Anjaylia Chan, Winki Lai Apply for Marriage License on Same Day

Winki Lai (賴慰玲) and Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶) prove that good friends think alike – although they did not discuss it beforehand, both coincidentally applied for their marriage license on the same day.

Announcing her pregnancy in July, Winki is now seven months along and preferred to hold a quiet wedding. With plans to get married this year anyway, Winki said the baby was a second blessing. Winki said, “The baby just means double the happiness. We’ve already applied for our marriage license and now that [I’m seven month pregnant], I don’t want to have a big wedding. It will just be a simple dinner with our families.” Asked whether she felt any discomfort during her pregnancy, Winki said, “No, it’s been very comfortable so far. I just take walks so I have a lot of extra time to plan out the wedding details.”

Becoming good friends with Winki after filming Blue Veins <殭>, Anjaylia laughed and said she was not aware that they both planned to apply for marriage licenses on the same day. Anjaylia exclaimed, “I just found out! This is fate for us! We’ll definitely celebrate over this!”

With her wedding to take place in November, Anjaylia did not get nervous jitters yet and is wrapping up filming for My Ages Apart <誇世代>. When asked about her plans for having children, Anjaylia smiled, “We’ll have children eventually. We’re just focused on our wedding for now. Haven’t really thought about [children]. We’ll just let it be!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Wow. I’m surprised about Winki never knew she’s pregnant and I wonder who’s her boyfriend? I hope that’s an old picture of her because she’s pregnant and wearing a high heel? I don’t think it’s a good idea while she’s 7 months pregnant and wearing high heel?

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