Maggie Cheung Begins Dating Foreigner 20 Years Her Junior

Retired actress Maggie Cheung (張曼玉) was recently spotted on a date with a non-Chinese man, estimated to be in his early 30s, thus sparking reports that the 49-year-old is involved in a “mother-son” relationship.

After her breakup with German architect Ole Scheeren in 2007, Maggie began to pour her energy into work. Despite enjoying a fairly successful film career, she decided last year that she wanted to turn her attention to singing, film editing, and being a DJ.

It was her interest in music that brought Maggie and her current boyfriend together, as both of them love playing music. When the two first met half a year ago, Maggie saw him as only an ordinary friend. However, his ardent pursuit later won her over, and they became an item, despite the 20-year age gap.

Recently, Maggie and her boyfriend were photographed in Hong Kong, taking their dog on a walk. Contrary to her usual mature look, Maggie was dressed in apparel more befitting a young lady, perhaps in a meticulous attempt to appear closer in age to her man.

Since ex-boyfriend Scheeren is also a foreigner, not to mention seven years Maggie’s junior, it is not surprising that Maggie has found another non-Chinese man for her new flame. However, many netizens were surprised that the age gap between the two is so large and remarked that the relationship could almost be that of a “mother-son couple.”


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    1. I think the term here should be “Cougar”……..she’s past her prime and men her age or older would not be caught dead with someone as old as her when there are tons of young babes around…….So, all she can do is try to seduce young boys who have little sexual experience and she seems to be willing to teach……….that’s all it is.

      1. Ha, in his 30s and still considered a young boy who has little sexual experience?? You must be talking about yourself, Yuaida.

    2. She is an overrated hoe. Always think she is above everyone. Key word, think! She is nothing but a white washed yellow hoe. She will definitely die a lonely soul. She earns it.

      1. Wow, racist and sexist all in one. Your other sure raised you well!

      2. Gosh you are so rude, racist and sexist! I do not know why you hate Maggie so much??

      3. unlike the other posters, i agree with you. she helps perpetrate the stereotype of “yellow fever”.

    3. older women dating younger men are always leads to heavy discussion.

      older men dating younger women, almost nobody talks about it. and if people do it’s neutral discussion.

      if she likes to date him and he likes to date her, who are we to say. to be honest, it really takes some courage for a women to date younger men.

  1. Men can date someone 30yrs junior…it’s okay. Women date someone even if only 3yrs younger it’s a sin. 😛

    To each her/his own….

    1. Completely agree. Love should know no age or race. As long as they are happy.

  2. She’s delirious when it comes to her personal life. Broke up with men that she dated and married and yet have not learnt nothing from those experiences and now with someone younger. LOL.

    1. Don’t believe this “rubbish” article. Maggie did not confirm any of this. In her line of work, she collaborates with many young people.

      Regardless, statistics are not good for age-gap relationships (no matter which gender is older).

      1. yes, it is probably fake news but because she is Chinese, the public can openly decry the age difference when they pretend to admire Korean dramas that mostly cast older females against childlike male leads to endorse the Japanese female audience “appreciation” of the flower boys.

  3. That is right, May!

    Equality for men and women. 🙂

    What really counts is that they are both happy.

    As for the clothes she wears. Whatever. She can wear whatever she likes as long as it is decent and it makes her feels good.

  4. he could be just a colleague or friend; the media is jumping to conclusions that this is a romantic involvement.

  5. She will end up to be an old hag and die lonely. Once an hoe always an hoe. Thank god she doesn’t have any kids, otherwise they would end up like her. A total f$&@ked up in life. Hope she dies naturally instead of committing suicide, which I could see that happen to her.

    1. Gosh, you really need help after posting a comment like that. It appears that you are even more depressed than you think Maggie is… I cannot believe you can say such mean and evil things like what you just said…

  6. For Maggie to date someone that young, that mean her gap is itching. Any decent man would not be so foolish to F her. She is getting desperate, just hope she will not end up like Leslie.

    1. I hope you don’t have kids, and if you really don’t, then the world really needs to thank god or whoever’s out there.
      Are you having personal problems? Your wife left you and took all your money or something? Need anger management? Or just a shrink? You a misogynist? Cause you sure sound like one.
      It’s frightening that someone like you actually exists in this world. Do yourself a favor and go get some help.

  7. I clicked the link. and the young man looks a bit like chinese, or eurasian to be more accurate.

  8. Maggie,

    Forget about that.

    Just like 90% of established Chinese actress (good example will be Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Eliza Sam & Myolie Wu), maggie does NOT have a “real husband” in life (if u read their bazi charts) .


  9. This comment is directed toward Jayne and/or whoever is the administrator of the Jaynestars site: Sorry if this comment might sound harsh, but after reading some of the comments that are allowed to be posted on this site, I’ve been wanting to ask this question: are there any rules on this site or is it primarily a ‘free-for-all’ where any type of comment is allowed, even if it’s sexist, racist, prejudiced, morally offensive, and basically shouldn’t come out of the mouth of any human being who even has an ounce of decency in them?

    Of course, I understand that people have freedom of speech, but by the same token, there is also such a thing as common decency and accountability. It’s one thing to be rude and annoying, but when the comments cross the line and become nothing but ‘hate speech’ towards a particular person or group, especially when the comments are unwarranted and unprovoked (there are plenty of examples of this type of comment in this particular thread as well as the Jessica Hsuan one), that’s when it goes beyond merely a ‘freedom of speech’ issue in my opinion.

    Sure, it’s easy for people to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet and feel that they should be able to say whatever the hell they want, but at the end of the day, we are all human beings behind those keyboards — just like in the real world, any normal, decent human being wouldn’t go up to a stranger and say to their face “you’re nothing but a white-washed yellow h** who should just get the * off the face of this earth”, why should such remarks be allowed here???

    I’m not trying to tell you guys how to run your own website, as it is neither my place nor my desire to do so. But as a frequent reader and commenter on your site (as well as an administrator on a different website and on my own blog), I feel that the administrating team has an obligation (as much as possible) to cultivate a non-hostile environment where visitors to the site feel comfortable reading and commenting without feeling disgusted, harrassed, and offended every time they open up an article.

    Again, this is just my two cents and probably doesn’t count for much, but just felt I would throw it out there. Feel free to take it for what it’s worth…

    1. I hear you! It’s a shame to let a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

      Sure, it’s easy for people to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet and feel that they should be able to say whatever the hell they want, but at the end of the day, we are all human beings behind those keyboards

      Humans or trolls?

    2. No, Jayne has said that there are rules and had briefly stated them in a post. But I think she should make the rules more permanent and post them somewhere so that everyone is aware that they exist. Otherwise, there are just way too many trolls that go around posting whatever they like and want even if it is something very bad and shameful!

    3. people don’t need to pretend to be good all the time, it is most annoying

      1. They just can’t behave like trolls and be “unreasonably” offensive toward someone, especially when it’s based on “unconfirmed” rumors/news. Not here anyways.

  10. I seriously don’t see why people look up to her. I don’t notice her so called ‘talent’ either. Overrated, way passed her prime, no one cares anymore. Like others have stated, to each their own.

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