“A Fist Within Four Walls” Ending Predictions and Spoilers

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“A Fist Within Four Walls” Ending Predictions and Spoilers

The following article contains spoilers for A Fist Within Four Walls, ending on August 28, 2016.

The ending of A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> is still more than a week away, but fans are already speculating about the ending. The TVB kung fu drama, produced by Jazz Boon (文偉鴻), premiered on August 1 to generally positive reviews, and has since been one of TVB’s highest-rated dramas of the year.

Theories about the drama’s ending has been circulating around the web like wildfire, making headlines across gossip blogs and magazines. The most popular theory centers on Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) characters, both who—according to the theory—will meet tragic ends. Ruco will go blind, while Nancy will die.

Reporters reached out to A Fist Within Four Walls producer Jazz Boon, asking him to comment on the fan theories. Jazz said, “This theory came about after we released the music video for the drama’s ending theme a while back, which showed Ruco wearing sunglasses while sitting alone in a movie theater, watching Nancy in a black and white screen. That is also why a lot of netizens think Nancy will die.”

Asking if the fan theory was true, the producer said, “I can only say that you can guess as much as you want. I will not answer anything. I want viewers to watch the real ending for themselves. Guess all you want, but there is a possibility that I might be tricking you!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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24 comments to “A Fist Within Four Walls” Ending Predictions and Spoilers

  1. hannah says:

    noooo sad ending please! i hoping nancy and ruco end up together, also grace and benjamin.

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  2. dramadrama says:

    I don’t trust their spoiler’s. But actually tvb won’t think so far too.

    I still remember last time there’s a hoohah on how splendid tvb did in ‘cheung poh chai’ where all thought grace chan character was well plotted for Indian heritage. But it turns out that tvb didn’t even think about it. It just happens to hire an Indian to play that part….

    So don’t think too much, just be stupid and watch how the plots goes. Lol.

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  3. funnlim says:

    1 more week to ending?

    Dear lord! I wanted to love this series but I ended up hating how terrible the writing is. So much wastage. I especially hate the whole “is it funny or is it not” moments. Either make this tragedy or make this a comedy. But with all TVB series it is neither here nor there making it nowhere.

    Ruco is saddled with a character that does nothing but be heroic and pine for love. 1 more week to go and I see no nexus between him and his parents’ tragic death. he in fact believe his father was capable of being a murderer and no thoughts of him of where his mother was, or where their bodies may be or investigate into it. He did question, but no follow up. Instead we are given waste of time moments of I don’t know what is. The character is so badly developed I am not sure why Ruco is always given pointless roles to do. If he goes blind, well that’s something. For a man who lost his parents where his most admired father was accused of a heinous crime, for someone who never bothered to find his parents’ bodies, for losing his sister who he thought died tragically, he is a very chirpy fella.

    Nancy is wasted in here. Her best moment was her Yam Yam moment and I was so happy to see her become lean mean fighting machine and then… then she got heart problem, denial problem, u turn problem… did nothing and then did something and got kidnapped but conveniently got to wear a cool leather catsuit for reasons unknown why and then she got hurt, and then u turn again, suddenly we are told she belongs to some nikita styled assassin group. So that explains why she pretended to have memory loss, which we thought was denial but in fact just poorly written story. You know what? I think her organisation has something to do with Ruco’s dad’s death and I bet the big villain is not out yet. I don’t know who, I don’t quite care because precious minutes spent on him seeing her in his between life and death moment uttering things she did say to him when I thought shouldn’t he see his father? Be motivated to investigate instead of conveniently forgetting poor daddy who got sidelined in the story by now? Do I care she falls for him in the end when the entire relationship was such a set up? Like how she instantly knew the shoes are for her, how conveniently she was kidnapped and he sacrifices to save her, how he fights hard against Nga Lo to get her her wish… he’s like a kuan yin troop and without personality. In fact from get go, his character is just wrong. without purpose.

    Nga Lo is an interesting character. He wants he says so he doesn’t he will say so. He stood up to his cowardly uncle, he investigates, even if he does very little dentistry. Unfortunately Benjamin Yuen is as interesting as the non existent practice of dentistry. He just doesn’t cut it. Body isn’t it, face isn’t it, his kung fu isn’t up to par, etc. But I do like Nga Lo more than Kuen Lo because at least Nga Lo actually believed his father’s purported killer isn’t the killer when that purported killer’s son actually believed his father is the killer. Get the problem?

    I like Moon and her perkiness. I know some thinks Philip is wooden, I will beg to differ. Yes his hair is just not moving at all, he has freaky lips, he speaks funny but that man has a lot of expression and his fighting is superb and he has a body to show. And his Lung Shing Fu is more interesting than how boring Kuen Lo is.

    I love the villain, Carlo Ng is amazing and his death scene was great and he was scary. He was also a believable fighter. I wished he had more wardrobe though.

    But the one I really like, character and performance is Chiu Ha. That woman is just.. wow! The way she fights, Grace is very believable. She has more to do than poor Nancy who is saddled with a character who has a more intriguing background (assassin? Killer? Who trained her?), who has better fighting skill who actually kills on first touch… poor Nancy. I love how grace goes after her father’s killers, what she said before their deaths, how she killed them, how she got to know her brother, her relationship with Nga Lo and frankly how she does the unexpected; like instead of taking up a branch to lit the fire to torch the body of Carlo, she kicks the fighter. I was like woahhhhh super cool! I hope she doesn’t die.

    It would seem Ruco and Nancy get top billing but characters wise, Nga Lo and Chiu Ha are both better deal. I don’t get the whole Nancy Ruco chemistry. I thought Ruco had more with Grace. I can’t stand the scenes where Nancy perks up her bottom, not because her bottom’s terrible or it isn’t cute but her behaviour isn’t in line with the story. Both Ruco and Nancy got a bad deal. One more week and I hope one week is enough to redeem them and give these fine actors better ending than they had until now.

    As for criticisms of Moon being too cute, too lively, not in line with the story’s tone.. i am surprised no one said so about Nancy. I mean between happy go lucky rich girl without a care in the world being lively, cute and an older girl whose sweet assistant was brutally raped to death and died in her arms, who has more cause to be cute, lively? Moon doesn’t deserve that criticism. Neither does Nancy. It is the writing.

    Between this ans House of Spirits, HOS was way better written. At least it is funny when it is supposed to be funny, moving when supposed to be moving.

    A Fist Within Four Walls is like TVB, with fist, punching all 4 walls surrounding it but unable to escape what we have all come to expect as the usual fanfare from TVB.

    But the fighting is great if they can stop using the… arm? elbow? That part.

    Please let the ending be good. Kill off nancy. Since she has an incurable heart disease anyway unless she goes to England and gets heart surgery which the story may just end with that sort of ending.

    But you know I’d rather Chiu Ha die. Somehow there’s something movingly and poetic in her death. Oh I love her speech how she will do the dirty work for her brother.

    What a woman!

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    • janet72 replied:

      @funnlim you did a wonderful wrap up till now.

      花曼 wants to be the baddie and avenge for her parents.
      she is cool in her martial moves…I love that fatal stroke signature of her father when killing off the sissy. in fact, the way she fought with that drug addict 福寿金 is impressive…how she took off her shoes calmly and inflicted deadly strokes. COOL!

      Philip is supposed to be Mr Wood. He is a bodyguard…and Moon’s character is so spunky but yet not forced. She is very natural…hiding in between Philip’s vest earlier.

      Episode 19 will show 花曼 telling her brother their relationship.

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    • mulder99 replied:

      @funnlim you pretty much summed it up perfectly….

      I think Grace Wong’s character arc is much more interesting as well and move developed…but I think once Ruco finds out that she is her sister then maybe we might see more of Ruco trying to find out his parents deaths…

      I wonder if Nancy is connected some way with the deaths as she belongs to an assassins group which may also be connected with Ruco’s parents deaths..

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      • isay replied:

        @mulder99 I think you both got yr answers in last nite’s ep. Ruco and Nancy promised that the last 10 eps will be explosive. I will be sad to see it end.

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      • mulder99 replied:

        @isay just watched the latest episode and my theory proved correct…whoo hoo..which just proves that TVB plots are pretty easy to decipher…

        Still entertaining series from TVB this, this one and House of Spirits are both worth watching

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      • janet72 replied:

        @mulder99 the assassin who injured 牙佬’s father is part of the group which Nancy belongs to. that assassin looks like Otto Chan. the coward and useless 叔 is not the mastermind.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:


        Otto might be the younger version of pudding man. The leader of assassin group. The only thing we don’t know is if assassin group was hired by KK or it was the other way round.

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      • isay replied:

        @jimmyszeto Otto is the fan man who was killed in the boxing ring by Philip.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Yes. Surprised they didn’t use Jimmy as the actual killer but still I predicted pudding man correctly as the main villain. Wasn’t exactly difficult to analyse.

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      • smizack replied:

        @jimmyszeto So the person who killed the master was not the pudding man? Is he the big boss of the assassination who hired one of the members to kill the master? How come nancy doesn’t recognize her own leader though?

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      • jimmyszeto replied:


        Pudding man I think is the final boss. Although he has mentioned a chairman, I think he’s the most formidable fighter left in this series. Nancy might not recognise him because he probably wore a mask in front of her. Jonathan knows the leaders face probably because he offered his services to help the boss control the village. Don’t think the boss will spare his life at all even if Jonathan helps. What a waste! This is the biggest role Jimmy Au has been given since The Grand Canal in the 1980s. A likable actor. Fully deserved!

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      • smizack replied:

        @jimmyszeto Wait so who is the guy in glasses who stopped Jimmy from escaping with Nancy? He’s apart of the assassination group too right? Isn’t he the big big boss?

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    • anneyen replied:

      @funnlim … totally agree with your description about “A Fist Within Four Walls” … although im a huge fan of Ruco tvb dramas and was looking forward very much to this series … was trying so hard to try to like the “kuen lo” and “tiu lan” characters while watching the drama, but honestly can’t really feel much emotions in these two characters … is it the script? or the these two characters are just trying too hard? … “nga lo” & “fa man”, “mao zai” & “audrey” as well as the three crooks especially “chun mei gor” is much more interesting and attractive to watch

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  4. kangaroo says:

    So is this series good or bad? so many good reviews & ratings so suprised to hear this(?)

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  5. elizabeth says:

    Oh chucks! I just hope Moon and Philip end up together I didn’t think much of this pairing when i first heard of them but they do have some cute sparks when together and especially in scenes with Yuen Qiu as well. But someone told me only one would survive.

    I think the story is pretty blah, and most of the story has filler scenes. But the action scenes are very well choreographed except the CGI and slow mo scenes. I see in the BTS that the MA choreographer is Phillip Kwok who I have not seen for decades (last one was “Hard-Boiled” with Chow Yun Fat).

    There are some very hot-blooded scenes like ep 4, ep 5, ep 9, ep 10 and ep 18 where the mass fights is very suspenseful and you will feel like cheering the characters on.

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    • mulder99 replied:

      @elizabeth the fight scenes are ok, for the most recent Kung fu series..

      However, the fights are choreographed very short stints, the hand to hand combats don’t go long enough….obviously due to being actors and using high speed cameras to make it realistic. I actually like Grace Wong’s fighting…she really puts everything in for a non fighting actor…

      But if you look at the Kung fu series from the 80’s particularly from ATV/RTV , the fighting is heaps better still…the hand to hand combats can last 1-2 mins for each scene… Where as now you get 10-15 seconds max…

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        You have a fair point there! Definitely not as well done nor as long ATV/RTV action. Don’t think TVB has the resources nor the talent to be choreograph such long fighting scenes. Imagine the hard work for the untrained in fighting actors if having to act in long fighting scenes. Everyone will be reluctant to film such series because probably not worthwhile for the money they are payed.They have done well with the resources they have in this series. The fight scenes are short but very good.

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      • lileric replied:

        @mulder99 Now that I think about it, I can check any of Dicky Cheung’s older series that had fight scenes, and they were all indeed longer in each scene.

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  6. groundhog says:

    Love this series. Anxiously waiting for the next episode every night and repeatedly watching/re-watching. I love 拳佬 who is a sun-shine guy and always positive. It has been a long long time ago that I enjoy tv series with my family like this series. I am also happy that my colleagues discuss this series during the lunch time.

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    • isay replied:

      @groundhog me too!!! Can’t believe we’re counting down to the final 9 eps. Going to be boring nites on TV again after this ends :'(

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  7. funnlim says:

    So sad that I was right and in right order too. Lung Shing Fu’s fight scene with pudding man was the best fight thus far and so brutal. amazing moment and well acted.

    But I had a great laugh at one scene where Kap Sun asked someone to find Kuen Lo. I mean come on, follow Sun Mei and there he is! How hard is it? So funny.

    I don’t get why the writer just don’t let Nancy do anything at all. I don’t get her character. Purposeful ones are getting killed off.

    I predict Nga Lo is deep undercover. He knows, he knows a lot.

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    • went replied:

      I know, soooooo….freaking sad. He’s my favorite character in this series. And what an exaggeration w/the metal body of pudding man? WTH, unbelievable. I don’t get the purpose of Nancy’s character, she literally had that good assassin scene when that little girl died but she can literally be an eliminated female lead. I really don’t feel a thing of her and Ruco. I just love Moon Lau & Philip Ng’s love line but damn it was a such a sad end for them esp PN since he is supposed to be undefeatable…:0( I was tearing up when he died.

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