Vic Chou to Share “A Moment of Love” with Cecilia Liu in Upcoming Film

Taiwanese actor Vic Chou (周渝民) and mainland Chinese actress Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) will be collaborating for the first time in their upcoming film, A Moment of Love <回到愛開始的地方>, which will open in theaters on August 23.

In A Moment of Love, Cecilia plays magazine reporter Ji Yaqing, who is engaged to be married. She sets off to Yunnan in order to track down the story of the long-lost love of an elderly Taiwanese, whose grandson Xu Nianzu (Vic Chou) shows up there as well. Since they share the same quest, the two decide to take an impromptu seven-day journey together in the hopes of unearthing more details. In the process, they fall into a momentary but passionate love, which will bring viewers to the edge of their seats as they anticipate what will happen to the couple after the seven days pass.

A Moment of Love is directed by Gavin Lin (林孝謙), whose previous works include Revenge of the Factory Woman <與愛別離>, Liberty Avenue <自由大道>, and In Case of Love <街角的小王子>. Lin explained the film’s title, which literally translates as “Returning to the Place Where Love Began”: “Love is often related to a specific place – the bus stop where we first kissed, the convenience store where we first held hands. Memories become lively because of a certain place. We hope that this film will let audiences experience this period of happiness, so we can return to the love we first believed in and return to the place where we wrote down our memories of love.”

For many viewers, the highlight of A Moment of Love will be the first-time collaboration between Vic and Cecilia, both well-known thespians in their respective countries. Vic shared that, in order to prepare for this collaboration, he watched many of Cecilia’s previous films and television dramas. “Compared to other actresses of her age, [Cecilia] has something more in her heart,” he said. “I feel that in her eyes, there is a soul.”

“A Moment of Love” Trailer

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