Bernice Liu Hijacks a Plane for “Lost In the Pacific”

Mainland China’s first English-language film Lost in the Pacific is set for a release around Lunar New Year. The 3D action thriller, which was primarily filmed in Malaysia, is set in the future, and tells the story of a group of elite passengers who fall into a catastrophe as they embark on a luxury trans-Pacific flight. The film stars Superman Returns star Brandon Routh, Chinese actress Zhang Yuqi (張雨綺), and former TVB actress Bernice Liu (廖碧兒).

Lost in the Pacific is Bernice’s second English-language film, her first being the 2010 video game to film adaptation The King of Fighters. “It was very different,” said Bernice, when she was asked about her experience in shooting Lost in the Pacific. “First, [the cast] came from different countries: China, Malaysia, America, and Hong Kong. It was quite special, because we all spoke in English.”

Though English is Bernice’s mother tongue, having to speak English for work actually made things kind of different for her. “Of all my years of shooting film and television dramas, I’ve been doing it in Cantonese, so I got used to it. I just don’t know how to read! But of course, filming in English makes things much easier for me.”

In the film, Bernice portrays Nikki, one of the movie’s villains. “I hijack a plane. I’m really happy with this role, because I got to use a real gun for the first time. We had an instructor on set teaching me how to use it. I use three different kinds of machine guns on the movie, and it took me over three weeks of training before I could actually fire them. I’ve never done something like this before. It’s exciting and very refreshing!”

The Canadian actress, who has worked with local production crews for most of her career, also found it refreshing to work with a foreign cast. “The way things operate are a little bit different, so I look forward to work everyday. There will be a lot of special effects in this film. Most of time we shot in front of green screens and blue screens. We shot outdoors too, so these screens would stretch across an entire street.”

Bernice did most of the stunts herself. She recalled her most memorable one, “There is one shot where I had to jump onto the plane from a moving car after shooting a few rounds on the machine gun. It was impossible to use a body double, because the entire thing was one shot. I felt great satisfaction after watching the playback. It was fun!”


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