Aaron Kwok Gets Mistaken for Leon Lai

By on December 30, 2018 in NEWS

Aaron Kwok Gets Mistaken for Leon Lai

Yesterday, Aaron Kwok (郭富城), his pregnant wife, Moka Fang (方媛), and their daughter attended Hong Kong Jockey Club Racecourse to support his new horse named after his song, “Dancing Spirit”. When he and his family arrived, they were surrounded by many fans hoping for a picture. During this time, a fan called Aaron by the name of Leon (黎明), which left the crowd with laughter.

Before the family arrived, the paparazzi was already waiting for Aaron’s arrival. Moka was wearing a beautiful red dress that displayed her belly bump while Aaron escorted her carefully. Their assistant was carrying their one-year-old daughter, Chantelle, as they walked into the racecourse.

An excited fan approached Aaron and asked, “Leon, can I take a picture with you? Good luck!” in which he responded with a smile, “My name is Aaron”. Though Aaron was mistaken for another Heavenly King, it did not ruin his mood and in the end, his horse won second place in the race.

In the past, Chen Kun (陳坤) also experienced the same misunderstanding in which many fans called out “You’re so handsome Yang Kun (楊坤)!” He immediately corrected his fans, which made them laugh.

Source: Ettoday

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Aaron Kwok Gets Mistaken for Leon Lai

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  • 5 comments to Aaron Kwok Gets Mistaken for Leon Lai

    1. yuaida says:

      How is it possible that anyone can mistaken Aaron for Leon?………He is around 4 inches shorter and that is even with inserts in his shoes……….hahahahaah.

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    2. mike says:

      probably a paid mui to create news. have seen it done purposely by fake interviewers as a prank in USA.

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    3. elizabeth says:

      Was “the fan” visually impaired?

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    4. m0m0 says:

      there are suprising number of people who don’t pay attention to showbiz. at least my the older generations like grandparents and some older parents. they only stay in the old times and don’t watch tv.

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    5. jjwong says:

      How far along (ie # of yrs) are those 2 pics? Leon looked his age and Aaron looked very haggard.

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