Ben Wong on Filming Bed Scenes

Ben Wong (黃智賢), Eddie Kwan (關禮傑), Grace Wong (王君馨), and other cast members recently attended a promotional event for their drama OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下>.  Ben revealed that filming the steamy scenes in the drama actually made him feel very embarrassed.

Yesterday’s episode had talked about the relationship between Ben’s character and his previous girlfriend, Icy. Grace joked that she watched the episode while doing a facial mask and when Ben proposed, she wanted to break the television!

Ben believes that his relationship with Grace in the drama is an interesting topic for discussion. If the foundation of a relationship is not strong and you decide to elope after a whirlwind romance, it will only result in unhappiness and ultimately divorce.

Grace also praised Eddie’s character for being a 100% good man. When asked if such men existed, Grace showcased her blissful marriage when she answered without hesitation, “My husband!” When asked whether she would be supporting Eddie or Ben to win TV King, she declared that she would support both. She would vote for Ben on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. And on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, she would vote for Eddie!

Ben has been the envy of netizens as he was able to film bed scenes with his beautiful co-stars. Netizens even jokingly asked how much money he bribed the director with! However, Ben smiled wryly and indicated that these scenes were actually very awkward to film. He jokingly asked the director to not have him take off his shirt anymore. “Please don’t punish me this way, I am actually very conservative!”

Source: HK01

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  1. Is this series ending this weekend? Because that’s the announcement I saw on TV and I was shocked because the series has yet to reach its point and I wonder what is its point anyway? If it is about young lawyers and their struggle which is this series most interesting plot, it was so little, so touch and go. If this series is about senior lawyers doing lawyer work, again it is interesting but so little. This series is more about Ben-Ophelia-James-Icy. I am sick of the Ben-Ophelia_icy storyline which not only slows the story but made it pointless. What is this series about again? I was so excited when for once it has mostly accurate depiction of legal arguments in court, advocacy skills, procedures and even judges that exists in real life.

    Instead we have constant story about 1 woman obsessing over a woman named Icy, 1 man kept rejecting his wife and pining over a woman named Icy, 1 decent man who likes the other man’s wife who has no clue who is Icy. And the more I watch the more I like James who is a decent guy, and the more I dislike Ben who is a jerk.

    I want to see lawyers doing lawyer’s work not some half baked love story. This series will go down as the classic series where the elements are done right but the story plods along without aim.

    And in the end I like Helen and (is it) Paul’s story and also the young ones. The veterans are pulling this series down.

    1. @funnlim I have to agree that Ben’s character is so freaking annoying in this drama. I don’t understand why he would treat his wife with such manner. Is there something that I am not understanding? In some ways, there are discrepancies for both Ben and Grace’s characters. First, Ben was supposed to be a good character but his attitude towards Eddie throughout the drama was a bit over the top even when Eddie is always be there to help him out. Ben’s character is too serious, unforgiving, and can’t take a joke. And why did he have to tell Grace that he still thinks about Icy even when they are having sex, but then he gets jealous when Grace kisses Eddie in public??? As for Grace, she doesn’t seem that into Ben if she be out clubbing, drinking with guys and kissing girls. I don’t know if she’s doing that to numb the pain of being abandoned.. but I don’t feel pity for her.

  2. “Ben believes that his relationship with Grace in the drama is an interesting topic for discussion.”

    No it is not. It shows Ben is a very bad light. And it wasted hours of time. I am more interested in the cases like the nursing attendant who killed himself in court? I didn’t quite catch what happened to him. He died? Case ends? He killed the old guy?

    I would be more interested if the divorce ends up in court over his assets or even with ophelia fighting the divorce in court. Nope. None of that. WHat we have is a poodle in the mixture.

    1. @funnlim Right, many of the plots are silly. With Ophelia starting a new relationship with Eddie, why is she still unwilling to sign the divorce papers? And I can’t seem to get over how good Grace is acting as a hoe in all her dramas. Makes me feel like that’s her in real life but she has to pretend like she’s a holy christian.

  3. This series… I have mixed feelings.

    On one hand, the slice of life element is really good. I like how relatable it is. You can tell that the producers put some effort in the script and the filming as it feels alot better than the other TVB series out out this year.

    On the other, it lacks story and motivation. I don’t know where the series is going. This is certainly not a law drama, it’s a slice of life centring around lawyers so I don’t know why it’s being advertised as law drama.

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