Winki Lai on Her Chemistry with Owen Cheung

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Winki Lai on Her Chemistry with Owen Cheung

Winki looks forward to creating more onscreen sparks with Owen.

Catching viewers’ attention for her role as a domineering female triad boss in recently concluded drama Al Cappuccino <反黑路人甲>, Winki Lai (賴慰玲) shares more about her filming experience and chemistry with co-star Owen Cheung (張振朗).

Attending a publicity event recently, Winki revealed that she had not thought too much about the reception to her role, but merely found the script interesting and the filming experience enjoyable. “I didn’t expect viewers would take a liking to [our pairing] as two people on different sides of the law with a wide disparity in status. As our roles evolved along with dramatic developments, we didn’t just remain as subordinate and leader–the added romantic dimension was part of the appeal.”

Asked how she nailed the portrayal of a triad boss convincingly, Winki replied, “Just bring out the innate evil, haha!” As to whether she would be switching her dramatic focus in future projects, Winki said, “Actually there are many angles to explore in this direction. This time it’s a domineering triad leader–what would it be like if it’s in the business world or workplace…? It’ll depend on the producer’s take–I can try one or two more dramas to see how my character in different settings would turn out.”

Laughing Even Before Speaking Their Lines

Replying humbly to Owen who had praised her brilliant acting and commented that the two perfectly complement each other’s strengths and flaws, Winki returned her co-star’s compliment by pointing out that he had an impeccable comedic sense while she had a better theoretical grasp. “We had so many instances of breaking out in hilarity. At first we were both too polite, but later ended up looking forward to what kind of surprise for the day he would be throwing me. Sometimes without having spoken our lines, we would already be laughing,” shared Winki, who is grateful to the director for giving them freedom to test their chemistry on set, which allowed them to leverage on spontaneity.

With their amazing sparks in Al Cappuccino, Winki would love to work with Owen again. “Our roles had comedic elements and not just romance this time. I would love to know if we can handle a more intense drama. Once we have that chemistry coming, even a single scene could be expanded to ten days!”


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  1. m0m0 says:

    i really like them together, I think this pair is the only pair that i’ve found that they have good chemistry ever. i like winki, she’s got quite a likable charisma.

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  2. tt23 says:

    Love them together and as individuals too. My favourite relationship in al cappuccino.

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  3. pompidur says:

    Love them together and individually. Hope that TVB not gonna typecast Owen into the brash, proud dude. He has potential to be so much more. And really want to see more of Winki than all these pageant girls.

    Can’t TVB do those cool crime series a la DIF or that new Taiwanese series that got picked up by Netflix, the Victim’s Game?

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