Angelababy Dissolves 4 Companies

Since announcing her divorce from Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) in January, Angelababy (楊穎) has been focusing on her career. Netizens recently discovered that the actress has dissolved four of her studios located in Jiangsu, and suspect it could be due to tax reasons.

The studios were all closed on the same day. They include: Yang Ying Film and Television Culture Communication Xinyi Studio, Yang Ying Century Film and Television Culture Communication Xinyi Studio, Yang Ying Era Film and Television Culture Communication Xinyi Studio, and Yang Ying Epoch Film and Television Culture Communication Xinyi Studio. The reason given for closing down the companies was that a resolution to dissolve was passed.

The four studios are owned by an investor called Dong Wenying (董文英) and he still has two companies under his name, including Yang Jiajiang Film and Television Culture Communication Xinyi Studio and Xuzhou Huanying Culture Media Center Limited Partnership.

Many netizens are discussing Angelababy’s decision, suspecting that she initially opened the companies to attract investors and to legally avoid taxation. She likely closed them due to poor management and a lack of funding and employees.

Given the crackdown on tax evasion in China on celebrities such as Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Deng Lun (鄧倫), many are hoping that Angelababy will not become the next target.

Source: East Week

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  1. Honestly, they are so rich already… Every normal citizen pay tax… even those that dont earn alot pay their dues according to the rules set by each Country. The taxes are used to run the Country… Why should the rich gets away using loopholes? Take advantage of the system? I know some do that but to be honest, many do not… I know many who pay their tax diligently.
    But, that is not say Angelababy did do so as we do not have news from the Tax office… I am just ranting away as I just recieved my yearly tax bill!!! With much higher cost of living starting from this month….my tax bill came very untimely.

    1. The rich should be taxed more, a 5% more on them doesn’t mean much to them but in absolute amount it generates more tax amount.
      These high earning artists complain about hard work when they have a crew of assistants to take care of them. All of us are working hard but not everyone is earning as much as them. If the rest of us are paying our taxes diligently, why can’t they?
      It probably is over imagination in AB’s situation. Not a fan of hers nor will be sad if she does get cancelled but it is only wild speculation.

      1. I agree, we dont know the truth in regards to AB as yet…but we do know Huang Xiaoming has also been looking into his finances and rectifying any mistakes. In fact, he was not alone, every artistes did so to practise their career and earnings.

        From Deng Lun’s case, I can see if any artiste are willing and honest enough to clean up their accounts and pay their dues, they may not be exposed. In Deng Lun’s case, he did try to rectify but he was not honest with his new tax figures thus he was exposed and blacklisted.

        The tax office are giving those dishonest artistes a chance as it became common practise amounts industry to have Ying-Yang contract… But when this practise was exposed to public, the tax office did use Fan Bingbing to “Kill the chicken to scare the monkey- 杀鸡儆猴”

    2. I used to think that way but rich people’s got their financial goals too. Yes, it is unfair but it is just the way it is. I don’t feel that rich people should be taxed at a higher rate, I just think they need to pay tax at the rate that everyone else has to.

    3. Rich people use corporations to pay lesser tax. I have done a modelling based on my current earnings in my country’s taxation system. If a private company earns the same amount of net profit (like my annual income), the company itself and the shareholders will end up paying 90% less tax than an employed worker like me after many series of deductions and loopholes. Now, I just need a business idea and a bunch of customers……LOL!!!

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