Another Cop Role for Mandy Wong in “The Line Watchers” Lacks Excitement

Since its broadcast in mid-September, The Line Watchers <把關者們> received mixed reviews. Despite its attractive cast consisting of Carlos Chan (陳家樂), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and Venus Wong (王敏奕), the conventional plot left viewers unimpressed.

Revolving around the customs department, the drama opened with Benjamin and C-Kwan (C君) investigating a drug smuggling case and both were caught in a shootout with the villains. Although the two successfully took down the drug ring, the opening lacked originality.

Even with the addition of the romantic storyline between Benjamin, Mandy, and Venus, viewers were still not pleased, especially since the drama is a show centered around police officers. However, some viewers pointed out, “If the romantic storyline is good enough, I’ll forgive the boring plot.”

In fact, a lot of Mainland Chinese viewers left harsh comments on social media and said TVB’s storylines have become as “boring as water.” TVB has been reusing the same ideas and plots with zero changes.

Although Mandy is an experienced actress, many grew annoyed with the fact that she has already played police roles in several series in the past. The typecasting left little surprises, as Mandy’s delivery is similar to past roles.

However, not all reviews have been negative so far, as compliments were noted for Venus’ striking new look and C-Kwan’s comedic performance.

“The Line Watchers”

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  1. Watched few eps, it’s so true, MW is so boring, it’s just an extra in the drama, I find VW is much more interesting

  2. So sick of Mandy and her cop roles. Not her fault but she must realise that it’s super stale for viewers right

  3. Watched one episode which I kinda enjoyed. Because Carlos chan. On mandy, maybe it is because mandy is always playing mandy. Haven’t seen a breakthrough from her. As for the statement aka attractive cast, I don’t think b plus c lists us attractive.

  4. funny how the general audience is finding it lack excitement just now. after years and years of dramas of the same story being told w/ the same cast over and over again.

  5. Wow. It seems like Mandy and Benjamin in the same drama so much for some reason. Lol. So many people say she’s boring or he’s boring maybe no more choice or they couldn’t afford to hired a good actor. In my opinion I would love to see Leila Tong back on screen I missed seeing her on screen.

  6. She isn’t even the main focus of the drama, most of the spotlight falls on Venus. Viewers are unnecessary harsh on this one. For once I enjoy watching Benjamin on screen. His character is complemented by the complete opposite in Venus’s character. Been enjoying it so far, although I must agree on the cops cliche. Wish they would actually make it more custom like, not those CID police routine.

  7. I don’t know why she can be main lead
    She spoilt drama such as Line walker 3 esp the part she is inside the lift. The acting so fail
    But maybe TVB put her in because they know she will make the 2nd lead more focus. Eg Line walker 3, more ppl focus on Sisley Choi. and Line watcher, more focus on Venus Wong
    I think this is TVB strategy

    1. Her problem, she doesn’t instil life to her character. She ACTS out the role, she it’s the same over and over again.

  8. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like Mandy is playing the same role again…..It almost feels like the character from another series had transported herself into this series. It’s the same hairstyle, same plaid jacket, same outfit, same expression….

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