Peter Ho Auditions for “Transformers 4”

Casting auditions in China are currently underway for Michael Bay’s Transformers 4, which stars Mark WahlbergNicola PeltzStanley Tucci, and Kelsey Grammer in leading roles. A co-production between Hasbro, diBeonaventura Pictures, Jiaflix Enterprises, China Movie Channel, and its distributor Paramount Pictures,Transformers 4 is marketed to be one of Hollywood’s largest co-produced films with mainland China.

Paramount Pictures is currently producing a Chinese reality show that aims to cast six Chinese actors in several speaking roles in the film. With the mixed responses garnered from the Chinese version of Disney and Marvel’s Iron Man 3, the casting show has reportedly caught the interest of many actor-hopefuls in the country.

The online competition kicked off to an explosive start in late April, in which over 80,000 Chinese citizens have reportedly auditioned for the role. Recent reports have indicated that numerous established actors, including Peter Ho (何潤東), sent in audition tapes to Paramount.

The original Transformers film trilogy, which starred Shia LaBeouf, made over $248 million USD (1.74 billion RMB) in mainland China, making China the biggest market for the Transformers franchise outside of North America. Transformers’  Hollywood and Chinese producers hope to push the franchise to a whole new level in Chinese-speaking regions.

Of the six selected individuals who will pass the final selection, two will be Chinese A-list actors and four will not have professional experience. The four Chinese roles that will not be helmed by professional actors are listed as “one cute Lolita, one sexy goddess, one action hero, and one tech-savvy nerd.”

According to a report by Hua Shang Bao, there are three stages to the auditioning process, one which requires the auditioners to record a five-minute video of themselves speaking in English and in Mandarin Chinese, explaining why they are suitable for their chosen role. The audition process resembles the practices that Zhang Yimou (张艺谋) used in casting for his own films in China.

It was reported that “anyone” could audition for the film. Media outlets leaked that a 50-year-old woman and a female teenager have sent in audition tapes.  Peter Ho, Chinese actor Lei Jiayin (雷佳音), and Due West: Our Sex Journey <一路向西> star Daniella Wang (王李丹妮) were also revealed by the media to have auditioned for the film. Netizens expressed that Peter Ho, who was raised in Canada, has the highest chance of being cast in the film.

Transformers 4 will be partially shot in mainland China and Hong Kong, and is scheduled for a June 27, 2014 release.


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  1. Don’t really like the idea of mark whalberg for transformers…

  2. UGH! it should have just ended with Transformers 3.

  3. Can’t stand that series, even though I loved the cartoon and toys as a kid. It is edited horribly and it’s hard to make out what’s going on, not to mention the horrible storyline and dialogue.
    That said, I think Peter is very suited to the role and looks like he could hold his own with Walberg and not look like some goodwill random Chinese guy to please the mainland producers.
    Kind of sick that they label the roles they are looking for as stereotypical gwailo ideals for Asians though.
    Lolita is a perv term.
    Still won’t watch the movie, but good luck to him, it may help his Hollywood career. They defo need more positive, strong, and popular Asian rolemodels in HW.

    1. Ditto… George Hu and Wang LeeHong could consider applying too. Let’s show those Hollywood stereotyping Asian actors as short, ugly and speak with broken English. There are handsome and tall actors of Chinese-descent who have an excellent command of English and Mandarin too.

      1. Georgie,

        I don’t think caucasians are interested in asian artists.

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