Aaron Kwok Compares Breakup to “Wearing Bad Shoes”

Aaron Kwok (郭富城) is known to be fiercely protective of his personal life, and has remained tight-lipped since his break up with former girlfriend Lynn Hung (熊黛林). While Lynn made no effort to hide her heartbreak, Aaron continued his activities in high spirits, facing the public with his usual calm demeanor. In a recent interview, Aaron finally opened up about his views on relationships and shared the insights that helped him find peace through this difficult time.

Currently promoting his new film Christmas Rose <聖誕玫瑰>, Aaron revealed that the movie drastically shifted his life perspective. Christmas Rose is actress Charlie Yeung (楊采妮)’s directorial debut. The story centers on a criminal case where a disabled piano teacher was sexually harassed by her doctor during a routine medical exam. Aaron plays the righteous prosecutor Tim who must overcome many hurdles as he tries to bring the offender to justice.

Aaron was deeply affected by the moral struggles portrayed in the film and concluded that people should strive to remove themselves from unfavorable situations. Aaron provided an analogy to further illustrate his point, describing an unsuitable relationship as a pair of poorly-fitted shoes: “For example, when you are wearing a pair of poorly-fitted shoes, your feet would hurt all day. You would want to get a more comfortable pair since we have to walk everyday. This is similar to choosing your life partner. You should only wear suitable shoes so you wouldn’t hurt yourself. If you continue to force yourself into bad shoes, it will only cause your feet to bleed and the wounds will be difficult to heal. It may be better to look for another pair.”

A devout Buddhist, Aaron also relied on religious scriptures to maintain internal harmony. He believes that happiness cannot be forced, and that holding on is harder than letting go. “People can get lost in their own pessimism. You can be released however by thinking about others and wishing them better lives. If everyone can think this way, we can achieve world peace.” Aaron shared that the Buddhist scriptures served as his moral compass, helping him turn sadness into positive energy.

Turning the subject back to his new movie, Aaron praised his good friend Charlie Yeung and spoke about a pivotal crying scene. He expressed that while he was able to cry on cue on the big screen, in real life he tends to hide his pain and never sheds a tear. “I am a very strong person. I never cry no matter how hurt I feel. I hold everything deep inside, and then completely release it in my movies.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. and He need 7 years to realize that his shoes is not comfortable?.

    1. Ita,
      It’s perhaps not Aaron at his most eloquent. Comparing Lynn to a pair of ill-fitting shoes will not win anyone’s favor. His idea that relationships cannot be forced can be expressed in better ways.

      1. Jayne,
        It is true that Aaron should not be talking like that and comparing Lynn ot pair of old shoes. However, maybe he is also upset by the way she is talking about him as well so can’t stand it anymore?? There is only so much anyone can take. I do agree that Aaron could have found a better way of expressing his feelings.

      2. HeTieShou,

        Thank goodness Aaron didn’t talk about “old shoes” otherwise that would be worse, as it refers to a woman being called “used goods”.

        But ill-fitting shoes is not good either. It’s the connotation that a person can be tossed aside like material goods when Aaron changes his mind.

      3. Jayne,
        Oh yea, he said bad shoes… Thank goodness he did not say old shoes. But yea, saying bad shoes is not good either. I hope that there will not be anymore reports about this because they have broken up so there is not anything more to talk about.

      4. Agreed Jayne… he’s choice of metaphor is terrible. We all know that people try on NEW shoes for comfort… but after wearing them for time, they can wear out and become uncomfortable often leading to pain, so we buy new.

        So we could assume from his use of the metaphor that Lynn was a great match for him at the start of the relationship, but that as he used her and got used to her, she became old and worn out… so he discarded her to look for a “new pair.”

        Terrible way to describe his relationship IMHO.

      5. TVBFanatic,
        Lynn seemed to the be the one more emotionally invested in the relationship.

        I hope that Aaron didn’t end the relationship with Lynn because of Christine. Tabloids sometimes draw the right connection, but have no proof to back it up.

      6. Sorry – *HIS choice… not he’s ;P

      7. I agree that Lynn was more emotionally invested. That much is plain to see. my objection is to the overuse to metaphor in the entertainment industry. If you are going to say something, SAY IT. Don’t hide behind metaphors… because metaphors can be interpreted in many different ways… and they may not reflect kindly.

        I think it would have suited him better to just leave questions about their relationship alone. If Lynn wants to carry on, fine… no need to stoop to that level.

      8. Fancy referring a relationship to a pair of old shoes!! I bet Lynn will feel insulted even if she maybe the one who broke off the relationship

      9. Lots of people in weibo feel disgusted by aaron’s comment and feel he’s a jerk. his weibo is bombed with criticisms. if he finds the shoes is not appropriate for him, why wait 7 years until he’s not wearing the shoes anymore before announcing that the shoes didn’t fit him? and when he’a rumoured of having new pair of shoes! unfair for the ‘unfit’ shoes!

      10. For crying out loud, he made an analogy. He’s trying to explain that going through life with someone you don’t love is like walking your entire life in a pair of shoes that don’t fit well. Both are equally painful. Get a grip people. Blasting him on weibo is petty and unnecessary.

    2. I’ve known and heard of relationships ended after 8-10 years.

      1. swtlav3ndar,

        I personally don’t believe that a couple should date for 7 to 10 years without real plans for a future together. Unless both agree wholeheartedly that the future together is no marriage, otherwise the relationship is very bleak if one person continuously avoids planning for a joint future together.

      2. Swtlav3ndar,
        I have known marriages that are 40+ years end up in divorce, so a relationship of 10+ years isn’t much at times, but it varies. Some can date for only a few years or even months and it can mean more than someone who dates for 10+ years. It just depends…

      1. Who does not age and can be forever young??? It is so ideal if we think any of our idols can be forever young. They are mortals not immortals. It is no wonder many have to resort to PS, botox and everything just to try to look young in order to keep surviving in this business…

    1. yuk, those yellow teeth + crows eyes…..

      I don’t think Christine would have an affair with someone like him.


      1. without photoshop all of aaron’s wrinkles and yellow teeth are showing! he looks 50+ ! looks old eww

      2. @yeungforlife don’t be too sure about christine. who knows she might be attracted with aaron’s sweet talking to her. maybe not an affair but some flirtatous flings and exchanges enough for lynn to feel betrayed in the relationship and fired up further by aaron’s scheming manager

      3. Agreed, seeing him in a recent “news” video, Aaron looks like a “little old man” and looks nothing like the photo (above), which is likely altered.

        Everytime Aaron opens his “diarrhea” mouth, people dislike him more. Don’t think any “quality” woman will want a “nasty old player” like that.

        “no shoes = bitter nasty old man” 🙂

    2. OMG, probably forgot to check himself out in the mirror before leaving the house? Wow, ugly picture, ugly outfit, ugly hair and ugly smile as well ahahha..usually he looks good but certainly NOT above.

  2. Bitter Aaron. You can tell he’s not too happy about the situation.

  3. Reminds me of a quote from a famous Roman general who divorced his prestigious and dutiful wife for no apparent reason after several years of marriage. When asked why by his friend, he took off his new shoes and said (paraphrasing) “Look at these shoes… are they not fine? Are they not well-made? Yet only I know exactly where they pinch”

    Lol. Just had to share. Men will be men regardless of culture or era.

    1. Maybe that’s where he got the shoe speech from.

  4. okay we get it, no one can force him to be with someone he feels isn’t right for him.

  5. Old shoes bad shoes whatever. we all know he just wants a better pair of shoes and we all know who that “shoe” is.

    1. haha-christine (hint hint nudge nudge)

  6. bitter old man! so ungentleman and butthurt of him to refer to lynn as if she’s a discardable thing!

    aaron and christine’s relationship might be a flirty fling out of aaron’s playful personality that get noticed by lynn and increases her insecurity(rightfully so!) and this article seems to suggest that siu mei take this chance to add oil to lynn’s fire and make her leave aaron out of feeling betrayed! but it’s blessing in disguise for lynn since based on how aaron is describing her, seems like she’s not worth anything to aaron after all these 7 years together. ouch feel bad for lynn.

    1. @sel_fi_wu, agreed, after 7+ yrs, Aaron’s comparison is “weak” and “lame”.

      “no shoes = bitter nasty old man” 🙂

  7. I support you Aaron, no point carry on a relationship and get married just bcoz you have been together for 7 years.

  8. Oh dear, surely he can do better than that.

    Any reference to article of clothing clearly indicates that you are replaceable item and in this case, person.

    Well, could have been worse

  9. And Lynn’s reply…

    Lynn Hung compares breakup to wearing an underwear with massive wedgie!

    “You know, like you have this beautiful lace underwear, expensive, high maintenance, a looker but with an annoying tendency to cause a wedgie and you are like constantly trying to ease that wedgie but not like take off that underwear because it is expensive and you love it and it is your favourite? Now I don’t have that wedgie anymore because I don’t have that underwear anymore. But never mind, next time I shall try a boxer shorts, ugly, unwomanly but dependable and does the job”

    1. Lol! Good one. I really liked “ugly, unwomanly but dependable and does the job” lol.

    2. lol no wonder they were together for so long, they really think alike. both batshtt crazy and self absorbed.

  10. The comparison is kind of bad no matter the reason. If they want to private, they should always ZIP IT like Leon Lai. Hahaha all this hintings and insinuatings are never a good thing.

  11. this reminds me of the last episode of Hannibal where Larry Fishburne’s actor explains his character’s wife’s nickname – Bella.
    I didn’t realize until now that since the character was played by his second wife – his first wife probably watched this episode closely.


    I mean Seng Lung wouldn’t even put his wife out there because at least one Japanese fan committed suicide at the news.

    I KNOW human beings are capable of emotional refinement and kind guard against even a glimmer of emotional violence. Can we get some kind of rule established where we don’t cause ripple effects?

    tsk, tsk.

  12. You really wonder if Lynn did anything to provoke Aaron to say these things???

    1. Seems more like Aaron’s camp will try/say anything for “damage control”.

    2. Gentlemen should be beyond provocation 😉

      1. True, what’s worse is Aaron is the one doing the provoking. His IQ and EQ are both way low.

      2. that’s my perception of aaron’s iq and eq level after this disgusting analogy.

    3. sounds like either aaron’s manager give aaron the wrong script to say for PR or she’s not around to control aaron’s big mouth from revealing his jerk nature.

    4. Did Aaron actually write or say those actual words? Or were words put into his mouth???

      1. Yes, he did say that re youtube @ 0:36.

        Doesn’t matter if his shoes analogy is just a general pov on love relationship, and may not have directed specifically at Lynn, just him using the ‘discarded, ill-fitting old shoes’ analogy shows his bad judgment and insensitiveness, not to mention offensive to women given the derogatory connotation of ‘rotten shoes’ to Chinese.

      2. See the video that is not dubbed showing only still photos.

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