Cometh 3D will be heavily packed in action, so he will not have to stay still for long. Donnie revealed that the crew recently sent in a request to the Hong Kong government for them to film in the colorful and grand Tsing Ma Bridge.

The Iceman Cometh 3D will feature the onscreen destruction of famous landmarks in Hong Kong.  “We want to do a scene which involves a speed race between a horse and a Ferrari. If our request isn’t approved, then we will have to build our own bridge for the scene. We also need to do an explosion scene on Nathan Road, so we really need the government to work with us,” said Donnie.

The Hong Kong media also reported that Donnie will be filming another highly anticipated project, Ip Man 3  <葉問> in 3D, in July 2013.

Source: East Week

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  1. Eh..not a really good picture of him. Not that he is handsome originally, but that picture just make him look er “ah pek”.

  2. Ya agree that is a not good picture of him, very “ah pak” looking.

  3. There are others who in their 50s or 50+ but still do not look like uncle, ppl like Michael Miu, Andy Lau and Alex Toh.

    1. Ok, but are they lifelong martial artists like Donnie?

      Andy Lau probably uses like 1 litre of moisturizer a day on his skin.
      And he probably started using skin-care products since he was in the mid-20s.

      1. Andy does look his age and he is not aging well. He looks no better than Donnie.

      2. andy lau does not look good in jackets /coats esp when he is trying to dress smart and look rich, somehow those attire does not suit him even if he has money

    1. @sushiroll micheal and andy get injections and fillers. Andy was named as one of the celebrities who gets injections

      1. yeah, read that andy gets costly sheep placenta injections from switzerland, michelle reis and rosamund kwan too

  4. this tong-shan “ah-pak” still look fit, gorgeous at his age of 50…seldom guys can still be so fit & healthy looking at this age…maybe he got inspiration from his sexy wife who influence him to stay fit…

  5. Donnie Yen didn’t get famous because of his face, but rather his strength in martial arts. Actually, he comes across as younger because of his onscreen agility.

    A few wrinkles wouldn’t do any harm and endanger his appeal. Simon Yam still has appeal to female audiences.

    1. Wrinkles? Or the lack of it? Saw some older works on TV and he had a stiff face. Now even more so. No wrinkles = botox to death. But then facial expressions was never his greatest strength. Fighting was and ANY DOUBT whatsoever on this ability, please I beg you to watch Zhang Yimou’s excellent Hero where there is one scene more exciting, more stimulating than Him Law, Oscar Leung, Sammy orgies with others or each other. That scene proves that yes he is a bad actor, one pose look BUT Donnie Yen didn’t win those titles and medals in his youth for nothing.

      And also Jet Li of course.

    2. Jayne,
      I don’t think he has any wrinkles.
      He doesn’t have any facial expression. And again supposedly Ip Man is a man with few words and expression, so should not be too difficult for him to portray Ip Man.

      In terms of martial art i think Dennis To will be able to replace Donnie in time if given chance.

      1. Have you seen Wu Xia? That one has him showing various kinds of facial expressions.

  6. to me, donnie and simon are past their prime already haha

    1. In terms of physical ability, Yen is far from past his prime and has another good 10 years thanks to his daily training and conditioning. He’s the Hong Kong Sly Stallone.

      1. Sylvester Stallone uses steroids. In fact, he was refused entry into Australia because he tried to bring in banned anabolic steroids, and then he vowed never to go to Australia again.

        Which, hey, Donnie might also be using them. His body in SPL and Legend of Chen Zhen was insanely ripped.

        Might explain the cramps. Anabolic steroids causes water retention in your muscles which is why steroid users are more easily prone to muscle injuries and tears.

  7. Excuse me. Donnie looks great. Why are you guys hating on him? He still has that boyish sexy look. He is aging very well.

  8. And for the record, most people don’t know that Donnie suffers from a back/shoulder injury that still bothers him. I can understand why that “bed” scene was uncomfortable for him. My poor baby! Donnie, I can massage that for you. I’ve been told I have healing hands.

  9. Donnie Yen is still one of the most appealing actor/star to me, way better than Andy Lau. Lolz!

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