Barbie Hsu Announces Pregnancy

Since Barbie Hsu’s (徐熙媛) marriage to mainland Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) in 2011, it has been reported that she “was unable to ever have children”. Finally, Barbie proved the rumors to be false by announced on her Sina Weibo blog yesterday that she is pregnant. In the photo, Barbie’s rounded belly indicated that she is well past her first trimester.

Barbie met Xiaofei at Ady An’s (安以軒) birthday party in September 2010. After a whirlwind romance over twenty days, Barbie and Xiaofei got engaged. Their fantasy wedding was held in Hainan Island the following March, and Barbie retired from her acting career afterward. Over the last two years, Barbie reportedly failed in many attempts to become pregnant, which angered her mother-in-law who allegedly asked Xiaofei to divorce Barbie.

However, speaking with the media yesterday, Xiaofei’s mother Zhang Lan dissolved speculations that she did not get along with Barbie. Zhang Lan said, “I’m very happy. I’m very proud of Barbie. I had a son before so I know how [uncomfortable] she feels now.”

Currently resting in Beijing, Barbie is very excited about motherhood, “I’m really happy. Earlier, I told everyone that I might be pregnant. After going through some tests and making sure the baby is developing healthily, I made the pregnancy announcement. I was very nervous earlier and feel that there’s a heavy burden. The entire family is absolutely ecstatic, and so am I! My only wish is to successfully give birth to the baby.”

Xiaofei looks forward to the new addition to the family. He said, “I feel that the meaning of work has changed. I have a greater sense of responsibility and practicality. I will balance the time spent between work and family.” He added that his mother and Barbie did not have any discord. Although the gender of the baby has not been revealed to the public, it is understood that Xiaofei wants a girl.

In related news, Barbie’s ex-boyfriend Vic Chou (周渝民) was also reported to be an expectant father. Living at Vic’s apartment, Taiwanese actress Reen Yu (喻虹淵) halted work since March and her former 44 kilogram (97 pound) frame has been looking much more plump lately. Reen dismissed the pregnancy rumors and said that her weight gain was due to health problems. She shared a photo of herself lying on a hospital bed and wrote, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely become healthy again and return to my 44-kilogram figure!”


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  1. Congrats to Barbie! That bump certainly looks more than 3 months preg!

  2. 44kg for a 160cm tall female is healthy? Reen Yu’s definition of healthy is warped!

    1. She cited 44kg becoz that was her weight she told reporters during an earlier interview and they replayed that interview chiding her current look.

  3. Congratulations! She look so happy in photo. So happy for her! Hoping she’ll have a safe and healthy pregnancy!!!

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