Alex Fong Constantly Thinks About Stephy Tang After Breakup

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Alex Fong Constantly Thinks About Stephy Tang After Breakup

Since announcing their unexpected breakup after a decade-long relationship, Alex Fong (方力申) and Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) appear saddened in each public appearance. Although they believe that they made the right decision to separate because they they are on different paths, it has been hard to put their shared past behind them.

When speaking about the breakup, Stephy did not reject the possibility of reconciliation. Alex agreed with Stephy’s statement and optimistically said, “Yes, I would say the same thing. Anything is possible.” When asked whether he will work hard to resolve their problems, Alex contemplatively responded, “We thought about whether we should publicly announce it. [We knew] there are many people worried about us. But our decision to publicly announce it was a clear choice. It is not an impulsive decision.”

Dating for ten years inevitably entangled their lives. Alex admitted that it was difficult to not think about their relationship even after the breakup. “We have too many things joined together. The things between two people are too difficult to separate. When I open any social media and look at my own posts, Stephy will also be there. When I see the posts from fans, I see that they are more heartbroken than we are. We have many feelings [toward one another]. We are currently focused on different paths. Neither of us feel it is a pity. We will worry about future things in the future.”

Although Alex is aware of the recent rumors alleging that Stephy actually prefers women, he does not believe these claims. He joked, “I don’t believe it. That’s saying that I’m not attractive enough!”

If Alex and Stephy were to reconcile, will they announce it? “Actually, we were low-profile for about seven or eight years before letting people know. The future is too far away.”


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    Well he always look a bit feminine to me so…

    Anyway 10 yrs is a long time so going to take time to move on. Good luck for sure.

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