Alice Chan Extends TVB Contract 7 Years

When both Joey Meng (萬綺雯) and Alice Chan (陳煒) were still under ATV, it was said that the two former Miss Asia’s struggled to get along. Rumors say that Joey once called out Alice as someone who looked dull, “like a background actress.” Hurt by Joey’s words, Alice got competitive with Joey, and their competition continued when both of them moved to TVB in 2012. 

These rumors came to light when Alice revealed that she had recently extended her TVB contract to another seven years. By having her contract extended, TVB would have more time and resources to push Alice to become a fadan, thus breaking Joey’s leading lady status.

Alice denied the rumors. “I’ve never heard [Joey] say that before,” she said. “I extended my contract for my career. Why would I change my plans because of one person? I love acting, and that’s why I chose to sign with TVB. I am very happy to be given so many opportunities so I can further develop my craft.” The Lord of Shanghai <梟雄> star also denied being in bad terms with Joey, “What a well-written story [rumor]. It’s funny!”

Elena Kong (江美儀), also a former ATV actress, said she has never heard Joey say those words about Alice before. “Is this just a misunderstanding? Joey would never say that.” Elena said Alice and Joey are good colleagues and that all former ATV artists are in friendly terms. “We’re all like family,” she said.

Joey and Alice both signed with TVB in 2012. Joey’s first TVB drama was 2013’s Inbound Troubles <老表, 你好嘢!>, starring opposite Roger Kwok (郭晉安). Alice’s first TVB drama was 2012’s Friendly Fire <法網狙擊>, but she only played a small supporting role. Alice continued to play supporting roles in TVB dramas until this year’s Lord of Shanghai, in which she starred alongside Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Kent Tong (湯鎮業), and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥). She is also getting Best Actress buzz for her role at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards.

After extending her contract, Alice landed a lead role in the upcoming TVB drama Triad Boss Under the Line of Fire <火線下的江湖大佬>. Joey’s contract with TVB ended, but she decided to sign a per-series contract with the station, filming one drama per year. She will return to TVB later this month to shoot the thriller drama Fatal Resurrection <致命復活> with Roger Kwok.


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  1. Personally I think Alice Chan is a better actress than Joey Meng. Joey is quite emotionless, plus her voice is pretty monotonous.

    In every respect, I think Alice Chan is a better actress in terms of look and acting. She just lacked some good luck in her acting career.

    I hope that, because of her new 7-year contract, TVB would promote her more for 1st lead actress’s roles.

    1. @orchid123

      Alice might be less regarded than Joey with she first joined TVB. But, for an ATV actress, she did not lack luck. She heavily promoted in ATV, with many leading roles. Even after ATV changed boss and many leads and big supporting roles were given to outsiders, she still get big roles in series. Some other actresses like Wong Mei on the other hand faded to the background.

      I like Alice Chan. She grows from someone who totally cannot act (check out ‘The Snow is Red’) a very good actress She really has came a long way.

      So, we should all give chances to newbies. 🙂

    2. @orchid123 I quite like Alice. She is very versatile and she still looks great. TVB really lacks female leads and the younger one don’t match with the older male leads. Maybe it will be Alice’s time to shine now that TVB actresses are not renewing their contracts.

  2. I like both of them since they were still with ATV. I really like Alice Chan in Lord of Shanghai. I think she would have made a great pair with Kenneth Ma. Hopefully, they will have opportunity to star opposite each other again in another series.

  3. I felt that through interviews,Alice feel like a more mature and down to earth person to me. Her reply are mostly very honest and practical too. Only got to know her more after LOS…

    1. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      1. @freedalas I think its more of TVB issue than Joey. To maintain her first leading lady status, they give her roles which are very safe or more or less the same. How could she stretch herself?

        Anyone remember A Change of Heart? She was very good as the villain there.

  4. Alice has a feminine aura, and she is damn sexy for her age. She can act too. From crazy, fierce woman to classy lady. She can portray well. Hope to see her in the lead role.

  5. “I love acting, and that’s why I chose to sign with TVB.”

    She said the exact same thing in a past interview when she first join TVB. So, she’s telling the truth. Not just for denying rumour. In the last interview reporter asked her why she chose to sign with TVB and she replied that she loves acting in series.

    1. @kidd I remember reading a recent report about how even after the recognition she got from Lord of Shanghai, her appearance fee per event was still less than Jessie Sum (girl who plays Kent’s mistress); though I suppose that’ll change soon. She replied and said it’s not money she wants but opportunities.

      I just hope tvb will give her what she deserves.

  6. I though Joey wasn’t signed to anyone and she’s just on a per drama contract.. which happens to predominantly all be with TVB.

  7. Alice sure looks good for her age…lots of clinical care, I can tell. Joey looks good too, but def not as plump as Alice.

    Joey has a girly aura so no matter what roles she play, she can be convincing just not mature. And so she doesn’t get a lot of older “mature” roles. Like LoS’ Yiu Gwai Sung…Joey hasn’t been given a chance to play that kind of role because she doesn’t fit the profile. And Alice is very womanly so she can play that kind of character

  8. I’ve never seen much of Alice Chan’s acting before, but just observing her performance in LOS, and everything I’ve seen of Joey since she jump shipped to TVB. I must say, despite who’s more popular than the other, Alice is a better actress than Joey. She possesses a much wider range of emotions and expressions in her arsenal than what Joey has, and I also think that Alice is better looking.

  9. I agree that Alice is more versatile than Joey coz she’s dating to take up any roles in regards to Joey whose characters only focused on being the goody or vulnerable ones. Alice has shown more versatility and I think she would go a long way.

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