Amigo Chui May Go to Prison?

Negative rumors continue to plague Amigo Chui. Last year, Amigo’s girlfriend at the time, Elizabete Kwong alleged that he physically attacked her and left bruises on her neck and arms. After the pair settled outside of court, Amigo’s bad luck continued when he was arrested for drunk driving in October 2010. His driving license was suspended for nine months and he was fined $6,000 (HKD).

When the judge suspended Amigo’s license, he declared that he will respect the court’s ruling. Amigo admitted that he would serve as a poor example for young people. He promised that he will not drive while his license was suspended. Amigo even left a message on his fan site, “I will cherish the present and try my best in the future!”

On December 30th, while Amigo’s license suspension was still active, he was photographed by a tabloid driving his Mini Cooper. When contacted by the press, Amigo denied driving his car on that day and said that he sold his car. However, if the incident turns out to be true, Amigo may be sent to prison for criminal offenses. Prior to the incident being cleared, TVB immediately halted all of Amigo’s work and his future seemed unclear.

Excerpt from Mingpao

Jayne: Amigo Chui seems unable to get out of his slump. The paparazzi seems eager to follow his every move as well, pouncing on any mistakes. It also appears that his relationship with Natalie Tong is definitely over.

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  1. You know, if you can;t stop being a bad boy, at least stop pretending to be a paragon of virtue to all young people as he puts it. Put him to jail, that may teach him a lesson.

  2. He’s down with luck and it doesn’t help that his face looks ready to be beaten up. Not sure how he became famous in the first place. Please don’t tell me he’s talented at hosting.

  3. What’s worse than him repeatedly getting into trouble with the law and not learning from his mistakes is all his empty talk about turning over a new leaf and cherishing his chance. How hypocritical.

    TVB had been far too nice to him, giving him the chance to resume work after the beating incident. He apparently doesn’t treasure his chance. It would be no loss if he disappeared from my TV screen forever.

  4. He’s an actor right? How come his face doesn’t look familiar to me at all? I only know his name through the domestic abuse scandal with his girlfriend…sad.

    1. He is a lead MC and host. He did acted in some… just some TVB series, thats it.

    2. hahahahahas!!
      his face isnt familiar to me too ><!!!!

  5. If he did do it, and he goes to jail, I will not feel sorry for him. TVB has given him so many chances and he always screws up and does not cherish his opportunities. He’s a bad role model for the audience and is putting his own career in jeopardy with his stupid actions. I will also not blame Natalie Tong for drawing a line between them. She’s clearly disappointed in him. With all the support she has given him even with all the mistakes he made, he still does not make the right choices and is a hypocrite.

  6. THis is really sad… I think that if he goes to jail then he may learn his lesson. But hey, you all know the saying “it is easy to change “Jiang Shan” but it is hard to change your original personality”.

  7. He is going to jail. Elizabete Kwong is feeling some justice.

    TVB please fire Amigo and get a new MC/host…. Hell, even bring back Jerry Lamb or even Joey Leung to MC / host shows.

  8. I agree that Amigo should go to jail and learn his lesson. Apart from that, i just don’t like him being any host… not pro enough…

  9. If the new is true I don’t feel bad for him at all. He is an adult and should take responsibility for his action. Appearantly the beating incident was not an awakening call, perhaps going to jail and losing everything will.

  10. PLZ! Let it Happen! Dislike his character/personality, average talent but I really don’t think it will happen, not like TVB would allow it, prob just some community involvement.

    1. No, he is not going to escape the law this time. He is going to jail after the drunk driving incident. He knows he shouldnt be driving with a suspended license after that incident happens which by now, a lot of Hong Kong people already dislike Amigo Choi for doing bad things again.

      He needs to get out of the entertainment business for a very long time.

      Community service wont help him.

      Jail time will be suited for that playboy.

  11. I heard alot about this bad actress lover boy, if this fool goods to prison just to show he is not as luck as Nicolas Tse who escaped justice in my opinion, … wheres justice, justice my foot as stephen chow would say in his funny movie!!

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