Tang Wei’s Frequent Bad Takes Frustrate Chris Hemsworth

American film Cyber continues its location shoot in Hong Kong this week. On July 21, the film’s stars, Chris Hemsworth, Tang Wei (湯唯), and Leehom Wang (王力宏) were spotted in Central filming a key scene in the movie. Although recognized globally for her past performances, Tang Wei seemed to struggle from growing pains in the Hollywood film. The actress reportedly made frequent bad takes during yesterday’s shoot, and was only able to complete the scene after much hand-holding from the film’s director, Michael Mann.

Cyber is a cyber-crime thriller from Legendary Pictures, the American film production company behind recent Hollywood hits The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel. Chris Hemsworth stars in the film as a FBI agent who teams up with a Chinese task force to track down a high profile hacker based in Southeast Asia. Tang Wei will play Hemsworth’s love interest and will assist in the operation. Taiwanese actor/singer Leehom Wang will also be involved as Tang Wei’s brother.

Last night, the film’s stars arrived at Central’s Connaught Road to continue the shoot. To keep the set secure, the crew sealed off a passageway from the nearby Four Seasons Hotel and hired guards to turn away reporters.

The scene began with Tang Wei waiting on the street, playing with her phone to pass the time. Leehom and Chris soon drove by, and Tang Wei quickly boarded the car. The three later got into a heated argument, and Tang Wei stepped out, slammed the car door, and ran off. Chris quickly followed, hoping to calm her down. He suddenly noticed a suspicious person standing behind, and immediately pushed Tang Wei away from danger as shots were fired.

Even though it was a simple scene, Tang Wei reportedly had multiple outtakes. Director Michael Mann personally guided her in between takes, and they were finally able to achieve the perfect shot after ten tries. Chris Hemsworth seemed frustrated by the slow progress, and looked bored as he waited for their next attempt. Leehom was in better spirits however. Despite being drenched in sweat due to the hot and humid weather, Leehom remained courteous and waved to reporters. Later, when asked about the working conditions, Leehom said, “It is not tough at all. I am very happy.” He also spent his breaks chatting with fans and taking photos with them.

The cast and crew continued the shoot until the next morning, with two breaks in between. Tang Wei suffered several bumps and bruises, but she did not complain and only treated her injuries after the scene was completed. Chris Hemsworth returned to the Four Seasons Hotel to rest during breaks and was immediately surrounded by over a dozen fans. The crew shielded Chris from reporters on the way, declining interviews. When reporters asked if he was tired, Chris only smiled and did not give a response. The group later became lost, but was assisted by helpful reporters. Chris thanked the reporters and flashed a peace sign towards the cameras before disappearing into the building.

Sources: Oriental Daily; Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Damn. How lucky is Tang Wei to be able to play the love interest of CHRIS HEMSWORTH! I am beyond jealous.

    1. I’m a straight female, but nuh uh; the other way round!

  2. Hahahas!!
    Lorr! Reading the article and if to believed that is the truth, hahas, Tang Wei got bumps and bruises, might be he just “URGHHHH, WOMAN, 10 TAKES?!” He just pushed her for REAL in the 10th takes! DONE!! XD

  3. “Chris Hemsworth seemed frustrated by the slow progress, and looked bored as he waited for their next attempt.”

    Chris, you’re one of 3 Chris in Hollywood that I love but you ain’t an acting thespian. Give her a break. It is only 10 takes.

    1. Oh, Funn Lim. I guess the other two ‘chris’ are chris evan and christian bale? Correct me if I’m wrong.

      1. Christian Bale is never Chris. He is full name Christian.

        Guess who’s the third Chris!

      2. Oh, okay. christian bale is not counted. So chris evam is correct, right?

        The third one…chris pine? Please don’t tell me it is chris brown. I hate this singer.

      3. @Funn: The 3rd Chris has to be Chris Pine, am I right? 😉

      4. felicity,

        Who knows maybe it turns out to be chris brown even though he is a singer? Other than chris pine and chris brown (hopefully not this), I don’t know who else.

      5. Yeap, Chris Pine who in my opinion is the most talented of the 3 Chris and will probably have a stellar career.

        Handsome also.

      6. Chris Tucker
        chris Evans
        chris Cooper
        Chris pine
        Chris O donnell
        Chris Rock

  4. Chris “I can’t carry a movie on my own” Hemsworth should not be complainning about anything.

    His pass success were Thor and Avenger???

  5. Tang Wei is an accomplished actress. This is a case of a bad director, Mann

    You don’t see Ang Lee complaining, do you? Because he is a 2-time Oscar winner, and he knows how to bring the best out of his actors and actresses. That is the mark of a great director.

    And this Chris Hemsworth, his own acting skill is just run of the mill, who is he to complain?

    Director is okay, but Chris is the one complaining and gets bored! He is no big shot.
    Remember, you are sharing the lead with Tang Wei, you think she is some small star and you the mega hit????

    1. I don’t recall any part of the report that says Chris voicing a complaint. Being frustrated and “looking bored” is different from “complaining”.

    2. Ang Lee? I read Kate Winslet was terrified of him. You never know what happened on the set. Same as James Cameron, probably the alpha male of directors like Michael Bay, etc. Such complaints do not do well for the movie so they hush it up. But Chris, oh Chris, if true I am disappointed. He probably is thinking who is this girl? After all he is Thor.

      1. He probably doesn’t know who is the girl, but he probably knows this girl is somehow ‘famous’ in asia since hollywood is currently making money through movies in china market.

      2. Apparently, they were made to do a gazillion takes under the rain machine, right up to the point Kate actually collapsed. Though I haven’t seen Sense & Sensibility in a long time, I remember it far from being a light drizzle, but it was proper chucking it down with rain. (Makes me wonder how people do that thing where they meditate under a waterfall. Ooph.)

  6. Whatever man. Chris Hemsworth is still B list if you ask me. He’s only big in Australia, where he was born.

  7. True..and for being miley cyrus’ brother in law

  8. 10 takes is nothing. If Stanley Kubrick was still alive, he would’ve demanded 200 takes.

    1. @ Selena if you watched the Avengers his character in the movie was Thor

  9. I have this queasy feeling that this movie will be a dud.

    Michael Mann is the Hollywood version of Wong Jing with less productivity and Chris Hemsworth just tries to get into every movie that comes along until his shelf life expires.

    1. In Australia, they dubb him as the “next Brad Pitt”. Um no sorry but’s he got a long way to go to earn that title.

  10. I think he was more frustrated with the heat than tang wei’s bad takes. Anyone who thinks otherwise should go stand in the summer heat for 3 hours before pointing fingers.

  11. Chris Hemsworth is the new Sam Worthington and is fugly to boot… can’t wait until his 15 minutes are up.

    1. agree i think his brother is better looking than his fugly face and messy hair.

  12. Ditto!

    Chris Hemsworth can’t compare to the other Aussie star imports like Mel Gibson or Russell Crowe. He does not worth the hem of his mother’s skirt.

  13. I wonder if he got that private apartment with its own pool – he can have Lung King Heen dim sum whenever he wants … wahhhhhhhh!

  14. chris hemsworh sounds snobbish and arrogant. as if he’s that good of an actor, his only noticeable role is thor and just thor.

  15. You guys actually believe this story? Michael Mann hasn’t directed the films listed here. If they can’t get basic facts right, what’s the chance of the rest of this being right?

    1. Not saying that the claims of the article are true, but it doesn’t actually say Michael Mann directed those movie.

    2. No but I think it was a good opportunity for everyone to bash on Chris as if they know him professionally as an actor or as if they were on the set and saw how he was rude to his co-stars.

  16. don’t think tang wei is that good of an actress, lucky? yes, talented? no

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