“Painted Skin 3” in Early Production Stages

Due to Painted Skin 2’s <畫皮II> huge success at the Chinese box office, producer Yang Zhen Jian (杨真鉴) and Ningxia Film Studio has plans to film the third installment of the fantasy film franchise. Preparatory work is still in its initial stages and it is unknown whether the cast from the previous films will return.

According to the screenplay that was presented, Painted Skin 3 will follow Pang Lang, previously portrayed by William Feng (冯绍峰), and his team of exorcists to the Ice World, guided by a mysterious woman, Shuang-er. With the help of the fox spirit, Xiao Wei (Zhou Xun 周迅), who has acquired 1,000 years of training, the team engages in a battle of life and death with the King of the Demons.

Aside from Zhou Xun who will reprise her role as Xiao Wei, the rest of the cast from the Painted Skin films may not make a re-appearance. Donnie Yen is already involved in seven other filming projects, so it is highly unlikely he has time to film for Painted Skin 3. Vicki Zhao (赵薇) is currently busy filming for Stanley Kwan (关锦鹏); in addition, she was rumored to have fallen out with Chen Kun (陈坤), so it is improbable that the pair will be appearing on screen together anytime soon. William Feng also hinted that he is not interested to film for the third installment.

It is also reported that as western demons may be introduced into the film, there is a likely collaboration with filming companies from abroad. Producer Yang said nothing is planned for yet. He said, “Whether it’s a Sino-American production or an independent investment, or whether it’s a new director or we will continue to have Wuershan <乌尔善> direct, everything is still under discussion.”

Source: 21CN.com 

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. No Vicky Zhao? Too bad. I only bothered watching the movies because of Zhou Xun and Vicky.

    1. agree. if they cant get vicky and zhou xun in the movie, there’s no point of making the 3rd sequel. painted skin is basically known for vicky and zhou xun casting…

  2. I very much enjoy the first two installments but the fact that this one will most likely not have Vicky, Chen Kun, or Donnie Yen, I’m not sure if I want to keep update, but I know I most likely will. We’ll just have to pray our butts off to buddha.

    1. Yeah, I watched the sequel because of all three leads. Not sure I’ll be tempted to watch this without Chen Kun and Vicki Zhao.

      As for William Feng, I’m not fuss whether he’s in it or not.

  3. wth? didn’t vickey and Zhou xun share a body in the end? vickey should be in it too!

  4. Zhou Xun has aged a lot since the 1st on….even the pic of her above shows. Another one of her being a beauty? And none of the other original cast? What kind of 3rd installment would that be!

  5. I just watched the first two installments for Vicky only; if no Vicky then i will not watch it.

  6. yuk that lady in this article looks like the cross-breed between a frog and a mermaid from pirates of the carribean

  7. Zhou Xun has a character, facial features, on screen persona, and personality that no HK actress can or have.

    No wonder, all the HK-directed or financed films feature her over local actresses, like Cecelia Cheung, etc.

    Can’t even recall any credible HK movie actresses these days.

    1. She’s supposed to be a 1000 year old demon in the film, but doesn’t look a day over 30.

      1. Isn’t that supposed to be the point? If she is 1000 year old looking then how she can seduce men and such?

  8. i watched the first 2 for vicky lol i dont think im gonna watch the 3rd one now T___T

  9. I watched Painted Skin 1 and Painted Skin 2, and they were great. But I hope they don’t make Painted Skin 3. It would be boring to watch the same thing over and over again. It is like watching Spiderman 1 ten years ago, and then watching Spiderman 2, and then watching a new Spiderman movie again which is acted by another actor. There is no creativity at all by doing so. All the movie makers just want to earn our $$$ by remaking movies that are popular. What is the point making another movie where the lead actress takes off her skin when they already made this in the 1st one followed by the 2nd one? And I doubt Vicki would join this since she is on bad terms with Zhou Xun. Even if she joins, who is gonna act the innocent lady and the villain since both of them already acted those two characters in the 1st one and the 2nd one?

  10. I have watched both movies and both series, but I really only enjoyed the first movie. The sequel movie was quite confusing and strange with the wizard tribe. The plot really deviates in the two series and has even bigger plot holes when stretched to 40 eps.

    Not looking forward to Part 3 if Vicky’s not in it. They should make a new plot about demons and humans and leave Painted alone.

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