Aaron Yan Disappointed that Taiwanese Voters Reject Same-Sex Marriage

Since the revelation of Aaron Yan‘s (炎亞綸) homosexuality through a jealous ex-boyfriend, the 33-year-old Taiwanese star has received overwhelming support from fans and friends. Now free to be himself and expected to express his opinions on LGBT matters, Aaron voiced his disappointment at the rejection of legalizing same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

On November 24, referendums were held in Taiwan to legalize same-sex marriage. Seven million voters had voted against the inclusion of same-sex couples under Taiwan’s Civil Code, leaving not only gay rights supporters in heavy disappointment. Aaron expressed his disappointment with a long Facebook post, “Although, the outcome of the referendum is not ideal, and it was a rough and difficult process, but at least we know that we are united. We understand each other, and so we must be more courageous.”

Showing concern for those who is suffering stress, prejudice and bullying for being gay, he continued, “This is a difficult period for those who are suffering pressure and inner struggles, but please know that there are a lot of people who care, protect, and give attention and support.  This path is originally not an easy walk, but you all must understand that, you’ve done nothing wrong. No person is the same and no one is lower than others. And so, there’s no need to endure or feel responsible for the violence and hate comments.”

Being supportive, Aaron requested them to be courageous and stand up for themselves during abusive situations. “Please bravely defend yourselves. For those who aren’t so confident, then please seek help or at least, tell me. You can tell me here, whatever comments, private message, I’ll listen. I’m willing to help carry your burdens and find you your support.”

Aaron ended the post with the insight, “We should be equal when we’re born. It’s this world that isn’t so understanding. It still needs to learn. Love you all. Knowing to choose love in viewing this world, you guys are already very good!”

Source: Udn

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.


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  1. I am disappointed too. All people deserve happiness and the freedom to be themselves. This close-mindedness will continue to harm gay people and those around them.

  2. it’s sad to deny equality on a certain group of people based on specific traits and think that they deserve lesser than the rest that are deemed “normal”. when all humans recognize that although we are different in our skin color, beliefs, sexual orientation, etc, we are all in the same. it’s a great leap that mankind as a whole has yet to make.

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