“Blue Veins” Sequel? Kay Tse: “I’m Interested”

Kay Tse’s (謝安琪) debut drama Blue Veins <殭> finally ended on Sunday with the 33rd episode. In the series finale this weekend, Kay—who portrays the vampire Lam Mung-nam—reclaims her lost memories and returns to the future. She appears in four different flashbacks, in a story that spans over 500 years.

Blue Veins, a fantasy drama that also stars Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳), premiered on April 11 to underwhelming viewership scores. Though the series failed to reach the top ten of TVB’s most-viewed programs of the year, the series did garner a lot of online gossip and fan reactions.

This past Sunday, Kay held a celebratory banquet with her fans to watch the series finale. She shared the experience live on Facebook, attracting 30,000 more viewers.

For the series finale, Kay surprised her fans with multiple costume looks, reflecting her character’s history in the past 500 years. Her character first appears in the late Ming Dynasty, to the early Republican era of China, to the pre-modern period, and finally 100 years into the future, where she originally came from.

On her thoughts for having four different looks for the series, Kay said, “The male lead (Kevin Cheng) also has four different looks. He looks handsome in all of them! The story talks about our fate for the last 500 years. It’s touching.”

Fans said their favorite outfit of Kay’s was the body-hugging 1920’s cheongsam look, which showed off her voluptuous figure. Kay’s outstanding body became a trending online topic for a while.

Kay, on the other hand, preferred her 1930’s look, “I really have to thank the costume team for their efforts,” said Kay. “Although the flashbacks were very short scenes, the team worked hard in helping me design my looks. As for my favorite, I prefer my pigtails pre-modern look.”

There were some surprising turn of events in the Blue Veins finale. Many major characters died, and the love triangle between Kevin, Kay, and Grace was never exactly resolved, although Kevin and Kay do end up together.

Fans of Blue Veins said the writers wrote the ending in a way that would make it possible for the show to continue with a sequel or a prequel. In regards to filming a second Blue Veins series, Kay said she is happy for the fans’ support. “I’m really happy to see so many people supporting Lam Mung-nam, and I’ve received a lot of support from fans and friends as well. They told they want a second series. It makes me so happy to hear this!”

Would Kay like a second series? “I’m interested, but I’m getting older now. I don’t know if I’ll have that much energy to do another. I felt a lot of pressure when the show first aired, as I’ve realized that a lot of people were actually noticing my performance, but the show did receive a lot of love in the end. It is satisfying. I do miss the times when we all worked together. If there is an opportunity, I’ll consider it, but it definitely won’t be in the near future. It depends on the script.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I hope there is no sequel. The ending was horrible. But I do agree that Kay looked better in the cheongsam and with the pigtails than in her future look. If they do make another, please halve its length and leave out the cutesy contact lenses.

  2. Even though i love seeing Kay on screen, no more Blue Veins. What a stupid last episode! I feel like TVB did that on purpose so Grace can appear on the sequel! No Thanks!


    It was as if the writers couldn’t deal with how ridiculous the last 32 episodes were so they haphazardly put together such a nonsensical end to the series. It certainly didn’t live up to expectations so nobody would care enough for a sequel!

  4. It was good to see Kay in her debut series and I actually enjoyed her character.

    The only good thing about the finale was that Grace Chan got barely any airtime – however the ending didn’t really make sense. Didn’t really wrap up the story and what was with the ending scene?! I hope they don’t have a sequel – in the case they do I predict that they will kill off Kay in the first few episodes and then Grace comes back in another reincarnation and ends up with Kevin. Definitely not something I would want to watch -_-

    1. @notmycircusnotmymonkeys Me too…I really love Kay and enjoy all her scenes in Blue Veins. It could have been a great drama, but just too many unnecessary scenes…If what you predict about the sequel is true, I think no one would want to watch that. Blue Veins was exciting thanks to Kay and Kevin in my opinion. .

  5. I dont mind a sequel but i hope it Grace wont be in it the rest of the cast is fine to me if they do make a sequel hope they will give Hubert and Eddie Kwan and the Fat guy dont know his name but they deserve to shine a lil more!

    1. @happybi Because a few fans were pushing for a sequel, so TVB can use the excuse that it’s the audiences that want it and they are doing it to “meet popular demand”.  Nowadays, the ratings don’t matter as much as generating ‘hype’ for a series – a series can totally suck and have poor ratings, but if it gets talked up enough by the media and on social media, the series and its cast can be pushed to popularity very quickly.  I wouldn’t put it past TVB to not only do a sequel, but also to take it one step further and turn it into a franchise with multiple installments.  And then if the “popularity” continues, then take it even further by doing movie version, theater version, and spinoff into another series.  We all know that TVB is very good about milking stuff dry….they’re not going to pass up such an opportunity, especially when it’s being handed to them like it is now…

      1. @llwy12 I guess when they are the only station, it doesn’t matter if the sequel have good rating or not right? Company will still pay advertisement and people who have nothing to watch will watch it.. just so wrong in so many level.

  6. i don’t wish for a sequel. i just hoped that this first and original drama series was much better. i liked kay in this drama, her crying scenes made me cry too! which is not something that happens often for me. i think she’s really good(with a lot of potential too, because come on people, she’s no tab being or myolie wu, haha) and id like to see more of her even though she’s on a hiatus.

    1. @jeling do you know how long is her hiatus? Im a fan of Kay after watching Blue Veins. She’s not perfect in all her scenes, but I can feel for her character(which is a rare for me) so she has a lot of potential. I like most of her styles in Blue Veins, but some did bother me like when she wore her super high, tan boots and the really noticeable circle lens. TVB should ask her to film for them since they need an actress like her. I wish to see her in another drama with Kevin.

  7. I love watching kay’s screen time. Had to fast forward all the fillers in this series. Every episode was disappointing because the screen time for the main characters was so minimal. Script was horrible. The only memorable script was Moon’s when she was talking to Eddie. This would have been a great movie. They could have finished this series in 20 episodes. No sequel please.

  8. I actually liked the Eddie, Hubert and Moon arc. But some scenes were plain silly to watch. I am not sure what they story would be about if there was a sequel. A prequel might be better since there are so many gaping holes in the story, but then most characters wouldn’t have known each other then and that would be boring.

  9. the new series on channel 361 from China ar ? TVB no good dramas to air ??? Astro hope you put better shows otherwise you will be losing more customers grrrgh

  10. Please no. This was a terribly written series with amateur actors and actresses. I think it would be bearable if Grace and Kay were replaced with talented actresses. Kevin was mediocre, he was just acting as himself. I think TVB should produce more series with a good mixture of veterans and newcomers/mediocre actors/actresses before veterans retire and leave TVB nothing but untalented actors/actresses who only has a “pretty/handsome face.”

  11. I would love to have a sequel only because I like to see more Kevin-Kay on screen. They’re such a cute couple in the drama. What annoys me is there is too much time for Grace and her role seems like the leading female even though it is not.

    The love between Kevin-Kay is not very convincing to me. The love triangle seems like it never really resolved even two main leads do end up together. I feel like Kevin loves both girls sometimes. Even at the very end, Grace is still dragged into Kevin-Kay’s love moment. It would be better if they make less time for Grace and more time for Kay since Kay is the main lead after all.

    1. @casidy I wish for the same thing. But it seems like Grace will be in it since her character hasn’t died yet, lol.
      They probably just put her in there so she can continue the confusing love triangle just for the heck of it.

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