Angelababy on Facing Criticism

The actress’s protective instincts as a mother motivated her to work harder on improving her craft.

Often taking brickbats for her lack of acting skills over the years, reception of Angelababy’s (楊穎) performance in recent web drama Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower  <摩天大樓> once again failed to impress viewers. However, she was surprisingly praised by acclaimed actress Zhang Ziyi (章子怡), who described her acting as “earnest and natural” in an online post.

Rejected Help from Others

Interviewed on Chinese celebrity news segment Star Talk <星裡話> recently, Angelababy recounted her depressive state years ago due to a barrage of negative feedback. The 31-year-old shared that she had once deleted her social media account and even displayed depressive symptoms due to netizens’ unapologetic criticism. “During that time, I felt I had depressive tendencies. I was filming in a rural area in Beijing for three months then, and for the first two months I’d just stare at the ceiling and cry every night. Then someone gave me a book titled How to Walk Out of Depression–at that time I just threw the book onto the suitcase and said, ‘Don’t give me these kind of books.’”

Due to Angelababy’s unhappy state, none of the crew or cast members dared to approach her casually, until the later stages of filming when a cast member suggested she try out gaming. Angelababy thought it would be useless and a waste of time initially, but later realized that the method was helpful in diverting her attention.

The experience of motherhood after her first child Little Sponge (小海綿) arrived also changed Angelababy’s thinking, and she said, “In the past I was still a little girl who wanted to try taking on different jobs, but becoming a mom brought out my protective side. I hope my child would not grow up to hear others telling him your mom knows nothing, and can’t accomplish anything.”

Source: HK01

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  1. she should just stick to modeling which she is very good at. if she wanted to challenge herself, she should have done a better job to play her characters

    1. @m0m0
      Her acting is good enough. Such acclaimed actress praised her, LMAO but who are you and what do you have to judge her acting is not good enough? I watched the Murderous Affair and she did a great job.

      If people hate a person background then just say what they truthfully hate, it’s her background. Yall hate her father and how she got rich. That has nothing to do with her acting career.
      There are other actors with bad and poorer acting skills, only because people like their humble background so they praise that person’s acting.
      Acting and background are separate stuff. Just say what you hate and what you love.

      Don’t stupidly deny everything a person does only because you hate them for another reason. Vice versa, why not just say you love a person’s background instead of insanely praising them for things they’re not even good at too? Most of the time, viewers praising or criticizing never mean anything but biasness, no need to pay attention to them. Listen to the acclaimed stars, what they say are qualified and honest.

      1. @yoyo
        you can find a barrage of people judging negatively on her acting on youtube and other social media channels. only died heard fans will blindly ignore what’s directly the truth in front of them.

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