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It has been two years since Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) released her last album, and nearly five years since the release of her last Cantonese album, Kellylicious. After her marriage with Alex Lau (劉建浩) in 2008, and giving birth to her first-born, son Chace, in 2009, Kelly stayed relatively out of the limelight. However, after giving birth to her second son, Riley, in March 2012, Kelly quickly returned to the studio to record her comeback Cantonese album, Reflection, which was released on February 7, 2013.

As Kelly has found a new and fulfilling life with marriage and motherhood, her album, Reflection, has also found novelty and freshness in its music. Many of the featured works in the album are written by Kelly’s new collaborators, including Eric Suen (孫耀威), Ivana Wong (王菀之), Alex FungLowell Lo (盧冠廷), and Yellow.

Kelly’s first radio plug from the album, the dance single “So Hot,” is co-written by Alex Fung and Lesley Chiang (姜麗文) from the pop duo Benji and Lesley. “So Hot” has achieved an all-kill in many of Hong Kong’s top music billboards charts, including the RTHK Chinese Pop charts, the CRHK Ultimate Charts, and the Global Chinese Music Charts. The sexy number definitely gives Kelly’s new album a strong debut.

10 Hours in the Studio

Shooting for the album’s cover and booklet took approximately 10 hours to complete. Following the concept of “reflection,” Kelly’s photographer, Sam Wong, arranged for Kelly to pose next to reflective props, including mirrors and disco balls. The shoot with the disco balls was especially laborious for Kelly and her camera crew; in a roomful of disco balls, Kelly was required to sit on the largest ball, while balancing another ball on her hand.

Kelly compared the photo shoot to a yoga workout. “I could not put too much pressure when I was sitting on it. Otherwise the ball would roll around. Because I have to balance other disco balls on my hand, the entire photoshoot felt like a workout. It was very difficult, but I am very satisfied with the results. The hard work was worth it.”

Kelly’s Reflection, released on February 7, is published by Go East Entertainment, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.  The album consists of 11 tracks, each “reflecting” on a part of her that has changed in the last two years. “The Back Garden” <後樂園>, written by Ivana Wong, is a song of Kelly thanking her parents for teaching her what it means to be a mother. “Dim Sum” <點心>, written by Yellow, is a song dedicated to her two boys – “Har Gow” (Chace) and “Xiaolongbao” (Riley).


01. It’s All About Timing
02. So Hot
03. Tough Man, Tender Heart <鐵漢柔情>
04. The Back Garden <後樂園>
05. Broken, Round, Away <斷·舍·離>
06. Dim Sum <點心>
07. A Date on the Moon <月球上的約會>
08. Diamond Membership <鑽石會籍>
09. Skin Injury <皮外傷>
10. Unstoppable Tears <淚流不止>
Bonus Track
11. Seven Colored Dream <七色夢想> 動畫片

DVD (Music Videos)
01. So Hot
02. Broken, Round Away <斷·舍·離>
03. Skin Injury <皮外傷>

“Skin Injury” Music Video


“So Hot” Music Video


“Reflection” Photo Shoot


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