Angelababy’s “Cloud in the Song” to Air September 13

The long-awaited period romance Cloud in the Song <大漢情緣之雲中歌>, which stars Angelababy (楊穎) and Du Chun (杜淳), will begin airing on Hunan Satellite TV on September 13. The series will also be available for streaming on Tencent TV.

Adapted from the novel Yun Zhong Ge <雲中歌> by popular author Tong Hua (桐華), Cloud in the Song wrapped up filming in July 2013 but was unable to secure a broadcast date until recently. On September 9, the drama held an advance screening in Beijing, where attendees were invited to an hour-long preview and interact with the series’ screenwriter, Shen Zhining (沈芷凝).

Best known for penning the TVB drama Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>, Shen Zhining shared freely about how she created the screenplay for Cloud in the Song. Although the novel is well loved by fans, she did not shy away from making changes to the characters or embellishing elements of the plot.

For example, the opening scene of Cloud in the Song is a completely new addition. Shen stated that in the original story, there was a lack of details regarding the first meeting between Yunge (Angelababy) and Liu Fuling (Lu Yi 陸毅). In order to flesh out their relationship, Shen decided to include a new scene and force the characters to go through a life-or-death experience.

A screenwriter since 2005, Shen added that she is already mentally prepared to face any ridicule from viewers. “I think the ridicule will get stronger and fiercer, but I feel that everyone who works in film and television, whether they are directors or screenwriters, are easily ridiculed,” said Shen. “In actuality, if viewers feel happy ridiculing, then it’s also a form of interest in the drama, so I’m not worried.”

Shen also revealed that she wrote four endings for Cloud in the Song, taking into consideration different romantic outcomes. Thus, fans have been hotly debating whether the drama will follow the novel’s ending or take an alternate route.

Cloud in the Song also features Chen Xiao (陳曉), Yang Rong (楊蓉), and Su Qing (蘇青). The drama will be Angelababy’s first television role.

“Cloud in the Song” Trailer

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  1. It is because of this series and the dastardly Yu Zheng whom HUnan will bend over backwards for, The Journey Of Flower suffers. Let’s see how the ratings justify how Hunan treats the Golden Goose that they abandon for this guaranteed rubbish deviation from the book.

  2. wow didn’t realize this is her first mainland china drama, why did i think she has acted in more? hahaha

  3. I’ve been waiting so long since couple of years ago and really looking forward to it. I know this is Yu Zheng’s production, either it will be a hit or become a rubbish. Hopefully, the original story will be kept respectably and the stupid Hunan won’t try to cut off the scenes like they did to The Journey of Flower.

    1. @nori

      “either it will be a hit or become a rubbish.”

      It seems even rubbish from Yu Zheng will garner high ratings. This man got golden touch.

  4. Still mourning the butchering of “The Journey of Flower”. The heart can only take so much. Might skip this one for now. May watch later in the year if the reviews are good.

    But I have to say that Yang Rong looks very impressive in the trailer. I am sad that she mostly plays bitter or tragic women but she looks lovely in Han costume. I quite like Su Qing but the hairstyles does not look good on her. Guys looks mostly OK.

  5. I hate you YU ZHENG!! Next is Tonghua’s work get bastardised. 4 endings? I want only 1 ending. Low ratingssssssssssssss

  6. Is it weird that Angelababy’s lips irritate me? I think it’s the most obvious flaw about her and alas, a flaw I have difficulty overlooking. It’s so…mismatched with her face.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this series to come out for ages. Hope it will be shown in Astro soon and hope it will be good. I like all 4 main cast and I especially want to see how Angelababy fairs in a series. I’ve always like her in movies.

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