Bai Lu Shaved Her Eyebrows for “Song of Youth”

Yu Zheng’s (于正) new drama Song of Youth <玉楼春> impressed viewers with its beautiful Ming period costumes and accurate cast imaging, right down to the actresses’ makeup and hairstyling. However, all the actresses shaved off their eyebrows to fit the drama’s styling requirements.

Thin Brows Were the Beauty Standard

Since the overwhelming success of Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>, the use of filters had also been applied throughout Yu Zheng’s subsequent productions to give viewers a distinct visual impression, and Song of Youth reflects his signature attention to aesthetics.

While the elegant set and costuming have received the nod from viewers, it turns out that Song of Youth actresses did not spare any effort in going all out to look the part of their characters. A special behind-the-scenes introduction highlighting the story’s personalities revealed that instead of concealing their original eyebrows, actresses including female lead Bai Lu (白鹿) shaved off all their eyebrows for realism, and had their eyebrows drawn back as thin pencil lines as typical of the women at that time.

Actress Jade Cheng (郑湫泓), who plays the well-received character of Yao Dizhu (姚滴珠) in the drama shared, “I was particularly unused to my brows at first, since I’ve no brows after removing my makeup, but I’ve grown to like it after a while.”

“Song of Youth” Trailer

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  1. Very professional of the actresses to do this. It’s not easy to grow back shaved eyebrows to their orginal shape and thickness. I signed up for an art photoshoot package years ago and the make up artist just shaved my eyebrows into a thin line without consulting me. By the time she has started shaving, it was too late to do anything other than let her continue. My eyebrows grew back but not to it’s original thickness.

    1. Wow! That make-up artist was so bold and rude to do that to you. She should have asked for your permission 1st. Here in the USA – some people probably would have sued her for that already.

  2. I was so afraid this series wouldn’t get to air after Yu Zheng’s plagiarism scandal. I was looking forward to this series for Chang Long. He will play the 3rd brother in the series. He’s a very good actor but lost out in look. I got to know about this actor from the reality tv-cum-actor training show ‘Real Actor’. Many actors from the ‘Real Actor’ show partipated in this series. In one episde of the ‘Real Actor’, they held a casting audition for this series. La Mu Yang Zi and Jade Cheng were from that show. Jade Cheng and another actress was the finalist for her role. Yu Zheng said it will depend on who has the right schedule. Glad Jade got it. I really like Jade Cheng. In ‘Real Actor’ she fought for a fat girl role and she really stuffed herself to make herself fat. Other actresses just did it half-heartedly.

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