Andy On’s Romantic Proposal to Jessica C. In the Maldives

Andy On (安志杰) has successfully proposed to his girlfriend of over one year, Jessica C. while the couple were taking a relaxing vacation in the Maldives. Andy took Jessica to a private beach that he had rented, and then proposed to her with a diamond ring he designed himself.

The pair fell in love after filming the horror action film Zombie Fight Club <屍城> in late 2013. Andy said he admired Jessica’s straightforwardness, and Jessica appreciated Andy’s strong sense of responsibility. In late 2014, the couple were caught kissing and hugging each other by the Hong Kong paparazzi, confirming their relationship. Earlier this month, it was reported that Jessica is already pregnant with Andy’s baby, a rumor that the actor did not deny.

It was said that Jessica was extremely surprised when Andy popped the question during their vacation in the Maldives. Andy took Jessica to private beach he rented for the evening. He set up a canopy, lit candles, and scattered rose petals all over their dinner table. After finishing their meal, Andy took out a bouquet of flowers and an engagement ring he designed, promising Jessica that he will take care of her and their baby forever. Jessica was in tears after Andy’s proposal.

Reports say that Andy and Jessica will not hold their wedding until after their child’s birth early next year.

Jennifer Tse (謝婷婷), who dated Andy for four years until 2013, congratulated the couple. She responded through her assistant today, “Congratulations to them! Wish them bliss and happiness!”

Source: IHKTV

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  1. That’s why sometimes life is interesting. Dating someone for years and you end up marrying someone who you dated only little while. Congrats!!!
    Congratulate thru her assistant? ok….lol…

    1. @kiki:

      (1) “Congratulate thru her assistant? ok….lol…”
      LOL was what I was thinking too. But understandably, it is awkward. Esp since I think it was Tse Ting Ting who decided to break up too.
      (2) “Life is interesting” = it is also called destiny/fate. They’re just not meant to be together, despite dating for years. (yuan fen yi dao)

      1. @nomad822
        Well said nomad! You know the saying “you yuan Qian neng Xiang hui, wu yuan dui mian bu xiang feng”. Fate/destiny really tied them together, or was it Yue Lao?

    2. @kiki
      My thoughts exactly and we have seen that in life a lot. I guess that is what you call “yuen fen”. You can date for many years to no avail but then meet someone else for a short time and then get married right away. I guess Yue Lao pulled his string away and tied it to another person. No one can fight fate or change it in some cases.

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