Ruco Chan and Wayne Lai are the TV Kings for the 2016 StarHub TVB Awards

Two TV Kings were crowned this year at Singapore’s seventh annual StarHub TVB Awards, which were held this past Saturday on October 22, 2016. Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), respectively for A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> and Short End of the Stick <公公出宮>, won My Favorite TVB Actor. This is Wayne’s first TV King win in Singapore and Ruco’s third consecutive win, creating a new record.

Ruco and his A Fist Within Four Walls costar Nancy Wu (胡定欣), who won TV Queen, were the biggest winners of the night. Their series won My Favorite TVB Drama, and their OST for the show, “Never Know You Are the Best” <從未知道你最好>, won My Favorite TVB Drama Theme Song. The rumored couple also won My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple alongside costars Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Grace Wong (王君馨).

Wayne’s two costars in Short End of the Stick, Rosina Lam (林夏薇) and Raymond Cho (曹永廉), respectively won My Favorite Supporting Actress and Actor.

Law dis-Order <律政強人> star Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Brother’s Keeper 2 <巨輪II> actor Mat Yeung (楊明) won Most Improved TVB Artist. A Fist Within Four Wall’s Moon Lau (劉佩玥) and Law dis-Order’s Matthew Ho (何廣沛) won Best New TVB Artist.

Check out the full list of winners below:

My Favorite TVB Drama
“A Fist Within Four Walls”

My Favorite TVB Actress
Nancy Wu, “A Fist Within Four Walls”

My Favorite TVB Actor
Ruco Chan, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Wayne Lai, “Short End of the Stick”

My Favorite TVB Supporting Actress
Rosina Lam, “Short End of the Stick”

My Favorite TVB Supporting Actor
Raymond Cho, “Short End of the Stick”

My Favorite TVB Female TV Characters
Kristal Tin, “Brother’s Keeper II”
Mandy Wong, “Law dis-Order”
Alice Chan, “Lord of Shanghai”
Grace Wong, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Selena Li, “Presumed Accidents”
Tracy Chu, “Over Run Over”

My Favorite TVB Male TV Characters
Edwin Siu, “Brother’s Keeper II”
Benjamin Yuen, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Moses Chan, “Fashion War”

Kenneth Ma, “Lord of Shanghai”
Bobby Au-yeung, “House of Spirits”
Vincent Wong, “Over Run Over”

Most Improved TVB Artist
Ali Lee, Mat Yeung

Best New TVB Artist
Moon Lau, Matthew Ho

My Favorite TVB Variety Program
“Eating Well with Madam Wong: Singapore Edition”

My Favorite TVB Infotainment Program
“Not Far But Away: Cuba”

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host
Carol Cheng, FAMA, “Do Did Eat”

My Favourite TVB On-Screen Couple
Nancy Wu and Ruco Chan, “A Fist Within Four Walls”
Grace Wong and Benjamin Yuen, “A Fist Within Four Walls”

My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song
“Never Know You Are the Best” (从未知道你最好) by Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu for “A Fist Within Four Walls”

Bottomslim The Perfect Figure Award
Rosina Lam

Tokyo Bust Express the Sassy Award
Tracy Chu

Source: IHKTV

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  1. Congrats, Ruco. U are the best. However, O sm very surprised that Alex Fong and the other lawyer guy in Law disorder did not win the fav male char award. They were brilliant m certainly more deserving than Edwin Siu.

    1. @loveruco

      Actually My Favourite TVB Male & Female TVB Characters awards always go to artists who attended the ceremony for some reason…lol

      I also feel that perhaps Joyce Tang (House of Spirits) is more deserving for the award instead of Selena Li who only guest starred in Presumed Accident.

      1. @ivan But not all Singaporeans have Star hub TV. It’s like paid cable TV. Hmm…. who is from Singapore here… cos I thought Singapore cares about kpop much more than hk entertainment.

  2. Why two TV kings? I’m sorry, I don’t think Wayne Lai from “Short End of the Stick is nothing special and doesn’t deserve any TV king awards. His acting in”No Reserve 3” is much better.

    1. @rainbow28 i think so too…his 公公出宫 is not spectacular at all. why have 2 TV kings while nancy is the sole winner for tv queen??? surely Ruco deserves the tv king award since this is his 3rd time.

      1. @janet72
        Yes I am puzzled too why 2 TV kings ridiculous….TVB HK manipulated they play dirty suppress to let Ruco win solo. You watch out am sure HK TVB 2016 they may not list Ruco to be TV King. Very biase play dirty

      2. @elcmei I think Wayne himself was surprised he won. The media practically ignored him and most of the press coverage was on Ruco and Nancy.

      3. @elcmei tvb is playing a dirty game…there is no reason to give wayne lai a tv king award and to hear his sarcastic remark. wayne lai will not leave tvb…but ruco chan’s 人气 is very strong now.

  3. What was so outstanding about Wayne Lai’s performance in Short End Of The Stick that he deserves to share the award with Ruco? Does it takes a lot to play an eunuch role? I have seen many other TVB actors who played eunuchs better. And the drama itself was not nothing memorable. Singapore viewers got it wrong.

    1. @creditor that eunuch role is so so…why give wayne lai tvb king for that??? i am a singapore viewer and i didn’t even watch that drama.

  4. Ruco’s performance wasn’t that great. It was just a typical Ruco role that he carried out to a decent standard. Not much of a breakthrough. Ruco might win because there hasn’t been an memorable performances this year by anyone.There hasn’t been a decent series all year. Wayne Lai’s villain performance in No Reserve is better but the series is damn awful. I don’t think it’s the explicitness of the series is why TVB froze the series for so long. It’s because the series is absolute rubbish. I don’t know what has happened to Lee Tim Sing in the last few years. He should have stayed retired.

    1. @jimmyszeto Ruco’s performance may not be that great but it was definitely better than Wayne’s don’t you think? For the 2 to share the award means that their performances were on par, but as I said earlier, Wayne’s acting in Short End Of The Stick was run of the mill.

      1. @creditor

        I was talking about No Reserve.I don’t think any performance this year deserves the best actor award. Hopefully Bosco pulls one off because it will be weird if Ruco wins when most of his previous performances have either been better or at least similar to ‘A fist within four walls’. It has been a weak year and the winner will be the least deserved winner since Kevin Cheng’s ‘Under the Canopy of Love’ win in 2006.

      2. @jimmyszeto Of what relevance to bring in Wayne’s performance in No Reserve. He was co-awarded with Ruco for his performance in Short End Of The Stick and we should therefore be comparing his role in that drama with Ruco’s in A Fist Within Four Walls.

      3. @creditor
        It is relevant. I have never considered these foreign awards to be actual proper awards. They are based on popularity with fans rather than acting skills.I’m sure the artists are more interested in the real one in a couple of months time too.

      4. @jimmyszeto the real TV king award in HK is the award the artistes look forward to…what they receive in Singapore and Malaysia are like starters of a main course. But I don’t really like Wayne’s character as the eunuch…in fact, i skipped the drama after watching 2 episodes.

      5. @creditor Ruco’s character in 4 walls definitely deserves the Best Actor award…that is not an easy role compared to the eunuch role for Wayne Lai.

    2. @jimmyszeto
      At the age of 39, Ruco played a 26 year old hot-headed, simple, emotional young guy was already a breakthrough.
      He’s often given complicated, half villain roles and Kuen Lo was a new challenge. Simple characters are more difficult to portray. His performance was great. Wayne shared the award becos SEOTS has achieved high v. ratings, and to compensate his loss of on screen for NR. Anyway, both are great actors and deserved winners.

      1. @66ksc 39 year old acting as someone in 20s is no easy feat…the other challenging role is that guy who played retarded. starhub/tvb gave the awards to several artistes who don’t deserve them. tracy chu, selena lee are not even prominent. bobby’s character was just so-so.

  5. For me…both Ruco & Wayne deserve the TV King Awards not because of their acting in their nominated drama this year, but because they are indeed great actors. Their roles in their respective drama are not much of a breakthrough.

    What i would consider a breakthrough performance this year is Vincent Wong’s good acting in EU. But to win a TV King this year is too early & impossible for him.

  6. My fav TVB themesong in 2016 so far is still “The Executioner”‘s by Hubert Hu but recall not seeing this song in the list.

  7. Why isn’t Ruco’s performance great? From the funny to the emotional to the romantic to the fighting scenes he did very well. The only thing that isn’t so great about this drama is the script after ep 21. Who can perform just as good let alone better than him in this drama? Who cares what a few arm chair critics say about this drama or his performance? The crowd loved everyone and everything about this drama. Watch the clips and you can see the loudest cheers were for those from AFWFW and especially for Ruco and Nancy. Their performance of the song received a standing ovation from colleagues like wayne and even tvb top brass. Everyone loved kuen lo and it’s becos Ruco made kuen lo loveable. Simple trusting loyal and sometimes rash, Ruco made kuen lo 3 dimensional and come alive.

  8. No comments different countries different taste some viewers are looking for their handsome idol as their winner not his performance as for the best actress category Nancy is lucky for 2 consequences years that no strong opponent of good actresses in tvb who else to be nominated other than Nancy.

  9. Now i’m looking forward to Roger Kwok’s performance in the coming anniversary drama. We never know…Roger may clinch the award once again as he is another strong contender for the best actor category.

    1. @diana80 I’m afraid TVB will not let Roger’s series be in the race. At least the malaysia award next month has already excluded Roger’s show, but still included priscilla wong for the new show that haven’t aired when that list came out.
      Safe to say Ruco might get BA and male character. I do have to admit that the series was a smash hit this year. I live in USA but my sister is obsessed with the show.

      1. @lle1234

        I think Roger’s series is excluded for the Malaysia award, but will be included for the TVB award in December because his series will end right before the awards ceremony on 18 December.

        I do hope Roger will be in the race to liven up the competition for best actor category…since there is nothing much to anticipate for the best actress category this year.

  10. This is the first year Tavia will not be attending award shows. This marks the end of the era for the past 5 Fa dans. ITs hard for me to accept the fact that Nancy will probably get BA two times in a row making her tie with Charminae, Liza, and Sheren. Its just the right timing for her. Of course I’m not a Nancy fan which is why this bothers me a little bit. Its safe to say that Tavia got her time at the top so right now its fair for Nancy to have her moment because she worked hard to to get to today. However, my heart stays with Tavia and i don’t think i can find any new fa dan that can replace her position. I hope Tavia will have a good comeback in the near future. However I can only hope she gets a good role when she decides to film again.

    1. @lle1234 The idea of Nancy getting it twice to be tied with the names you listed makes me cringe. I’m not denying Nancy has worked hard. She’s also a relatively solid actress. But she lacks the charisma and screen presence (and looks) that marks a lead actress. Despite all the lead roles she’s taken in the last 1-2 years, I still fail to see that leading spark. It’s the same way I feel about Mandy, but Mandy is slightly better.

      But it’s not like she has much competition…

      1. @dandan She is the only leading actress that can lead the station right now. I agree there may be a reason why Mandy and Nancy never got to the first line in the past years. We need to realize that Nancy got pushed to first line last year and became first to grab the award for her first nomination. I just can’t see how ill feel when ruco and nancy both grab the two acting awards and such. Something just don’t feel right and its not them its just my preference of actors. Really it all comes down to the actor and not the script for me. Of course some do watch for the script and not the actors.

      2. @dandan Looks is subjective, Nancy looks more beautiful to me than those you mentioned. She’s also a solid actress; I’ve no issue with her being tied with them.

      3. @isay True, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I didn’t really mention any names, besides Mandy. If you’re talking about Charmaine, Sheren, and Liza that ‘lle1234’ listed, then I do find Charmaine prettier than Nancy. She has nice eyes.

        My main point though was, in my opinion, Nancy doesn’t have the charisma of a lead actress, despite taking lead roles for the last 2 years. Nancy getting TVB Best Actress award secured this year (most likely), to be honest, is more of a matter of timing and lack of anyone else there to compete with her. There’s not even a bother from the media to actually hype it up. She isn’t close to Sheren’s league, who did win twice in a row with the skills and presence to back it up, as well as with talent in the competition (Ada, Teresa, Maggie) and the hype.

        As for Mandy, I also find Mandy prettier than Nancy. Her looks reminds me of Alyssa Chia, but Alyssa’s face is brighter and more charming, making her more attractive.

      4. @dandan thank you for your opinion. I don’t agree but it’s ok. Nancy is a good actress. Noticed her since Gloves come off. She deserves everything good that’s coming her way now.

  11. The results are good.

    Esspecialy the supportactor. Raymond Cho

    I do think that or Grace WONG or ALI Chan has to winn the support actress XD

    Moon And Matthew are good this year with them roles

    Matty. You and Hugo are the one who i still have watch BK2 after linda and ruco left.

    Hip hip hooray for Ali Lee!!! Your drama’ i definetiley will watch!!!

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