Actor Tony Liu’s History of Domestic Abuse

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Actor Tony Liu’s History of Domestic Abuse

Hong Kong actor Tony Liu (also known as Lau Wing 劉永) is known for his violent temper. Married three times, two of Tony’s marriages ended because of domestic abuse. He had disfigured his first wife, former Taiwanese actress Tai Liang Chun (戴良純). His second marriage with Hong Kong actress Eva Lai (黎燕珊) ended because of his cheating and abuse.

First Marriage with Tai Liang Chun

Taiwan is known for its beautiful women, and many actresses were discovered in Taiwan and later on became stars in Hong Kong. The 1970’s had Brigitte Lin (林青霞), the 1990’s had Joey Wong (王祖賢), and the 1980’s had Tai Liang Chun.

In 1980, Shaw Brothers looked to Taiwan to uncover new talent. They discovered 22-year-old Tai Liang Chun who was in her second year of university and signed her to a five-year contract. She left for Hong Kong to start her new career and filmed her first movie, 1981’s One Way Only <單程路> which was directed by Golden Horse winner Danny Lee (李修贤).

Her career was smooth sailing but unfortunately the same could not be said about her love life. In 1982, Liang Chun fell in love with her co-star Tony Liu and married him shortly after. After marriage, Tony’s personality changed and he frequently abused her.

Disfigured Ex-Wife’s Face

Liang Chun escaped to Taiwan to stay with her family, but Tony suspected that she had cheated on him and chased her down, using knives and forks to permanently disfigure her face.

Tony claimed that he was very remorseful after the fact and immediately took her to the hospital and apologized. However, her parents were adamant on taking this matter to court.

Liang Chun originally agreed to a 6 million TWD settlement. However, she changed her mind and decided to sue him for attempted murder.

Fled to Hong Kong to Avoid Prison

The court handed a two-year-and-sixth-month prison sentence to Tony but he fled the country before his appeal. He also did not attempt to hide but rather continued his career in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Due to the fact that there is no extradition agreement between Hong Kong and Taiwan, Tony was able to avoid prison. According to Taiwan’s law, there is a 10-year-period before the case is closed. So in 2011, Tony was able to participate in the Golden Horse Awards ceremony held in Taiwan. As well, it is said that he only paid a small sum of 100,000 TWD to Liang Chun as a settlement fee.

Liang Chun’s life story is quite pitiful as she then had a relationship with a Taiwanese doctor but was also a victim of his domestic abuse. It is rumored that she had multiple abortions for him.

After breaking up, she met a Japanese doctor and married him in 1992. However the Taiwanese doctor chased her down in Japan, killing her husband and stabbing her in the back of the head.

At one point, the police suspect that she had corroborated with her ex-husband to plan this murder. However they cleared her of suspicion after further investigation but her husband’s family still have their doubts leading to a fight for his estate. In the end, Liang Chun did not win his estate but it was rumored that she is the beneficiary of his life insurance payment worth up to 1 million RMB. Afterwards, she disappeared and other than rumored sightings, no one has any idea where she is.

Second Marriage with Eva Lai

In 1992, Tony had his second marriage to Miss Asia 1985 winner Eva Lai (黎燕珊). They had a son and daughter together. However in 2000, it was rumored that Eva had enough of his domestic abuse and had filed for divorce.

While Eva had dated Tony, many had warned her it was a bad idea due to his history with his ex-wife. But Eva was blinded by love and didn’t see any of Tony’s faults, until his violent temper emerged after their marriage. It was alleged that Tony had cheated and left bruises on Eva’s face during their arguments. Describing her marriage with Tony as a “nightmare,” Eva deeply regretted ever loving him.

After divorce, Tony stopped paying alimony which left Eva to raise their children on her own. Falling into financial difficulty, Eva had even once considered suicide. But her love for her children forced her to grow stronger and she eventually established herself as a successful host when returning to the entertainment industry.

Dumped by Third Wife

In 2007, Tony married for the third time to a woman 30 years his junior. They have two sons, age 12 and 8 and lived in Shenzhen. It was recently reported that his wife has decided to file for divorce and split his assets in half. As well, their two sons will return with Tony to live in Hong Kong.

A recurring pattern in all of Tony’s marriages is his inability to hold long-term relationships. Despite his controversial personal life, Tony remains active and appeared in Hong Kong movie Little Q <小Q> earlier.

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  • 9 comments to Actor Tony Liu’s History of Domestic Abuse

    1. dramas4me says:

      Wow. This guy is a monster. That poor 1st wife – hope she is ok now. What shocking is why the other two women married him knowing he had a history with the 1st wife. I hope his sons will not repeat the history like him when they grow up. I know a son who abused his wife – his father abused his mom when he was growing up.

      Women: never allow a guy to lay a hand on you. If he does it once – he will do it again. Never find an excuse to stay with this type of men. You can not change them. You can only change yourself.

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      • nigel replied:

        @dramas4me very true. Never ever let a man lay his hands on you. Not even for once. My late grandma had a nephew who used to hit his then live-in gf of 8 years. He always hit her on and off whenever his temper flares. The beating so bad coz he is a 6 footer and a weightlifter plus he used cig butts to burn her skin as well. Really violent. Anyway he went on to marry her and continued to hit her after 2 kids. She only reported him in her late 40’s with a restraining order. Really

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        • dramas4me replied:


          Thank you! You don’t know how many women reported domestic violence and then cancelled it afterward. Sometimes they got killed after that. Sad!!!

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    2. m0m0 says:

      i don’t think it’s a good idea to have children or offsprings. they say psychological abilities such as genius, psychopaths, and violent behaviors are passed down through the genes. with this guy’s history of violence, his children could carry the same trait or somewhere down the line there’d be someone just like him if not worst.

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    3. hohliu says:

      I cannot understand how such a man can still have a career in the industry!!
      He is a monster who repeatedly bullies weaker sex and trample over them.
      This scumbag should just be locked up!

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    4. theyenman says:

      This guy sounds like a psychopath. How the heck isn’t he behind bars for 20+ years? And he’s still in showbiz? That’s messed up.

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    5. megamiaow says:

      I cant believe he still managed to continue his career in the entertainment industry. He is literally a criminal! Shame on the people who let him back in.

      Begs belief that women still had relationship with him after knowing what he did.

      I actually dont know who the heck he is though.

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    6. nigel says:

      This guy had a very prominent role in ATV as the first Emperor of China Shi Huang Di starring opposite Fung Bo Bo. He was very convincing in the role since he is such a crazy & violent fella in real life.

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