Aaron Kwok in Good Spirits Amidst Break Up Rumors

After Lynn Hung (熊黛林) posted a photo online wearing her new pinky ring, fans and the media quickly assumed that Lynn and boyfriend Aaron Kwok (郭富城) may have finally called it quits. Lynn and Aaron’s 7-year relationship has been plagued by negative rumors and challenged by Aaron’s refusal to marry Lynn.

Recent rumors about Christine Kuo (苟芸慧)’s involvement with Aaron also added fuel to Lynn’s misery. Although the couple quelled earlier break-up rumors when Lynn appeared at Aaron’s Hong Kong concert in March, they were ultimately unable to come to terms regarding their future together.

On Wednesday, Aaron attended a celebratory dinner for his film Conspirators <同謀>. Wearing sunglasses and a chic blazer, Aaron appeared to be in a good mood and carried a smile on his face throughout the evening. His co-star, Nick Cheung (張家輝), was also present. The two expressed excitement over their film’s positive reception at the box office, and Aaron is happy to have found a friend in Nick.

Aaron Comments on Breakup

When reporters pressed about the breakup rumors, Aaron immediately replied in a serious tone. “I will not answer these questions. You know my personality, I never comment on my personal life. Love really depends on fate.” Aaron then tried to re-direct reporters, sharing that he is in a good mood because he has work, and emphasized that he had always given his all for his projects.

Reporters then turned the questions to Nick, asking for his comments about Aaron’s relationship. The film king is a loyal friend however and kept his lips tightly sealed. “I will not comment. He will talk about it if he wants to.”

Aaron then mentioned that he will travel to Beijing later to promote the film. When reporters asked if he will stop by Lynn’s hometown in Nanjing, Aaron pretended not to hear and ignored the question.

To ease the awkwardness, Nick stepped in and asked the reporters to make up rumors about him instead. Aaron joked, “This guy has no juicy gossips even if he tries. I’ll give you an opportunity today! Start a rumor with me!” Nick laughed and said that Brokeback relationships are not his cup of tea.

Aaron was later asked once again to address his dating rumors. He appeared irritated at the questions. “Love depends on fate. I have always been very low-profile. I want to keep my privacy so I will not talk about it. I have always put all of my focus on making films, even risking my life this time jumping off bridges. You guys only want to talk about rumors. Please show some respect to the actors!”

Aaron Softens Over Christine Kuo

Aaron seemed to soften up however when the press asked about Christine Kuo’s emotional breakdown earlier when she addressed “third party” rumors. Aaron responded saying he does not know Christine very well, but she should not cry over these rumors as truth is on their side.

Nick then suggested for Aaron to atone by taking Christine out to a meal. Aaron immediately said, “What, invite her to a meal at a time like this? I don’t think so!” Aaron then asked the media to apologize to Christine on his behalf, sorry that these false rumors have caused damage to her name.

Christine Reveals the Truth

Christine has been upset over the media branding her as a “third party” in Aaron and Lynn’s relationship. With her eyes turning red with emotion, Christine said, “My company showed me the reports today. I’m very unhappy. I didn’t do it, but the press reported it in this manner. I feel terrible; I hope the press will write the truth.” Asked what was the truth, Christine said, “I am not the third party.”

Although Christine and Aaron shared good chemistry on a PCCW mobile ad together, after which Christine attended Aaron’s March concert, she said that they have not been in contact. Asked if there will be a chance for them to date in the future, Christine said, “Aside from work, I will not think about other things. At this time, there is no chance.”

Source: Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Aaron thinks he’s too good to talk to the press or that he’s too good to commit to any one girl………….I heard from some fans that behind the scenes, the guy acts like a real “stuck-up a-hole”…….I believe it.

    1. Yes .
      Don’t need to even be on the scene.
      From all the news you can figure out this
      guy is a real pain in the arse

    2. can’t blame him, remember aaron getting his first award, think it was for dancing, his manager or someone else was very mean to him, aaron was so happy to have won the award that he started jumping but he got scolded from that guy instead, he didn’t get to be with good people while he was growing up so he didn’t get to learn how to be kind, between, i don’t think his new so called girlfriend christine kuo is that nice of a person too.. so he better keep his eyes peeled

      1. what has christine done to not be nice? stop with your bs. just trashing her name and creating false stories, go read your asinine life-ruining tabloids.

      2. if christine is good, why where there rumours about her? why aren’t there any rumours about gigi lai, for instance being a bit$h? you know what people say about rumours? there must be some thruth in it.. else christine would not appear at aaron kwok’s concert, giving strong comments too

      3. response to smog…Christine response earlier that she came to Aaron’s concert because of Mrs. Luk’s last minutes invite. She said they can learn some stage skill…I am not Christine’s fans, but she seems a nice good girl to me

      4. response to al.. christine made a strong remark at aaron’s concert, “it’s a rotten peach blossom!” then Aaron dyed his hair from blue to black and joked, “blue (which has the same sound as rotten in mandarin) peach blossom should be washed off after the show!” .. i believe christine and aaron had sex together, that’s why the bold remark by christine and aaron responded to it too..

      5. sandcherry is right.. time will tell us the truth

      6. I kinda do agree that there may be some truth with the rumors between Aaron and Christine. Especially since she went to Aaron’s concert. There’s always the explanation that someone noted earlier (something about learning stage skills?) but seriously…here you are denying that you are not the third party…crying and apologizing for making the wrong comments (or whatever)…and then you attend his concert. Not really the best time to do that…even if it was a good opportunity for her to learn stage skills or whatever. And Christine seems like a smart girl…every time I read newspaper or magazine articles where reporters are following her…she ends up buying them lunch or drinks. It can be that she is truly a nice girl or she is trying to kiss butt to them.

      7. lynn come out yesterday and confirmed the breakup to press. this time lynn don’t deny about christine but just answers vaguely. suspicious? did something come into light after the concert?

  2. Time will tell us the truth. Wait for a few more months and we should be able to find out the truth.

    1. Some of those artists like to play “cover up”. Perhaps we have to wait for years or forever. Andy Lau still very secretive and protective of his families to share with fans and public. Perhaps Aaron wants to be like him too.

      I somehow believe 80% of what the reports wrote. Very often, things turned out to be right! Most of the time, those artists are the one often denying. Ronald and Charlene’s marriage is one of the good examples.

      1. interesting .. will this be aaron’s or christine’s downfall?

  3. when ya in love, you able to forgive any flaws or shortcomings from your partner. But when you with that person for a while you begin to see the flaws of that person. The relationship becomes rocky and arguments happen. A relationship only works when you don’t see the flaws of other but see your flaws!

  4. “Although Christine and Aaron shared good chemistry on a PCCW mobile ad together…”

    HAHAHAHAHA. I recall the ad only showing them sharing the same screen for less than 5 seconds.

    1. hey 5 seconds on-screen but off-screen you never know haha. Only time will tell 🙂

  5. I think he managed the press pretty well.

    As for the softness with christine..well if I knew some chick was innocently framed for being a third party, I would have been just as soft, maybe a bit sad to see a fellow human being aimlessly and falsely called the third wheel.

  6. Of course he is in a good spirit; he will have the chance of moving on to a younger and fresher prey.

    Life is good for the 50-yr-old midget.

    1. agree!
      afterall he doesn’t really put his loved so he just switch casually to another beauty

  7. HK press are so unprofessional and rude. Why would you continuously ask a question that the person has politely said they wont answer? How would they like it if a bunch of reporters did the same for their private lives?

  8. and why should christine cry?. It’s normal for celebrity to have this kind of rumour. Crying will just make the situation worst. I didn’t see nancy wu cry when she has this kind of rumour. Save your tears for something worth it.

    1. I think it’s just how she is. Her sensitivity is a part of her personality. She has every right to be upset at these rumors and everyone has different ways of expressing their frustration (crying, getting pissed off, acting like normal, etc)

      1. it also show she is pure of heart. that is why she react this way.

      2. its scarier if someone didnt have a reaction and just was sarcastic, egotistic, or rude the way some other TVB actress react to every unfavorable rumor.

      3. she was recruited TVB after winning Miss Chinese International. what is not innocent about that? her entry into the entertainment is transparent and clear.

  9. only time will tell…i am no fans for anyone in here….but i don’t believe Christine being the “third” person…she know better than that being “third” person will destroy her career…she would be smarter than that…

    1. one more thing…her x-boy friend and a lot of her friends in this industry gave good comments on Christine and believe she would not be the “third” person…

      1. no one can be too sure. sometimes friends also don’t know other friends dark little secrets.

  10. aaron sounds like without feelings for lynn. normal guy in love with his girlfriend normally should soundsad and at least show hints of sadness or pain. does aaron not love lynn?

      1. lol what can she do? he has a mind of his own. stop heaping blame on christine, yall are crazy.

  11. He is just afraid to marry her because he has to share his money with her.

    1. im sure he saw an example from his bud Leon Lai’s marriage with his ex-wife running away with her new beau w/ half of Leon’s assets/lifetime savings that Leon worked hard all his life to earn, Aaron is probably scared witless(since he is such a money guy) such as what would make lynn diff from gaile? its just a mirror in his eyes.

      1. he just didn’t like her enough to sacrifice the material part of a relationship. well at least she finally got the heads up, or else her period to give birth will be even shorter.

  12. that’s also why Kathy Chow doesn’t marry her boyfriend. Obviously, if she needs to still film dramas in tvb at her age means her bf is poor to provide for her. She don’t want him to have acess to her assets. May be selfish but hey ppl can change anytime.

    1. thats what i thought. incidents of younger men leaving older women happen too often (ekin-gigi-maggie)(joel chan-wife-florinda), kathy knows better than to marry off half her assets and have her “husband” run away with his future mistress. her marriage with ray lui didn’t work so of course she must be cautious. nothing in this world lasts forever, just enjoy it while it does.

      1. yeah, aaron should write one if he marries christine

      2. yeah like, what is mine is mine and what is yours is yours, we’ve some fun, that’s it

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