Wong Cho Lam’s New Album: The Curious Case

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Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) new album release came at such a perfect time. Fresh from the success of the singer-actor’s debut screenwriting effort, Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢>, the all-rounder Cho Lam takes a step away from the TV screen and back into the studio. He returns to the music scene with his comeback album, The Curious Case <奇幻逆緣>, which was released on February 1, 2013.

The Curious Case, published by EEG’s MusicPlus, consists of five Cantonese songs, four Mandarin songs, and one English song – “Love You.” With the tagline, “Height has changed… voice has deepened… but a child’s heart… has yet to change,”  the album sends off a tone of preserving childhood innocence and memories, as fervently displayed on the album’s title track, “The Curious Case.” Tracks “Letter to a Child” <給孩子的信> and “Music and Old Streets” <歌和老街 > also continue the album’s theme of looking at one’s life through the lenses of a child’s heart.

Through the album, Cho Lam hopes to bring listeners back in time, to revisit their innocent, pure, fun, and honest childhood memories.

Album Tracklist:


1. The Earthling <地星人> – Cantonese
2. Music and Old Streets <歌和老街> – Cantonese
3. The Curious Case <奇幻逆緣> – Cantonese
4. Letter to a Child <給孩子的信 > – Cantonese
5. Glue Chips <膠粒> – Cantonese
6. Live Now <活現> – Mandarin
7. The Earthling Knows <地星人都知道> – Mandarin
8. The Calabash Doll <再見葫蘆娃> – Mandarin
9. Love You – English
10. The Ever-changing Weirdo <百變怪咖> – Mandarin


1. “The Earthling” MV
2. “Music and Old Streets” MV
3. “The Curious Case” MV
4. “The Calabash Doll” MV
5. “The Ever-changing Weirdo” MV

“The Ever-changing Weirdo” Music Video


“The Earthling” Music Video


“Music and Old Streets” Music Video


“The Curious Case” Music Video

Source: 21CN.com

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10 comments to Wong Cho Lam’s New Album: The Curious Case

  1. jayne says:

    Wong Cho Lam’s vocals are quite pleasant. Especially like “Music and Old Streets”. Best of all, his songs are cheerful to listen to.

    Cho Lam has grown on me over the last few weeks, due to reading many of his interviews in a short span of time.

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  2. Funn Lim says:

    He can sing. Didn’t he sing for Roger on.. what was that series? Anyway acting wise long way to go but I like to point out his consistency in Inbound Travelers. When he was singing in Mandarin it was perfect intonation, maybe not china ish but it is perfect. When he was speaking cantonese with mandarin twang, he was consistent even until he was singing cantonese song. I applaud his consistency. And again he can sing BUT for me Johnson Li is the better singer and impersonator.

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  3. pandamao says:

    i don’t know how to say this … it’s just weird for me to hear him sing normal songs. the first mv music style suited him more and it kind of had an Eason vibe to it as well.

    just weird to see him sing a serious love song .. maybe b/c i just finished watching his inbound love series.

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    • Looooooooooo replied:

      He should concentrate as scripwriter or director cause he is ugly and annoying

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  4. Uni says:

    anyone have the English song? I’m curious to hear it.

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  5. Djojs says:

    Good voice but because of his looks better suited to exaggerated character singing.., perfect for that! And funny as well.

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  6. Larry 3 says:

    He can sing but his voice is not really good. Boy, his face is really ugly in the MVs.

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  7. Kidd says:

    His voice resembles Roger Kwok’s a bit. My mom initially thought that the male voice in ‘Inbound Troubles’ themesong was Roger’s.

    Wong Cho Lam’s voice is thicker and stronger than Roger’s though. Very good for singer opera song.

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