Angelababy Wore Three Diamond Rings On Wedding Day

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Angelababy Wore Three Diamond Rings On Wedding Day

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy (楊穎) tied the knot with an extravagant fairytale-themed wedding in Shanghai, China, on October 8, and invited 2000 guests to witness the special moment. Angelababy shone in the limelight in her Dior Haute Couture wedding gown, which was created in collaboration between Dior and an embroidery workshop located in Paris. The 26-year-old star also flashed three extraordinary diamond rings.

The unique wedding gown took five entire months to complete. It was made of a 35-metre long piece of ivory silk to generate a weightless feeling. The sewing, processing, and tailoring ensured that it fit Angelababy’s body curves to bring out her figure. The seven layers of petticoats were made of 50 metres of tulle and formed a perfect corolla shape that was hidden underneath the skirt. Up to 100 distinct flower buds were sewn onto the 3-metre skirt and sleeves of the gown.

Angelababy's wedding ringsBesides wearing her 6-carat diamond engagement ring, Angelababy wore two more rings on the day of her wedding. One is supposedly her wedding ring, while the other is a square diamond ring. According to tabloids, the square ring was made up of 277 pieces of seven different specifications of diamonds. Furthermore, it was designed according to the structure of the Eiffel Tower and named Love Baby Leffie.

Angelababy’s wedding ring had an even more special connotation. The heart-shaped diamond could be pieced together with Xiaoming’s square diamond wedding ring. While Angelababy’s ring is named Love Baby Princess’s Heart, Xiaoming’s ring is named Love Baby Embrace.


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12 comments to Angelababy Wore Three Diamond Rings On Wedding Day

  1. coralie says:

    This couple is so over the top that it makes me wanna vomit. I mean we get it – HXM love AB. So he bends over backwards for her. Frankly I don’t see AB do the same for him, but it’s whatever. As long as he enjoys doing it. Can we stop posting their news though?

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    • akinu replied:

      @coralie i agree! ever since i became a member, i swear the last 30 articles is on this couple. congratz to them but im getting VERY sick of reading articles on them.

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      • orchid123 replied:

        @akinu I agree with you. However, I am also sick of reading articles about Wong Cho Nam who kept showing off how wealthy he is and how much he could afford to satisfy his pretty wife, Leanne Li.

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      • extvbfan replied:

        @orchid123 I am speechless about these two couples honestly. I don’t see the point of such extravagant wedding. And these guys are so eager to please the wives

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    • replied:

      It doesn’t make me want to vomit but I do wonder how genuine the love when you have to profess openly about when love should be intimate and personal. However, I guess being a celebrity really make you have no privacy whosoever?
      I remember I was scouting thru clips on YouTube for Cruel Romance of Qi Ji but as expected he is so unpopular he doesn’t even get invited to promos and functions whrn you are a supporting minor cast. I think it was happy camp show and this HIM and 2 other leads or more prominent casts(I don’t know them cuz I didn’t watch the show) were also there. Of course, the subject of women came into topic and ABB is talked about. Host was something about something cuz I really don’t remember the details but when HIM talked about if girlfriend wants to ask him to say I love you, no matter how many times she wants to hear he will say it. Hum… OK…. for someone men over 30 to say it like they are still teens in love makes you wonder really????? Lol
      while the younger cast replies he will not submit to absurdness or something like that. Lol I thought he was funny and more a normal response. So yes I guess HIM really wants ppl to know he’s the perfect catch or something b.c he sounds so into the I love more than anything and whatever she wants. I wonder if the freshness will sever diedow, if he still feels like this after many moons…. then congrats!!

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      • hetieshou replied:

        I personally do not think there are that many articles about them. There are only a few about their wedding lately which is reasonable. Anyways, I have some of the same thoughts as you. I don’t really doubt their love for each other,but for some odd reason I have a gut feeling that it is a more “puppy” type of love that works well when you are dating, but not as well when you get married if you know what I mean. Marriage and dating seem to be 2 different worlds which is why some like a girl for a girlfriend but not necessarily a wife. But anyways, congrats to them!

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    • hetieshou replied:

      I do not think it is too bad. I actually think there are more articles about Kevin and Grace and they are only dating. I must say that I feel bad for guys who marry girls who expect and take too much from the guy. Sure,I know that you do crazy things when you are in love but you can also fall out of love as well. I feel bad for the guys who marry girls that do not love them as much as they should be loved. But anyways, since they just got married of course there is news of their recent wedding. But that will quickly die down.

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  2. orchid123 says:

    What else can Angelababy ask for? Huang Xiaoming is such a handsome, attentive, sweet and rich husband. She surely is a super lucky girl.

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  3. nomad822 says:

    OK, THREE diamond rings to commemorate an occasion is a tad much. Then again Jay Chou had three celebrations, gdness knows how many photography sessions, and on different themes if I recall right. That wedding was flashed over many site (even some of the mostly Korean-only Asian blogs).

    I am not any fan of this couple, nor do I come to this site regularly, but so far 2 articles (at least those only that I know about so far here) covering their wedding seem fairly reasonable.

    And I really LIKE the fact that at least also goes beyond self centered glitzy extravagance.

    I like her dress … LESS is tastefully MORE.
    Esp for her petite frame. Though you can’t really tell it warrants so much work involved and expense.

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  4. hetieshou says:

    Why did she have to wear 3 diamond rings? I think that is a bit excess.

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    • janet72 replied:

      @hetieshou…a show of how much he is worth and ability to spend. ok the bed is made. now is the start of married life.

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  5. azndoraemon says:

    It is more interesting to read the comments than the article. I don’t understand why people even bother reading it if they are complaining that they are sick of reading some of the articles. It’s simple … just ignore and don’t read. I’m surprised to see people have so much time to spend on this site reading 8 qua news and write all these 8 qua comments then complain about being sick?

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