Barbie Hsu Gives Birth to Baby Girl

On April 24, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) gave birth to a baby girl. The first-time mother was ecstatic and shared a copy of her daughter’s footprints. The baby weighed over six pounds and has been nicknamed by her parents as “Long-legged Girl”.

Barbie Hsu baby 2Barbie fell in love with Mainland Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) and after a whirlwind romance of twenty days, the couple got married in a lavish wedding ceremony in Hainan Island in 2011. The 37-year-old Taiwanese actress has since dramatically reduced her workload to focus on her family life. Barbie was rumored to have difficulty conceiving and kept her first pregnancy a secret until well past her first trimester. 

Prior to the birth, Barbie’s health condition was carefully monitored by doctors. She chose to give birth via Cesarean section on April 24 at West Garden Hospital in Taipei. Xiaofei accompanied her inside the delivery room, while their family nervously waited outside in the hall. Barbie’s younger sister, Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), said, “When I was waiting outside, I felt even more nervous than giving birth myself!”

At 3:30 p.m., Barbie and Xiaofei’s daughter finally arrived. Although Barbie cannot be reached for comment yet, her manager assured that Barbie is recovering well while surrounded by her loving family. The parents will take time to pick a suitable name for the baby, calling her “Long-legged Girl” and “Little Angel” for the time being.

Xiaofei shared on his Sina Weibo blog, “It has been a difficult year for my wife. I’m thankful for everyone’s concern. My beloved wife and daughter are both healthy and safe. Thank you!”


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  1. Congratulations Barbie! I can’t wait to see your Little Angel! :DD. Congrats, again! & God Bless to your whole family! <3.

  2. Congrats and I thought they were having a boy?? I guess I was wrong.

  3. good for them. it took a while for her to get pregnant. must be a beautiful angel! love babies when they are first borned!

  4. contrary to predictions of a short-term marriage after their rushed wedding, looks like they’re going to make it after all.

    1. She and Blue dated for 4 years before they broke up.

      1. She and Blue dated for 4 years?? Do you remember how long she and Vic dated?

      2. HeTieShou I think she dated Vic for 2 years and yes, she dated Blue before dating Vic. It was reported that both her ex bf broke up with her because they don’t want to get married yet.

      3. Thanks and yea, I know she dated Blue way before Vic. I guess they had yuen but no fen. The past is the past but glad she is happy now. Hope that Blue and Vic find their happiness soon as well.

      4. Vic Zhou announced his girl friend last year and rumoured that they are going to get married.

      5. Oh I know that Vic is dating Reen Yu but what I meant by finding happiness was that when they are getting married. I do not think those pregnancy rumors are true since it has been awhile and nothing has come of them.

      6. what pregnancy rumors?

        Saw picture of ZaiZai’s current GF: she looked like a bowling ball. LOL!!

      7. Really? Was that a recent photo you saw of her? Him… Maybe she is pregnant? Last time they claimed it was a health condition she had,but we all know celebs usually do not tell the truth.

    2. Still too early to say because anything can happen even with people who dated and married for years and years.

      1. At this moment they are happy despite the flash marriage. That is enough. No need to stay and predict this and that of the future. Let it happen.

      2. True but who does not want a life time of happiness instead of just being happy in the moment??

      3. Cant say of the future. Anything can happen. Who can say the marriage is lifetime? Everyone want want lifetime happiness but if it cant happen, having happy moments is enough.

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